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At Christmas the Pope invokes the Grand Rabbi

The wages of situation ethics

Post-Renaissance Church of Usury continues its Union with the Synagogue of the Talmud

By Michael Hoffman 

In his 2012 Christmas address to the Roman curia, Pope Benedict XVI invoked Gilles Bernheim, the Grand Rabbi of France, as a valiant defender of family values. The pope declared:

"The Chief Rabbi of France, Gilles Bernheim, has shown in a very detailed and profoundly moving study that the attack we are currently experiencing on the true structure of the family, made up of father, mother, and child, goes much deeper. While up to now we regarded a false understanding of the nature of human freedom as one cause of the crisis of the family, it is now becoming clear that the very notion of being – of what being human really means – is being called into question. He quotes the famous saying of Simone de Beauvoir: “one is not born a woman, one becomes so” (on ne na?t pas femme, on le devient). These words lay the foundation for what is put forward today under the term 'gender' as a new philosophy of sexuality. According to this philosophy, sex is no longer a given element of nature, that man has to accept and personally make sense of: it is a social role that we choose for ourselves, while in the past it was chosen for us by society."

But does the Grand Rabbi and his Talmudic Judaism represent the eternal verities to which the pope must ultimately appeal? Certainly not! Judaism is a fount of nullification and revolutionary overthrow of God's law in favor of man's law and situation ethics. The pope builds on sand when he builds on the words of Grand Rabbi Gilles Bernheim.

"As the well-known Talmudic story of Akhnai’s oven illustrates, halacha – Jewish religious law – is not made in heaven. It is created by human beings. This freedom when it comes to the law is not merely legal. The earlier rabbis developed an ideological and legal system that allowed them to construct a religion that would adapt to a changing situation and take an active role in improving it. For all practical purposes, rabbinical discourse offers us a radical reading of the very idea of 'law.' The law does not present an objective situation that exists in the world.” --Ron Naiweld and Yaara Alon.

Look at the effects of papal situation ethics, which entered the Church at the dawn of the Renaissance with nominalism, the financial chicanery of Medici Florence and its pope of usury, Leo X. Situation ethics have ever since bedeviled the papacy. Observe the shabby strategy of the current pontiff: he imagines that he is going to advance the cause of the sanctity of marriage by cleverly invoking a grand rabbi as his ally in the fight, thereby supposedly blunting media criticism and advancing the family values' cause.

The True Catholic Church as it existed for nearly 1500 years prior to the Renaissance would have condemned Benedict XVI for using an antichrist rabbi to "defend" marriage and morality.

The Grand Rabbi of France believes, according to his Talmud Bavli, that Jesus Christ was an idolater and magician who deserved death. His holiest book, the Talmud, declares Christ's Blessed Mother Mary to be a harlot. None of these abominations deter Pope Benedict XVI from declaring a grand rabbi a defender of family values!

 Jesus and Mary are two-thirds of what was formerly known in Christendom as the "Holy Family" (St. Joseph, the foster-father of Jesus, being the third). How can they be cast aside — as they are when the pope praises a representative of a religion that slimes them -- in any battle for the family that God would bless? Does Pope Benedict imagine that God will approve an alchemical union of good and evil in the struggle for good? Or could it be that Benedict is not seeking God's blessing, but that of the world?

Moreover, as an Orthodox Judaic and high religious figure of authority, Grand Rabbi Bernheim imposes the ungodly halachos of Niddah (rabbinic menstrual laws) on women. These are derived not from the Old Testament, but from Chazal (the corpus of rabbinic situation ethics). The halachos of Niddah constitute one of the most oppressive and misogynist collections of psychopathic regulations for human behavior in the history of mankind (cf. pp. 729-748 in Judaism Discovered). As such, the halachos of Niddah  in their very essence, are a corruption of family values.

The apostle Paul taught: "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial?" (2 Cor. 6: 13-15).

This pope is, at best, profoundly confused. If he wanted to be ecumenical he could have found an articulate opponent of homosexuality among the top imams of Islam, but he would not invoke them because quoting the admonitions of Muslim clerics will win him no accoloades in the western media. What is more, at this time Islam is seen as particularly alien to Christendom, whereas the message from the western media and the Vatican is that the adherents of Talmudism are our “elder brothers in the Faith."

The pope seeks to achieve the goal of upholding marriage and the dignity of men and women not through reliance on God's grace, but upon the glamor and prestige of a Christ-denying, Mary-hating, Talmudic Grand Rabbi, with whom the pope is unequally yoked. This cynical papal ploy will represent, in the double-minds of those who are perennial losers in the war for morality, a great victory.

The infernal union of the post-Renaissance Church of usury with the synagogue of the Talmud continues apace.


Michael Hoffman’s latest book is Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mayan Day of Doom and the Newtown Massacre

The Long Count Calendar's December 21 Day of Doom and the Seven Day Anniversary of the Newtown Child Sacrifices

By Michael Hoffman
Copyright ©2012 by
All Rights Reserved

The Long Count Calendar from which our contemporary false prophets derive their December 21 doomsday prognostication is actually not Mayan. The Long Count Calendar predates the Mayans. Its origins are in the Mexican antecedents of the Mayans, the dreaded Olmecs.

Olmec death cult figurine 

The Dec. 21 date has been awaited with world-wide fear and trepidation, although as I write these words it is already December 21 and nothing spectacular has occurred.

For purposes of this analysis, we are not interested in the fact that the ancient Mayans may not have seen this Dec. 21 "turning point" as anything fearsome or worrisome. Some scholars have said that the dawn of a new Mayan epoch would be a cause for celebration for the ancient Mayans, not doom. This is not germane to our study.

We are interested in synchronicities and tracking the occult process whereby the Group Mind of humanity is alchemically shaped and programmed.

December 21, 2012 coincides with the seven day anniversary of the massacre of 28 persons (including the shooter) which took place in the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown (New Town) Connecticut.

Like the Olmec/Mayan New Epoch, the Newtown anniversary is being marked with widespread tension, in this case in American schools from coast to coast, where rumors of students bringing guns to school are rife.

What we are observing as we arrive at the Olmec/Mayan Long Count Day of Doom, December 21 (a meme put forth by shadowy forces) is a wave of fear, one of the most potent of all human energies. Can this collective fear be harnessed in the same way that the ancient Mexicans believed that blood sacrifice could be harnessed by their dark gods?

The United States of America has made quite a show of sympathy for the 27 victims of Adam Lanza; in partcular the focus of pity has been on his sacrifice of 20 little children. As a means of expressing collective grief and rage, our nation is in the midst of centering its wrath on the weapon Lanza used to sacrifice the children, with calls to severly limit the availability of certain types of firearms.

There has been very little national soul-searching however, over the karmic consequences of the routine, mass abortions of infants in America. The mass sacrifice of infants in America's abortion mills is pitiless. The sacrifice of American children through abortion elicits very little sympathy on the order of the passionate response to the Newtown child sacrifice. Hypocrisy is a dehumanizing element, corrosive of soul and spirit, including the national psyche and spirit.

As we have noted, the Long Count Calendar predates the Mayans, and originates with the Olmec of ancient Mexico, the predecessors of the Mayans. The chief characteristic of the Olmec religion was a death cult centered on the sacrifice of children.

