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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, May 23, 2022

The Shekinah Etiology

 LGBTQ+ in the Kabbalah

By Michael Hoffman ©2022


Denying easily verifiable scientific differences between human beings possessed of xx and xy chromsomes is fundamentally a matter of occult intervention in human affairs. It is our mission to make this truth better known by providing the source documentation.

“God’s Shekinah glory.”

We’ve tracked the entry of that non-biblical term into Protestant theology over the past three centuries (it having entered rarefied precincts of Rome’s theology even earlier—see “The Sefirotic Tree of the Ten Emanations” [Shekinah is the 10th emanation], in The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome, pp. 350-351 and 637-641). 

Strictly speaking, Shekinah is a concept most closely linked to and derived from the Kabbalah, specifically the Zohar, wherein it signifies the energy of the goddess manifesting as the feminine sefirah of Malkhut

One glimpses the roots of LGBTQ+ ideology in medieval (and earlier) Zoharic esoterica. In this case, the Zohar’s trans-feminization and fluid gender identification of King David with the Shekinah. 

This memesis of femaleness caused the Kabbalists to refer to the study of their ersatz oral “Torah" (Torah sheBeal peh, i.e. the Talmud, Kabbalah, Mishneh Torah etc.) as a “womanly male” activity. In that oxymoron we espy the Solve et Coagula of the human alchemy operant for centuries in the revolutionary social engineering which others term “mind control.” 

Shekinah is freighted with intentional occult change-agency and it has entered the churches, albeit with more benign-seeming connotations. But why employ it at all? 

Granted, these facts may appear far-fetched perhaps to those not acquainted with the theurgic recesses of the Zohar and cognate Kabbalistic texts. Yet they are seeded throughout mystical Orthodox (particularly Haredi) rabbinic praxis. 

For instance, a pillar of the Kabbalah is the notion that without the mediation of the tenth sefirah—“without the mediation of the Shekinah, there can be no Presence of God in this world at all, since she alone is the link in the chain of divinity that joins the two realms.” 

(Cf. “King David as the Shekhina in the Zohar: A Theological Revolution,” in Ruth Kara-Ivanov, The Feminine Messiah [Brill, 2021, p. 41, emphasis supplied]). 

The main Kabbalistic texts related to this aspect of Shekinah will be found in the first four volumes of the Zohar translated and published uncensored in English by Stanford University Press.

The theology is also present in less explicit form in the Talmud of Babylon (cf. Sanhedrin 96b, 98b, 104b, 107a, Berakhot 4a, 7b, 10a; Shabbat 30a, 55b, 56a, 152b; Eruvin 13b, Eruvin 96a, etc.).

There is nothing new about the psychosis of terming a human being possessing xx chromosomes as exactly the same as a human who possesses xy chromosomes. The denial of so stark and fundamental a biological reality distinguishing female and male requires nothing short of an occult transvaluation of all values. This is the missing link in the attempt to discern the roots of the LGBTQ+ movement and its current ascendance.


This alchemy has a very long Kabbalistic pedigree which “conservative Christians” either cannot or will not credit. Consequently the key of knowledge is lost and Conservatives are left in the dark, hostage to futile writing and chatting about what are in fact mere symptoms, rather than etiology.

The anti-Christians who say they are “Torah-true” have been counterfeiting God’s word for two millennia. Sadly outmatched “Conservatives” desperate to believe a lie so as to maintain their careers, reputations and bank accounts, permit themselves to be seduced by the cheat. 

The faux oral “Torah" (Torah sheBeal peh) is the recrudescence of the occult science of Egypt and Babylon. One of its numerous manifestations in our time is the tragic derangement of trans-sexuality which began to be heavily propagated as far back as the 17th century by the Kabbalastically inspired network known as the Rosicrucian Fraternity, which promoted the image of the human body as an androgyne possessed of male and female genitalia  (cf. Twilight Language, pp. 247-253), which is the yet-to-be fulfilled objective of genetic Frankenscience.

Michael Hoffman is the author of a 1,102 page textbook for specialists, Judaism Discovered, and a condensation for the general reader, Judaism’s Strange Gods (381 pages), as well as eight other books of history and literature. He is the editor of the periodical, Revisionist History®.

8th graders to be charged with sexual harassment under Title IX

"Malicious misgendering" 

Rick Esenberg and Luke Berg report:

May 23, 2022—Wisconsin’s Kiel Area School District, in...Manitowoc and Calumet counties along the western shore of Lake Michigan, has uncovered a new form of harassment. On April 25 they accused three eighth-grade boys of sexual harassment—and launched a Title IX investigation—for something called “mispronouning.”

These children used “her” to refer to a classmate who wants to be called “them.”

...The boys’ parents first heard about the charges when they received a call from the district that their sons were about to be charged with sexual harassment under Title IX. There had been no prior warning or discussions with the families about pronoun use at school, nor did the district initially explain what the boys had done to warrant being investigated for a violation of federal law. When the families were finally informed that the alleged sexual harassment—the boys’ potential federal offense—was “using incorrect pronouns,” terror quickly turned to bewilderment...

The district appears to believe that once a student announces different pronouns to others, any subsequent use of the biologically and grammatically correct pronouns—even when not directed to the student—may be punishable as sexual harassment under Title IX...

A school board in Virginia is reportedly considering adding a policy to prohibit “malicious misgendering.” The Biden administration is about to unveil its long-awaited update to Title IX regulations and, given the president’s pronouncement that transgender discrimination is the civil-rights issue of our time, it wouldn’t be surprising if the new rules call for the policing of pronouns. All of this may soon be coming to a school near you. (End quote) 

Read more at: www.wsj.com/articles/the-pronoun-police-middle-schoolers-sexual-harassment-title-ix-nine-mispronouning-transgender-lgbtqia-free-speech-pronoun-11653337766



Anonymous said...

I can confirm it, it is present in my locality:https://www.shekinahcentral.com/


Bob Stinson said...

Interesting that the day after you published this there was a school shooting in Texas where the shooter is rumored to have been a tranny. Also the death toll has risen to 21, a significant number in your writings--2(00)1 Gateway, Black Jack. That plus the conflicting reports (was he killed or arrested? Early reports said he was killed in the parking lot before shooting anybody) make me curious if you detect any alchemical pageantry?

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Mr. Stinson

1. Let us not traffic in rumors. They are plenty of evil-doers among "straight" heterosexual males, including mass murderers. I would be loath to hastily indict or (God forbid) scapegoat gender-confused individuals for heinous crimes such as the Ulvade atrocity.

2. The rest of your comment raises some pertinent issues worthy of further study.