Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Friday, April 01, 2022

Situation Ethics is the Law of the Post-Renaissance Papal Church

Situation Ethics is the Supreme Law of the Post-Renaissance Papal Church

By Michael Hoffman


This essay has been published in a much enlarged, extended study in the April, 2022 issue of Revisionist History® newsletter no. 119.  

It is available for purchase at this link



Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Hoffman,
I am unable to find the video of your debate with the Orthodox priest on usury by "Faith and Reason". Would you have the link?


Michael Hoffman said...

Dear George

The owners of the "Faith and Reason" television program did broadcast their interview with this writer for a few days and then removed it from YouTube (they did this, not YouTube). You would have to inquire of "Faith and Reason" concerning their motive.

A correction: In the course the interviewI did not debate the Orthodox priest. He was friendly and interested and I appreciated his input.

Yours for freedom of speech and the advancement of knowledge against cancel culture,

Michael Hoffman

Onesimus said...

This is why once revered institutions have increasingly lost all credibility in the West Michael. The news media has continually spouted the government's narrative not what is the truth. So, over the decades people have turned to alternative media on the internet and are slowly waking up to the hypocrisy, propaganda and lies especially post 9/11, "War on Terror" and Covid. The news media always approves what the US president says or does as right while his "foes" if they do the same thing are wrong. Look at the US-Iraq War v Russo-Ukraine War as a perfect example. And the church should be holding the government to account, but fails to do so probably because it has been embroiled in sex scandals over the years undermining its own authority in the process. It's as Isaiah described in chapters 1 and 3 we are mired in hypocrisy, lies, injustice and oppression.