Olmec child sacrifice

What we have on December 21, 2012 is strange brew: 1. Enormous anxiety and fear for the past twelve months over what Dec. 21, 2012 would bring or portend. 2. The one-week anniversary of one of the most spectacular and depraved mass murders of children in American history, coinciding with a prophecy put into motion more than 2,000 years ago by a state religion dedicated to child sacrifice.

Can these patterns be accounted for by dismissing them as “coincidence,” or do we detect in them the “long count” of a primordial, malevolent intelligence?

Hoffman is the author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare and the editor of the newsletter, Revisionist History. His latest book is Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not.


Monday, December 17, 2012

Debate online over “Usury in Christendom"

The new book, Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not, is being debated online here:

Sample contemporary text cited by those opposed to the book:

The following is allegedly written by Fr. Peter Scott of the SSPX:

"If, however, usury is always a grave sin, this does not mean that there cannot be legitimate interest, provided that it is not charged for the value of the money itself, for it is a pure means of exchange and has no producing power on its own, as does man's labor, or real property. Fr. Walter Farrell, O.P. sums this up quite well in A Companion to the Summa, Vol. III p. 239: 

"When we demand, over and above the return of the original sum of money loaned, an added amount for the use of the money, our act is the same as selling a man a glass of wine and then charging him for the privilege of drinking it. If we keep this simple statement of usury in mind, it will not be difficult to understand the absolutely necessary distinction between usury and legitimate interest. The latter is charged not for the mere use of the money as in usury, but on some extrinsic title.  Extrinsic titles for legitimate interest could include such things as the risk of losing one's money altogether, the positive damage caused to the creditor by such outside factors as inflation, or the human productivity which becomes possible if money is invested to purchase stock in a business enterprise, thus producing dividends." 

Author Michael Hoffman responds:

“Loophole locutionists and escape clause casuists use tricks with words to change usury into “legitimate interest”

By Michael Hoffman
Copyright ©2012

Assuming Fr. Scott really wrote the preceding, as attributed by, his endorsement of Fr. Farrell represents advocacy of some of the main loopholes that began to emerge on the part of heretical/modernist canonists and theologians who were beginning to push the envelope on the eve of the Renaissance, in order to impose situation ethics as a means of modifying and ultimately abolishing the total usury prohibition of interest on debt of the True Catholic Church. None of Farrell’s qualifications and stipulations apply today: any legal rate of interest on debt may be charged by a Roman Catholic. Farrell is merely outlining the innovations employed in times past by which God’s Law against usury was gradually evaded and derogated over time, leading to the complete abolition of His Law. From this root of evil comes the template for revolutionary change by which God’s other Laws and statutes have been gradually derogated and then overthrown by the Renaissance and post-Renaissance Church. 

Under the escape clause, "Extrinsic titles for legitimate interest” we discover that the dogma prohibiting all interest on debt can be overthrown by the modernist revolutionaries on various mitigating pretexts which had been rejected and condemned by the Church for more than a thousand years, as I demonstrate in my book, Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now Is Not.

Another argument used by opponents is that if I dare to say that St. Alphonsus Liguori permitted certain forms of interest on debt, thereby overthrowing the magisterial dogma prohibiting it, I am “a snake.” There is no arguing with a mindset that proceeds a priori from the conviction that Alphonsus Liguori could not possibly have advocated mortal sin. Alas, he did. Am I a “snake" for retailing a truth from the documentary record? What sort of totalitarian mentality proclaims it so? Was this not the mentality that St. Paul faced when he asked of the Galatians, “Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?” (Galatians 4:16).

There are two problems with the debate over my book as it has unfolded at First, many of the opponents at of the book Usury in Christendom, have not read its 416 pages wherein most of their objections are answered. Some of the critics at say it is enough to glance at my book’s advertising copy to understand it sufficiently. Is it really necessary to state that a back-cover blurb will only describe the general tenor of a book? To fully understand specific data contrary to the received consensus, one has to take the time to actually read the data, rather than seeking to counter a straw man. 

Second, some of the book’s opponents have a one-track mind that runs thus: the popes of the past 500 years and saints like Liguori cannot be wrong; therefore Hoffman is wrong.

To gain credibility for this enormity, they must hypnotize themselves into thinking that the revolutionary post-Renaissance Church of the past 500 years did not depart from the truth, which the Magisterium of the True Church had faithfully and dogmatically promulgated for the nearly one thousand five hundred years preceding the Renaissance. To sustain their argument they have to engage in a denial of reality by maintaining that there is no contradiction between the Church as it existed from the first century for more than a millennia, and the modern Church of the Renaissance and post-Renaissance. I don’t see how they can maintain this fallacy, given the history and theology I present, which testifies to the magisterial dogmatic prohibition on all forms of interest on debt prior to the modernist revolution. 

The problem from the point of view of debate, is that there is little actual debate transpiring at -- i.e. opposers have not furnished authoritative statements, documents or texts from popes and councils prior to the Renaissance contradicting the data that this writer has marshaled. 

The argument of the opposers is that the modernist Church (dating it as I do, from the Renaissance onward), could not possibly have contradicted the True Church, or departed from the magisterial dogma of more than a millennia. In this regard, I say the emperor has no clothes. My opponents respond by proclaiming me an enemy of the Church. Which Church? The True Church or the modern simulacra?

How can anyone who stands for what was taught unambiguously by the Church from its inception until the Renaissance, be an enemy of the Church?

How can someone who denounces and exposes the revolutionary change that was suffused with escape clauses and justified by loopholes which led to the overthrow of magisterial dogma on usury -- be an enemy of the authentic Church of Jesus Christ?

It is the loophole locutionists and escape clause casuists who partook of the overthrow of the strict prohibition on interest on debt, or who defend the overthrow as being thoroughly consonant with Truth — these are the ones who have departed from the Faith and put forth a usurpation that is called Catholic because Renaissance and post-Renaissance popes and some “saints” are responsible for it, or implicated in it. Men, no matter how exalted their status, do not make the Truth; God does. To imply otherwise is thoroughly rabbinic. Truth is not altered because modernizing popes and those persons declared to be saints departed from it. When men have a higher claim to authority than the doctrine of the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Fathers of the Church and all popes and councils for more than a millennia, we have a personality cult, not the Church of Jesus Christ. This is one of the issues the opponents of my book will not face: the abuse of authority that has given rise to the modern ecclesiastical permission for interest on debt, for liturgical revolution, and for the nullification of Christ’s mission of converting the Jews.

There is a double-mind that decrees with circuitous monotony that the radical overthrow of the Catholic Church’s usury dogma cannot be an overthrow because the Renaissance and post-Renaissance Church endorsed it under the loophole of “extrinsic titles.” 

Jesus said, “By their fruits you will know them.” Let us assess the usury revolution by His criterion. Through the process of gradualism — the slow, steady erosion of eternal truth by means of the weapon of sundry escape clauses grouped under various headings including “extrinsic titles” — the modernist Church over the past 500 years has been responsible for the rise of usury: with the Medici "charity banks"; through nominalism and Eck’s 5% for the Fuggers; and by means of Benedict XIV’s redefinition of usury through his promulgation of extrinsic title loopholes. Then came the Pius VIII era, which decreed to confessors that usurers were to be absolved and not disturbed. All of these mortally sinful and heretical abominations were reconfirmed and enlarged by all subsequent papal administrations in the 19th century, culminating in the operation of the Vatican’s own usurious bank and the 1917 Code of Canon Law permitting whatever interest on debt the secular law of the land allows! 

The permission for interest on debt was a case of situation ethics. Once the door to that Pandora’s Box was opened, every other type of error fueled by the temporal chauvinism of the situation at hand, was unleashed, leading to the situation ethic at the core of contemporary modernism. Conservative and “traditional” Catholics exhibit symptoms of mind control when they militate against modernism while denying that the overthrow of the Church’s dogma of the mortal sin of interest on debt is any kind of modernizing change. Here again, the self-sabotaging double-mind shows itself to be a partner in the modernist destruction of God’s Law despite its declamations against modernism. 

Facts must be faced. Where there is truth there is Jesus Christ. Some “Catholics" have no trouble standing against what the Old Testament, Jesus Christ, the Fathers, and the whole Church taught, if it means they can be seen to uphold various Renaissance and post-Renaissance popes and “saints.” They fail to see that we owe allegiance to the Scriptures, the Fathers, the Councils, and the popes of the Church of All Time, against the modernizing revolutionaries. God does not change. The truth does not change. Interest on debt was, is now, and ever shall be until the Second Coming and the end of time, a soul-damning transgression against God and His Creation.  

Reviving alibis from the past ("extrinsic title”) will not extricate the opponents of God’s Law from the crisis brought about by a radical encounter with reality. The resort to these tired, Talmudic-type of distractions, which were successively confronted and fought by the True, pre-Renaissance Church, is not sufficient to nullify God’s unchanging Law. This writer is well familiar with loopholes such as damnum emergens, put forth hundreds of years ago by mouthpieces of the Money Power (cf. p. 391 of Usury in Christendom). Lawyer’s tricks with words ("the absolutely necessary distinction between usury and legitimate interest”), cannot undo the nullification which the modernizers perpetrated when they gradually abolished God’s Law against interest on debt.  There never was any “legitimate interest" on debt in the Bible or the Church of Jesus Christ. 

Illusion cannot proceed without distraction. Distraction is what is being employed and illusion is what is being generated by those who cannot bring themselves to face a harsh and terrible truth. But until we do face it, no progress can be made in combatting the root of the evil confronting mankind. 


Friday, December 14, 2012

The massacre of the children of America

By Michael Hoffman

On December 14, like Herod of old, a killer of children descended upon our land, at a school in Connecticut, where he proceeded to butcher our future, in the form of twenty American youngsters.

The massacre in Aurora, Colorado last summer, and now the Christmas season shootings in Oregon and Connecticut, testify that our nation has lost its way: usury, aborting innocent infants, and foreign wars on civilian populations are the new normal.

We ought to slow down now, in the midst of the Connecticut carnage, and reflect on our money-mad spirit of acquisition, our indifference to the crimes our government perpetrates overseas with our tax dollars, the mockery of marriage represented by homosexual nuptials, our apathy in the face of the slaughter of unborn children amid our nation's staggering level of abortion; and the filth on commercial television which is broadcast to millions of children.

In all these ways and more, America attacks children, just as surely at they were attacked today in Connecticut. We must change our ways, repent of our sins and seek God's will.

Furthermore, let us not hear about the "need for gun control." Gun control is a contributing factor in these massacres. The police SWAT teams almost always arrive too late to stop a rampage. The cowardly perpetrator(s) murders the defenseless in part because he surmises that teachers, and clerical and jantorial staff, are unarmed. One or more armed teachers or janitors might have saved the lives of several of the children in Connecticut today.  Almost any honest cop will tell you they can't protect you, they can only try to apprehend the perps after the crime has been committed. An armed citizenry is necessary for the protection of the innocent from the rising tide of Satanic violence in our society.

While most of the perpetrators of massacres are suicides, lately more have chosen to survive, and some even don bullet proof vests and other types of body armor. With the near abolition of the death penalty in the United States, they can survive for decades in prison as media celebrities. Two perpetrators of a school massacre in 1998 in Arkansas have either been released from prison or are due to be released because they were age 10 and 13 at the time they murdered four girls and a teacher. Perpetrators who survive a massacre should be fairly tried, and after conviction and a two or three year (not 20 or 30 year) appeal process, publicly hanged. This is certainly not contrary to Christian mercy and compassion, as the recent popes of Rome have been teaching. Repentant criminals can save their eternal souls while awaiting excution, but God requires the capital punishment of killers here on earth.

We have fled from God's Law in our prideful estimation of our own brain power and intoxication with scientism. Millions of Americans believe science has replaced the Bible. From this apostasy a spirit of lawlessness inevitably results. God's law on debt has also been abandoned -- on no other basis than situation ethics fueled by the love of money -- which is the root of all of the evil that confronts us.

Our prayers are with the innocent victims this day in Connecticut, and their loved ones, as well as the innocent victims every day of the year who are killed in American abortion clinics, with no one to mourn for them except the God who proclaimed, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you" (Jeremiah 1:5).

Are you listening, America?

Timeline of U.S. Massacres 
Compiled by Michael Hoffman 

Compiler's note: All of the deaths listed are homicides, except in the case of a casualty statistic compiled by the media that groups a perpetrator who allegedly committed suicide with the victims. Almost all of the deaths are by gunfire. I do not claim that this list is exhaustive. In almost all cases I have only listed as a "massacre" multiple deaths that occurred within a 24 hour period.

1966: Fifteen people shot to death on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin.

1966: In Chicago, Illinois, nine nurses are massacred.

1982: Eight workers killed by a co-worker at a Florida machine shop.

1984: Twenty-one patrons of a McDonald's restaurant killed in California.

1986: Fourteen postal employees killed by a co-worker in Oklahoma.

1989: Five school children killed in Stockton, California.

1990: Nine people killed at a GMAC loan office in Florida by a co-worker.

1991: In Michigan five people are killed.

1991: Twenty-three people killed in Luby's Cafeteria in Texas.

1993: Eight people killed in the San Francisco, California financial district.

1993: Six people killed on a Long Island, New York commuter train.

1997: Three students killed by a fellow student at a high school in Kentucky

1998: Five people killed (four girls and a teacher) at an Arkansas Middle School (the killers were two children, age 13 and 10).

1999: Coumbine High School, Colorado: thirteen people killed by two students.

1999: Nine people killed in the financial district in Atlanta, Georgia

1999: Seven people killed at a church in Texas.

2000: Seven people killed Dec. 26 at an Internet company in Massachusetts.

2001: Two students killed and 13 wounded by fellow student in California

2003: Five killed at a Mississippi aircraft plant by a co-worker.

2005: Five students and two others killed by another student in Minnesota.

2006: Five Amish children killed at their Pennsylvania school by a truck driver.

2007: Five killed at a shopping mall in Utah. An off-duty policeman exchanges gunfire with the perpetrator, preventing more killings.

2007: 32 students killed at Virginia Tech by a fellow student.

2007: Dec. 5 - eight people killed at a Nebraska shopping mall.

2008: Five people killed at Northern Illinois University.

2009: Ten people killed in Alabama.

2009: Thirteen people killed in a Binghamton, New York immigration center.

2010: In Manchester, Connecticut a co-worker kills eight people.

2011: Six people killed in Tucson, Arizona; among the eleven who are wounded, U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is shot in the head but survives.

2011: Eight people killed at a beauty salon in California.

2012: A former student kills seven students at Oikos University in California.

2012: Twelve people killed at a "Batman" movie in Aurora, Colorado.

2012: Six people killed at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin.

2012: Five people killed in Minnesota by a co-worker.

2012: Three people killed at a beauty salon in Wisconsin.

2012: Dec. 11 - two people killed at an Oregon shopping mall.

2012: Dec. 14 - 27 people killed at a Connecticut grammar school, including twenty children.


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Testimonials for Hoffman’s book on Usury

Encomiums for Michael Hoffman’s new book:
Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not

(New review added on March 30, 2013)

Endorsement by Rev. Fr. Christopher Hunter, SSPX:
“For 1500 years the Church of Rome unequivocally condemned usury as one of the worst of evils; then it suddenly starting teaching that ‘moderate’ usury was permissible. Hoffman’s book challenges Rome to explain the contradiction.

“Rome needs to explain why, after 1500 years of solemnly teaching that usury is one of the worst of evils, it suddenly said it was permissible as long as it was not ‘excessive.’

“Usury in Christendom challenges the Catholic hierarchy to explain how it changed its traditional opposition to usury into permission to practice it. This book needs to be read in Rome.

“Usury in Christendom will remain the definitive textbook on the topic of the Church and usury until such time as Rome discloses why it reversed its 1500-year-old teaching.

“Little wonder the Church of Rome overturned the traditional Latin Rite of Mass if it would overturn its age-old teaching on usury.”

Fr. Hunter is a noted historian of the American Republic. He is the pastor of St. Therese Chapel in Klamath Falls, Oregon and a teacher at the schools of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX).


"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing the book, Usury in Christendom. I have written in the Bible in the front cover the places that deal with interest or usury. I did that 30 years ago. You’re right on every issue that I can see. Creating money out of thin air and charging interest is the greatest evil that the world has ever seen.”

May God bless you, 
—Linus E.
North Dakota 

Book Review by Pat Flanagan, M.D. (Wisconsin):

This book takes a while to read, because it is packed with useful  information which the interested reader is advised to read slowly and deeply.  It will be especially important for those Catholics who tend to refer to themselves as Traditional in terms of attending the Latin Mass for their ordinary custom of worship.  I say this in order to prepare this type of reader for some rather startling news that usury is not from the Jews or the Protestants but rather comes from the wealthy Catholic families in Italy and Germany.  And, brace yourselves, the popes since 1515 have said it is OK as long as the interest rate is not excessive!  So forewarned is forearmed.

Simply put, (and not trying to be funny), this book by the author Michael Hoffman promises to do for usury what Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky did to adultery—it will give it a bad name.

I took great enjoyment in reading this book for two reasons: (1) it is myth exploding actually exculpating the Protestants and Judaics from the blame they falsely took for so many centuries for their part in the interest-bearing debt racket and laying the blame squarely on the Catholics who started it and the Roman Catholic Church who authoritatively condoned since the 1500’s; and, (2) it is going to be a sort of cutting board separating Catholics who lust after the Truth no matter how harsh it may sound and those lickspittle Trads whose religion is based on who and not what informs them of their doctrinal teachings.  It is a given that those who still accept the official and approved version of 9-11 and the Holohoax as irreformable historiography are not going to make it past the first few pages.

Hoffman is a true scholar who has been studying this issue of Church approved usury since around 2000 publishing his findings serially in his newsletters right up to the present, so that much of what I have already learned in those publications has been included in the book.   This prompted me to dig them out of my files because he was not able to include all this information in the book due to cost concerns.  But just reviewing this old material helped to further reinforce its importance in my learning experience.

We can never be too casual with avoiding the First Principles of any topic.  As one traditional Catholic who was wont to mechanically associate  the usury industry with the Money Power of the Protestants, specifically the pilgrim Puritans who landed at Plymouth rock in 1620, and the Khazar Talmudists whose experience in this despicable business is legion, it was a real epiphany to me to read that the thesis of Max Weber, the German Catholic of the early 20th century, had falsely ascribed the onus of money profit-making on the Protestant mentality of worldly success being used as a sign of predestination.  If Weber had actually gone back in his research another 200 years he would have discovered that the original Puritan divines of 16th century England based their teachings on the utter immoral nature of usury on earlier Catholic patristic writings and the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas and not on Calvin who actually had made peace with the financial elitists of his day in approving loans at “modest” rates to those who could afford to pay the extra interest on the principal.  And this was certainly news to me where the name Max Weber had become synonymous with sound Catholic scholarship.  Hoffman went back further dredging up First Principles amongst the Catholic families in Florence—the Medicis—and the Fuggers in Germany.

All of this would have meant absolutely nothing had not a pope given it his blessing, and that happened with Pope Leo X at the Fifth Lateran Council in 1515.  From that point on every pope and theologian has given the practice of loaning not above the going legal rate a pass in the Catholic world. Actually now, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia (1913) “The Holy See puts its funds out at interest, and requires ecclesiastical administrators to do the same.”

Mike Jones of Culture Wars and his contributors never tire of bringing up Vix Pervenit, the encyclical of Pope Benedict XIV (1745).  A closer reading of this Hegelian-like document does anything but condemn the practice of usury as a huge loophole inserted into its midst undoes the initial proscription of this fiendish practice and instead goes on to describe approvingly of “…just and legitimate reasons…to demand something over and above the amount due on the contract….”  Check it out for yourself as it is the 30th edition of the Enchiridion Symbolorum by Denzinger, edited by none other than Karl Rahner, S.J.

Followers of the Austrian School of Economics in Auburn, Alabama, capitalists down to their boots, would say this of Hoffman and his book, “Flee for your life from the man who tells you money is the root of all evil.  That sentence is the leper’s bell of an approaching looter.”  Well, here is news for you guys who preach Free Enterprise and making lots of money is what America is all about—Our Lord never tired of preaching to “Lend expecting nothing in return” (Lk 6:35).  Did He not put his money where his mouth was when he ran the money changers out of the temple, not once but twice, by furiously lashing them with a whip of knotted cords that he especially made for the occasion?  And, yes, He really did foresee the evils of unbacked paper money and unchecked interest on loans in the modern world.  So He meant it back then to continue up to the present.

This book is easily readable and bound neatly in soft cover.  It lacks an index which would be extremely helpful for study, but if you really apply yourself diligently as a good student reading a textbook, which it is, then the index is dispensable.  The bibliography is very impressive showing the effort made in getting down to the origins of this massive criminal syndicate that has been devouring the lifeblood of the remnants of Christendom for these last 500 years.

This is a book that should be read by all people, especially Protestants and Judaics, who might feel a little bit after doing so to chortle, “There, we’ve been trying to tell you that for years!”

—Pat Flanagan

 I finally finished your superbly written book in the predawn hours this morning.  What comments I am going to share with you now couldn't have been made by me three days ago with only about two-thirds of the book read.   The book is manifestly a scholarly work on the subject of usury.  I say this because the information in the book "squares" with what I have studied and learned from others and examined on my own.  But for me, the undercurrent theme of self-examination of the one's conscience in all things, is the most important.  I'm thinking this was powered by the "mini biographies" and "sermonettes" that are found in just the right places throughout the pages of this book. Your book is a call to repentance of not just the sin of usury but all things that would remove us from His Kingdom here on earth.  May we all be blessed by what you have written!

Gratefully yours,
—Mark Layne

I finished reading Usury in Christendom...I have been saying for several years that from a Christian standpoint we must back out of the banking, debt-based currency, fraudulent monetary/usury system. It is the basis of the preponderance of evils we face today. I had never put two and two together to realize that usury as Divine Law and cannot be revised by the Church. You have laid bare the dreadful fact that all popes since 1515 have promoted this abominable heresy. No wonder the Catholic Church and Faith is nearly destroyed and the world is filled with war, tyranny, and poverty!  Your research can only be described as incredible and bares the signs of Divine assistance. My favorite part is John Jewel's sermon castigating usury and usurers. What a treasure!  I have begun to select about a dozen individuals who I deem to be appropriate to be the recipients of the flier you provided and a recommendation for purchase. ...Those Catholics who cannot tolerate the truth about the Church can only stand in the way of Her restoration. One cannot walk the line. We must either be with Christ or we will be against Him and His Church.   May God bless you in your courageous efforts to overcome the Money Power and just do the right thing despite the consequences, which were, no doubt, foreseen.                                                                         

Respectfully yours, 
--Susan Trelease Nasoni 
DuBois, Pennsylvania 
Thank you for your tireless efforts to defend the simple teaching of Scripture regarding counterfeit and godless increase.  Thus you are an alien and stranger in this present evil age, and your enemies are members of your own household.  Take heart by another passage of holy Scripture: "And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart."  Ironically, in battling against counterfeit increase that comes from the hand of Mammon, you are promised in this Scripture and elsewhere true increase that comes from the hand of God, an increase that makes the most usurious schemes pale in comparison, being even 100 fold from the Author of Life, if you do not lose heart.  In this, Satan himself knows he has been defeated. He will pay particular attention to those whose aim is to publish the facts of this defeat.  But the one in you is greater than this one in the world.  Do not lose heart.  

— R. G. 
Louisville, Kentucky


Monday, December 10, 2012

Hoffman Talks About Usury

Our new book, Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin That Was and Now is Not, has been published and is in print. If you purchased a copy in advance of publication, your book is either in transit or may have already arrived. If your copy has not yet arrived, please be patient. Books to US residents ship by US Postal Service "Media Mail," which can be slow at this time of the year. Shipments to Canada and overseas are sent by air mail but are subject to the vicissitudes of a foreign nation's particular customs office. While supplies last (there is no guarantee of a second printing), Usury in Christendom may be purchased from our online store here, or from here. We are also offering a new DVD:

The author of the book Usury in Christendom gives a passionate talk in a private home on interest on debt in light of Biblical doctrine and western history. Production values are not high on this DVD, but the content is! 34 minutes. $16.95 plus shipping. The DVD may be purchased online here.

It is too early to offer an assessment of how Usury in Christendom is being received. Preliminary reactions have ranged from hostility (including, from former friends and supporters, promises of economic retribution and revenge against the author), to appreciation. We have yet to receive enough feedback, however, to offer an accurate and representative spectrum of reaction. It would be a mistake to draw any conclusions at this stage.

We have not managed to raise the funds for an advertising budget for the book, but we did set aside a batch of review copies which are being mailed to a broad swath of newspaper, magazine and newsletter editors, economics professors, theologians, philosophers and anti-debt activists, in the hope that one or more of them will rescue Usury in Christendom from obscurity and publicize or review it; otherwise, until our circumstances change, we are wholly dependent on word-of-mouth and the publicity we ourselves generate in our Hoffman Wire column, at our website (, on Twitter (@HoffmanMichaelA), in our blog ( and to our mailing list, via the Post Office.

The book was written Soli Deo Gloria. In our straitened circumstances, my attitude toward its promotion is the same attitude I have taken toward the basic needs of my children when I was pressed for resources. I went to God in the knowledge that ultimately they were His children; asking, on that basis, would He please provide for them. He never failed to do so. It is my opinion (I grant that I may be deluded in this respect) that God wanted Usury in Christendom written, and while any mistakes in its pages are my responsibility alone, it is His book, and He will move those He needs to move to assist in its dissemination, according to His will.

The Money Power in the Middle East

Everywhere I turn I see the Money Power obstructing revival and restoration. We learned last week that Obama and Romney each spent the staggering sum of approximately one billion dollars in seeking the presidency. We find that even the heavens are being merchandized: a private corporation is endeavoring to offer flights to the moon, including a walk on its surface, for $750 million per passenger.

Our fellow Americans are slaving under an immense debt burden, both personal and national. The Republicans who are eager to cut the social safety net out from under the poor, sick and elderly, don't emphasize that a considerable portion of the Federal deficit is due to America's role as world policemen, with the military-industrial complex reaping the profits. One of our friends is a low-ranking, frontline grunt in the U.S. military. Men such as this man -- the proverbial cannon fodder -- are most certainly not enriching themselves from America's endless foreign wars, which are so lucrative to the upper echelon of the Cryptocracy, which has turned a blind eye toward the operations of the Nusra Front ("Jabhat al-Nusra”) of  Syrian rebels  — an arm of Al Qaeda in Iraq -- which has killed American troops. If this Nusra Front organization had been linked to Iran we would be hunting it with drones and sanctioning their sponsors. But Al Qaeda's Nusra Front in Syria is part of the ordained overthrow of the Assad government, as protected, funded and armed by the fabulously wealthy kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In the wake of this outrage, there are few if any saber-rattling howls of indignation from the Right wing members of Congress who are based in the Deep South.

The killers of American troops are seizing power in Syria, and this suits the Israeli network that seeks perpetual war by building up enemies which they then shape and secretly control at the highest levels (it was the Israelis who helped to found Hamas).

Only after these enemies are in power, Senators like Lindsay Graham and John McCain will call for a multi-billion dollar military crusade to dislodge them -- only after elements of Al Qaeda are part of the new ruling coalition in Syria. A similar scenario unfolded in Libya with the "Allies" helping to put Al Qaeda type elements in power and now screeching about the assault on our embassy and the death of our ambassador.

From whence comes this cowardice, treason and duplicity, and the apathy of our people in the face of it? There are many symptoms, yet only one root: the love of money, and the power that comes to those who control oil, the greatest material prize of our age, or the Money Power's core power plant: compound interest on debt.


Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Serial Killer had links to the Oklahoma City Bombing

More Keys to the Cryptocracy:

Serial Killer Israel Keyes had links to the Oklahoma City Bombing Conspiracy

The Chevie Kehoe connection

By Michael Hoffman
Copyright ©2012

Israel Keyes and Chevie Kehoe were associates. Kehoe was a US government operative/patsy. Kehoe murdered gun dealer William Mueller and his entire family in Arkansas in 1996 because Mueller had inside information on Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing conspiracy.

Recall that Aryan Nations member and L.A. daycare center shooter Buford Furrow "miraculously" eluded the largest police dragnet in the history of the LAPD, to report directly to his FBI handlers in Las Vegas in full view of the television cameras.

By the same process, Chevie Kehoe and his partner, Danny Lee of Yukon, Oklahoma, killed the Mueller family while "dressed in FBI raid outfits" (Spokesman-Review, [Spokane, Wash.] April 8, 1999, p. B-3).

In both these cases a symbolic hint was being intentionally sent to the public concerning who Kehoe and Furrow's real handlers are. At the time of the Mueller murders Kehoe was a resident of the Shadows Motel in Spokane, Washington, where he had been staying on and off since 1994. Kehoe was often visited at the motel by a child rapist and Aryan Nations activist who was also a master gunsmith and machinist.

"Witnesses also believe McCrea and Kehoe met Timothy McVeigh at the Shadows Motel shortly before the April, 1995 Oklahoma City bombing...A former manager of the motel has reported seeing McVeigh visiting Kehoe there a few weeks before the Oklahoma City bombing.

"...But the possible link between the Shadows Motel, Kehoe and McVeigh has been given little, if any, attention by the FBI...With McVeigh and his friend Terry Nichols convicted of the Oklahoma City bombing, there is reluctance to reopen the investigation, federal officials say." (Spokesman-Review, April 11, 1999, pp. B-1 and B-6).

Here is a frank admission of the government's refusal to apprehend other guilty parties in connection with the Oklahoma City bombing. The conviction of the scapegoats satisfies the Federal police. Why? Because any further indictments would tend to risk losing control over perpetrators who might reveal embarrassing details and unaccounted for facts that point to orchestration of the bombing by the Federal government itself. A motel employee testified that on the morning of April 19, 1995 (the day the Murrah building was destroyed), an excited Kehoe  came into the motel office where a television was turned on, asking if "it" had happened yet.

Southern Poverty Law Center writer Bill Morlin (see below) is a former reporter for the Spokane Spokesman-Review newspaper and is well aware of these facts, but omits them from his "Poverty Center" article.

Kehoe’s brother Cheyne participated in a shootout with police in Ohio. He received a 24 year sentence but Cheyne’s sentence was reduced to 11 years. A gun battle with police nets only an eleven year prison sentence?

In October, 2013 Cheyne was arrested along with his father Kirby on a gun charge. The controlled corporate media confined the story of the Kehoes to a white supremacist trope, omitting Chevie's Oklahoma City bombing connections.

Mr. Morlin also states as a fact that Keyes committed suicide. Almost all other media report that Keyes' suicide is alleged. No details have been provided on how Keyes' "suicide” occurred in jail.

The Oklahoma City bombing is now part of the alchemical American “Dreamland,” which is the name of another motel used by Timothy McVeigh as a base.

Alaska serial killer raised racist, anti-Semitic
Israel Keyes, who's been implicated in at least eight murders, attended a Christian Identity church called The Ark
By Bill Morlin, Southern Poverty Law Center
Dec. 4, 2012

A confessed serial killer and bank robber who took his own life in an Alaska jail cell on Sunday was exposed to the racist and anti-Semitic beliefs of Christian Identity theology during his childhood in a rural corner of Washington state, Hatewatch has learned.

Israel Keyes, 34, now linked to at least eight murders throughout the United States in the past 11 years, was a childhood friend and neighbor in Stevens County, Wash., of terrorists Chevie and Cheyne Kehoe — two racist brothers now serving lengthy prison sentences for murder and attempted murder.

“The two families, the Keyeses and the Kehoes, were neighbors and friends and lived about a half mile apart off Aladdin Road north of Colville” in Stevens County, Wash., a source with direct knowledge of the situation said. “The kids in both families were home-schooled and they sometimes attended a Christian Identity church called The Ark, just up the road from their homes,” the source said.

The Ark, headed by 83-year-old Pastor Dan Henry, preaches that white people are the superior, chosen race and that the Bible is their story. Identity followers generally believe that modern-day Jews are not the real descendants of the Hebrews of the Bible, and many say that Jews are biologically descended from Satan. Identity believers often describe themselves as the true “Israel,” suggesting that Keyes’ first name is a reference to his family’s beliefs.

Israel Keyes, who apparently wasn’t given a middle name, was born in Utah to Mormon parents who purchased rural property in Stevens County, near the U.S.-Canadian border, when he was a child.  On a website for the general contracting business he owned, Keyes listed Colville, Wash., as his hometown and said he built his first log cabin in Stevens County when he was 16.

“He could have attended here, but I don’t specifically remember,” Henry, the Christian Identity pastor, told Hatewatch today when contacted at his church, Our Place Fellowship, located about a mile south of the U.S.-Canadian border. Henry said his church, which he founded in 1975 after moving from Nevada, doesn’t keep a membership roster. “We’ve had hundreds of people attend our fellowship over the years, and I certainly don’t know them all.”

Henry said he had heard news reports about Israel Keyes and his crimes. While he said he didn’t recall meeting Keyes, “I know his family lived her for a time. I don’t remember seeing him here at our church, but he could have been.”

Israel Keyes is believed to have been one of two teenage boys in the Keyes family who showed up along with Chevie and Cheyne Kehoe at a 1992 rally at Ft. Colville Grange, where human rights activists where attempting to organize and counter a growing number of racists and neo-Nazis in Stevens County, the source told Hatewatch.

The FBI is now actively putting together a timeline of Keyes’ past, including times he spent in Stevens County. It’s not clear if any of the four murders Keyes confessed to committing in Washington state occurred in Stevens County, but there is interest in his possible connection to the 1996 murder there of a 12-year-old girl who had prosthetic legs.

Stevens County Undersheriff LaVonne Webb told Hatewatch that while her office is piecing together a timeline of Keyes’ activities in Stevens County, he has not been definitively linked to any unsolved homicides there. “He is not tied at this point to any case that we have in Stevens County,” the undersheriff said.
Keyes was arrested in March in Texas and later indicted in Alaska on three federal charges related to the kidnapping-murder in February of 18-year-old Anchorage barista Samantha Koenig. Keyes was charged with kidnapping resulting in death, receipt and possession of ransom money, and fraud with access device.

The FBI now says Keyes’ nationwide killing spree may date back at least a decade, to when he was 24 or even younger. He has been linked to four murders in Washington state, one in New York and two in Vermont — a couple named Bill and Loraine Currier who were killed in 2011.

Before committing suicide early Sunday, Keyes, a self-employed carpenter, general contractor and U.S. Army veteran, admitted responsibility for robbing several banks, Mary Rook, the FBI special agent in charge in Alaska, said Monday.

Keyes was in the U.S. Army from 1998-2000, stationed at Fort Lewis, Wash., Fort Hood, Texas, and Egypt before being honorably discharged in June 2000, his records show.

Investigators were cautiously interviewing Keyes, attempting to develop a relationship so he would open up and possibly implicate himself in other crimes, and he was cooperating, at least to some extent. Now all investigators can do is work with what he told them and develop a timeline detailing his extensive, almost impulsive travels throughout the United States. They suspect  he may be behind more than the eight killings he already had accepted responsibility for.

“Keyes used proceeds from his bank robberies to pay for his travel, along with money he made as a general contractor,” Rook, the FBI official, said in a statement. “Keyes also admitted traveling to various locations to leave supplies he planned to use in future crimes,” Rook said. “Keyes buried caches throughout the United States.”

“The FBI has recovered two caches buried by Keyes – one in Eagle River, Alaska,  and one near Blakes Falls Reservoir in New York. The caches contained weapons and other items used to dispose of bodies. Keyes indicated the other caches he buried throughout the U.S. contain weapons, money, and items used to dispose of victims,” Rook said.

In a series of interviews with law enforcement officials, Keyes described “significant planning and preparation for his murders, reflecting a meticulous and organized approach to his crimes,” Rook said.

“It was not unusual for Keyes to fly into an airport, rent a car, and drive hundreds of miles to his final destination,” the FBI official said. “This was the case in the murder of Bill and Loraine Currier, where Keyes flew into Chicago, rented a car, and drove across several states before arriving in Essex, Vt. After the murder of the Curriers, Keyes continued his travels on the east coast before returning to Chicago and then to Alaska.”

The FBI official said Keyes “admitted to murdering four people in Washington State. “He killed two people, independent of each other, sometime during 2005 and 2006, and murdered a couple in Washington between 2001 and 2000,” Rook said.

“It is unknown if these victims were residents of Washington or if they were vacationing in Washington but resided in another state. It is also possible Keyes abducted them from a nearby state and transported them to Washington.

“Additionally, Keyes admitted to investigators that in 2009 he murdered a victim on the East Coast and disposed of the body in New York State. Based on Keyes’ statements, investigators believe Keyes abducted the victim from a surrounding state and transported him/her to New York.”

After murdering the young woman barista in Alaska earlier this year, Keyes dumped her body in icy Matanuska Lake near Anchorage, and flew from Alaska to Houston, Texas, authorities say. He returned to Alaska on Feb. 17, investigators say, and used Koenig’s phone and debit card to demand and collect ransom money that was contributed by the public.

The federal indictment says Koenig subsequently withdrew ransom money in subsequent trips he made from Alaska to Las Vegas on March 6 and later in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

After Keyes’ arrest, he provided details that led investigators to cut a hole in the ice in Matanuska Lake and recover Koenig’s body on April 2.

Law enforcement officials are still working feverishly to see if Keyes may be linked to other unsolved murders around the country over the last decade. Here is the developing timeline of Keyes’ whereabouts, provided by the FBI:

10/05/2004 to 10/16/2004          Eastern U.S.
04/20/2005 to 04/25/2005         WA, British Columbia
05/10/2006 to 05/15/2006         Western U.S.
09/01/2006 to 09/07/2006         Alaska
10/21/2006 to 10/23/2006         Western U.S., Mexico
11/08/2006 to 11/16/2006          Alaska
02/05/2007 to 02/08/2007         Southwest U.S.
03/01/2007 to 03/09/2007         WA, Canada (drove to Alaska)
04/24/2007 to 05/04/2007         Western U.S., Mexico
08/26/2007 to 09/06/2007         Western U.S.
10/29/2007 to 11/02/2007         Western U.S.
11/12/2007 to 11/13/2007         Western U.S.
12/04/2007 to 12/17/2007         Midwest and Western U.S.
01/05/2008 to 01/08/2008         Western U.S.
01/28/2008 to 02/15/2008         Southern U.S. and Western U.S.
05/11/2008 to 05/17/2008         Western U.S.
07/03/2008 to 07/07/2008         Western U.S.
09/16/2008 to 09/24/2008         Western U.S.
10/24/2008 to 11/05/2008         Southwestern, Midwestern and Western U.S.
12/05/2008 to 12/07/2008         Hawaii
12/11/2008 to 12/25/2008         Mexico
02/23/2009 to 02/27/2009         Western U.S.
04/01/2009 to 04/14/2009         Eastern U.S., Western U.S.
09/11/2009 to 10/03/2009         Southern U.S.
12/17/2009 to 12/29/2009         Southern U.S.
01/11/2010 to 02/25/2010         Western U.S.
03/01/2010 to 03/10/2010         Western U.S.
04/24/2010 to 04/30/2010         Western U.S.
05/19/2010 to 07/18/2010         Midwest U.S. and Western U.S.
07/18/2010 to 07/22/2010         Southwest U.S.
10/15/2010 to 10/25/2010         Midwest U.S., Eastern U.S.
06/02/2011 to 06/16/2011         Midwest U.S., Eastern U.S.
09/15/2011 to 09/25/2011         Western U.S.
02/02/2012 to 02/18/2012         Southern U.S.
03/06/2012 to 03/13/2012         Southwestern and Southern U.S.

Suspected serial killer Israel Keyes attacks followed a pattern
By Matt Pearce
Los Angeles Times | December 5, 2012

Newly released details about suspected Alaskan serial killer Israel Keyes' attacks  showed two abduction-killings and notable similarities.

Keyes -- a 34-year-old Anchorage construction worker who was found dead in an apparent jailhouse suicide Sunday -- scouted his locations and selected isolated targets to attack, authorities said. He kidnapped his victims and used zip ties to bind them.

In the two cases, his victims tried to escape. Bill Currier, 49, and Lorraine Currier, 55, fled after he'd brought them to a barn after kidnapping them from their Essex, Vt., home, authorities disclosed this week. And Anchorage barista Samantha Koenig fled across the parking lot from  her coffee bar, even though Keyes had bound her hands. He tackled and subdued her, officials said Tuesday.
Keyes sexually assaulted and asphyxiated both female victims, then left the region but later returned to the crime scenes, authorities say. He also hid the bodies and apparently planned to  dispose of them later, they said.

Keyes told officials that he had killed as many as eight people across the U.S. since 2001. Whether any of the patterns in these two attacks were repeated in other killings remains unknown. Officials have not publicly identified any potential open homicide cases that could be examined for possible links to Keyes.
Keyes had already slain Koenig and left town to go on a cruise more than two weeks before he began demanding ransom for her release, according to a statement released by the FBI on Tuesday.

Officials said Keyes kidnapped Koenig at gunpoint Feb. 1 from  Common Grounds   because it stayed open later than other coffee shops. He sexually assaulted and asphyxiated her, leaving her body in a shed, they said. When he returned Feb. 17, Keyes posed Koenig’s corpse with a newspaper to make her appear to be alive, then dismembered her body and dumped it in a nearby lake, according to authorities.
The details of the attack on Koenig had been withheld  for months as authorities painstakingly extracted partial confessions from Keyes, who had been arrested in Texas in March.

Before Keyes' death, he had confessed to killing up to eight people, including the Vermont couple on June 8, 2011, authorities said. He alluded to killing four unidentified victims in Washington state and another person on the East Coast, authorities said.

Officials also revealed that Keyes had partially funded his attacks  with bank robberies and that he’d stashed weapons, money and supplies for hiding bodies across the country in anticipation of future attacks.

Keyes told investigators that he had looked for victims in remote locations, such as parks, campgrounds, trailheads, cemeteries and boating areas, the FBI said in a statement.

Koenig appeared to be his final victim.

As Keyes prepared to kidnap her, he tried to remove distinguishing characteristics from his white truck, stripping off the license plates and mounted tool boxes, officials said. But his plan to collect ransom from Koenig’s family hit snags when he realized Koenig didn’t have her phone -- which he needed to send ransom notes via text message -- or a debit card, which he needed to collect the money, officials said.

Keyes returned to the coffee shop to get her cellphone,  hiding Koenig in a shed in front of his house, officials said. He left a radio playing at high volume so no one could hear her cry for help. He then set off to find the truck she shared with her boyfriend, which contained the debit card.

Keyes got the debit card, but the boyfriend chased him off. Keyes had obtained the PIN from Koenig. He tested the card before returning to the shed, where he assaulted and killed her, officials said.

He left town the next morning on a planned cruise from New Orleans.

After he returned, Keyes took a Polaroid of Koenig’s body posed with a copy of the Anchorage Daily News from four days earlier, authorities said. He used a photocopy of the picture for his $30,000 ransom demand, which he left  in a park, officials said. Police recovered the note and helped coordinate the transfer of money, which Koenig's father raised  from the community, police said.

Officials tracked Keyes’ withdrawals in Alaska and across the Southwest before his arrest. After his confession, he directed investigators to Koenig’s dismembered body, below the iced surface of Matanuska Lake north of Anchorage, officials said.


Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Al Qaeda gaining ground in Syria

Updated December 6 - see below

By Joby Warrick and Babak Dehghanpisheh
Washington Post, Dec. 4, 2012

"...Extremist groups among the Syrian opposition are responsible for some of the gains. Rebel commanders and outside analysts say the groups have grown more powerful in recent months because of funding and weapons from wealthy Arab donors in the Persian Gulf region as well as Syrian businessmen outside the country.One Islamist militia with suspected ties to al-Qaeda has seized two government military bases in the past two weeks.

"...At least half a dozen religious extremist groups have sprung up in Syria since the beginning of the year. The group that has captured the most attention and appears to have had the greatest degree of success is Jabhat al-Nusra, which is thought to have links to al-Qaeda.

"Since the group was formed in January, it has asserted responsibility for a series of suicide attacks against military and security targets. Its forces have overrun at least two government military bases in the past two weeks, collecting weapons left behind by Syrian troops, opposition activists said.

“Unfortunately, there are more extremist groups receiving arms,' said Andrew Tabler, a Syria expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy...”   (End quote, Washington Post). 

The preceding report reveals that Al Qaeda in Syria is backed by the Gulf states. I thought we were at war with Al Qaeda? What sanctions have we put into place against the Gulf states who are backing Al Qaeda in Syria? How is it that we are not fighting Al Qaeda in Syria? Why is the focus only on fighting Assad’s government? Is this Afghanistan 1980 all over again, when the US funded an anti-Soviet Afghan resistance that included Salafist terrorists like Osama bin Laden?

What is being done to oppose Al Qaeda in Syria? All we hear about is the Iranian “threat." Al Qaeda in Syria gets a pass. This is more than weird. Some dare call it conspiracy. Once again the US government is building up enemies that we will ask the American people to fight in the future. So who actually is ultimately behind Al Qaeda, if not the US government? We send drones against Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Yemen but in Syria they are left to operate freely and grow in strength. The Cryptocracy needs to secretly bolster enemies in order to keep fattening the military-industrial complex and an endless foreign war/world policeman orientation in the United States.

December 6 Update: According to the Wall Street Journal (Dec. 6, p. A12), Al-Qaeda in Syria —"Jabhat al-Nusra” - is responsible for several terrorist car bombings in Syria; “Saudi Arabia and Qatar...are directly supplying arms and cash” to this Islamist extremist group. 

So where are the U.S. sanctions against the Saudis and Qatar?

 How is it that these two exceedingly wealthy nations can arm and bankroll Al-Qaeda in Syria without American sanctions, Congressional hearings or media outrage? 

The answer is, the US government, the US Congress and the establishment media are all implicated in the conspiracy to build up Al-Qaeda in Syria, along with their partners in treason, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The “War on Terror” is nothing but an end-run around the US Constitution to stampede the American people into permitting a police state in America. 

If there was an authentic war on terror, Saudi Arabia and Qatar would be heavily sanctioned and the traitors in the US government who are enabling the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda would be prosecuted, given a fair jury trial, convicted and hanged.

Syrian war is now a war against Christians
"The Islamic Emirate of Aleppo"

By Marco Tosatti | Vatican Insider

An Italian website that gives voice to the Christian monastic communities in Syria and is a precious source of information on the situation of religion in the context of the current crisis, reveals a growing pressure on the Christian minority, especially in Aleppo. “In the parish of St. Dimitri many Christians find themselves in a state of extreme hunger and destitution: Muslim benefactors are offering Christian families between €600 and €1200 for every member that converts to Islam.”

In Aleppo, a city that is historically tolerant and culturally heterogeneous, fundamentalist rebels are sowing the seeds of the Islamic Emirate of Aleppo and have issued a fatwa against “the immoral habit of allowing women to drive cars.” According to some sources, in the Idlib district it is compulsory for women to wear the veil, or hijab, in public.

...precise testimonies on the nature of the religious fundamentalism that is starting to characterise the Syrian conflict are being sent from Moscow, where the National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change (NCC) arrived... The committee published a list of Saudi mercenaries present in Syria. “We are against the presence of foreign mercenaries…these people destroy Syria. Unfortunately, there are some political ‘players' such as Turkey which allow them to invade Syria. And Syria is not the only target. We are just a link in the chain.”


Monday, December 03, 2012

Researcher Günter Deckert sentenced to German prison

Günter Deckert will serve five months in a German prison for translating a history essay

By Michael Hoffman

Günter Deckert

In the World War II revisionist history movement in Germany, Günter Deckert is among the most hard-working and humble of its martyrs.

I say "martyr" because any resident of Germany who persists in actively and publicly doubting the existence of execution gas chambers in Auschwitz-Birkenau -- the holy relic of the West's most sacred religion (Holocaustianity) -- will be fined and likely imprisoned.

Günter Deckert has been to prison before in Germany for this reason (five years’ imprisonment, 1995 to 2000), and he is about to be imprisoned again.

His "crime"? Translating from Italian into German historian Carlo Mattogno's treatise, "Auschwitz: The First Gassing" (überarbeiten, deutsche Endbearbeitung/ -fassung).

The following was received from Mr. Deckert:

Friends, Comrades and Fighters for the Truth in World War II History,

The time has come! I must soon enter prison to serve my 5-month sentence although my constitutional appeal has not yet been decided.  I am to report to the prison on January 2nd, 2013. The release date will be June 2nd...

...“What does not kill me, does make me stronger!" With this in mind, my best comradely greetings and loyalty to our kin and people.I wish everyone a very good year of 2013 full of success and the best health possible.

Günter Deckert

With those words Mr. Deckert prepares to surrender five months of his life to the German state that is called "democratic" by the U.S. government, the U.N. and the European Union, and which scruples to lecture Muslim nations on the pressing need to allow more freedom to their citizens. Fortunately, Muslims are increasingly aware of this hypocrisy and, unfortunately, it has only stiffened their resolve to enforce the repression of freedom of speech and press in their own nations. The Chinese Communists must also surely be aware of the German repression of revisionist thought criminals. "Example," observed Samuel Johnson, "is always more efficacious than precept." In other words, practice what you preach. But in addition to Germany, the governments of Canada, Australia and many European nations such as Austria, France and Switzerland, do not, and the world is made darker as a result.

Günter Deckert, an honest and decent man, is again being tosssed into a dungeon with little or no protest or media publicity. The machinery of the German inquisition operates in near total silence and obscurity. Historians, researchers and scientists in Germany are imprisoned for blaspheming the Holy People's relics and it is all done with hardly any notice taken. Consequently, we know that this inquistion will grind on, and because it is in the German nature not to complain, the real, excruciating cost to Mr. Deckert and his family, their suffering and privation, will not be advertised on a poster soul.

What is called western civilization is actually western syphilization, and sometimes this writer finds himself ardently desiring that the Muslim invaders would arrive all that much sooner to scourge the golem of Europe, Canada and Australia, as God has so often in the past used hostile aliens to punish His people for their betrayal and idolatry.

Make no mistake, the adoration of the gas chamber idol is no less an abomination in the eyes of the Most High; particulary in light of the fact that the organized denial of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ has never been more virulent — a denial which is perfectly legal in every nation of the dishonorable western world.