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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, January 03, 2022

Michael Hoffman's Truth Mission: New Year's Message and Progress Report

New Year's Message and Progress Report

Michael Hoffman's Truth Mission


The Revisionist History® Newsletter Update

Revisionist History® no. 117 for December was mailed to subscribers. Five issues remain for us to publish. God willing there will be a total of 122 issues when we complete this journey that began twenty years ago. We hope you will stay with us. We promise a special surprise for those who do so. Are we ceasing periodical publishing altogether? We will have an announcement next autumn! Concerning what will be 122 issues by that time, we are seeking to hire a person with a good scanner and the skill to carefully scan the back issues onto pdf. files so that we may issue them as text CDs, and compile them into printed collections, as we accomplished with issues 1-44. 

We’re endeavoring to make the final six issues of Revisionist History®, starting with the December 2021 issue no. 117, super-issues. For no. 117 we devoted many hours to writing and researching “The Pirate Queen’s Slave Traders: Elizabeth I and the Conjuring of the British Empire.” Yes, you’ve probably heard of her piracy before, and perhaps even seen faint allusions to Hawkins’ and Drake’s slave trade. However, we don’t believe there exists anywhere in an English periodical so conclusive a case as we have made on both charges. It had to be airtight because there have been so many alibis and evasions offered for her in the past. To those crimes we add the sorcery which the woman, who was the head of the Church of England, enabled, through her employment of the necromancer Dr. John “007” Dee, and the “cosmographer” Richard Hakluyt. 

Ever since the reign of Elizabeth—“Good Queen Bess”—the monarchy of England has been a driver of occult conspiracies, usury banking, and masonic Jack the Ripper-type ritual murders (the Ripper killings were perpetrated by Queen Victoria’s court physician, Sir William Gull, a Freemason). 

In the early 20th century George V, who is presented by the media as a decent if dull king, refused the desperate pleas for sanctuary in Britain from his Russian first cousin, Czar Nicholas II and the Romanov family, who were facing the likelihood of slaughter at the hands of the rising Bolshevik party. George V abandoned them to Lenin’s tender mercies. After the Communist tyrant had the Romanovs butchered, King George’s consort, Queen Mary, purchased the murdered Czarina’s jewelry from Lenin!  It seems he could get if for her wholesale. 

Mary’s grand-daughter is Queen Elizabeth II, whose son Prince Andrew was a beneficiary of Jeffrey Epstein’s stable of white-slave child prostitutes. His equally degenerate brother Prince Charles, the future king, advanced the child molestation ring of his dear pal, Sir Jimmy Savile—the monster whose hundreds of crimes against children were shielded by Her Majesty’s Secret Service and “conservative” Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (the indictment will be found in Twilight Language, pp. 310-317). The serpent ascended the throne of Britain with Elizabeth I— and has never departed. It comes as no surprise that the 16th century Elizabeth is the British monarch who is the most extolled by the Establishment. 

We in America are not immune to demonic suzerainty. The serpent came into near total control of the United States government with the ascendance of Franklin D. Roosevelt to the presidency. When John F. Kennedy purposed to throw out the serpent, we know what happened to him. He was the last president to make the attempt. Don’t tell us that Israeli puppets Ronald “What does Joan Say?” Reagan, and Donald “What do Bibi and Sheldon say?” Trump, made any true effort toward that essential patriot objective. Mr. Trump signed off on Mossad assassinations. If he’s your guy, then you will have nothing to complain about when the Mossad comes for you.

Historically, the occult control of the West has emanated principally from the cities of Protestant London and papal Rome. We elucidated the latter in the 723 pages of The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome. A thorough illumination of the former is one of our many book-projects that remain to be written.  The December Revisionist History® no. 117 is a good start in that direction.

In the 20th century, occult primacy shifted to the God-forsaken sandbox known as Jerusalem, and the board rooms and executive suites of New York, with London and Rome acting in supporting roles, and as repositories of the cherished annals of an age-old gnosis.


Our concern is for the spiritual welfare of Judaic people trapped by Talmudism; for Palestinians and Lebanese who suffer from its homicidal racism, as well as our nation itself, which is ruled by a system of jurisprudence which channels rabbinic halacha (law)—in other words, legislation by judicial decision — as exemplified by the unelected US Supreme Court having turned abortion on demand and the marriage of “gays” into law, with no vote from the people. This is how Talmudists make laws

Republican hero Antonin Scalia supported this in principle. The evidence of Mr. Scalia's treachery will be found in The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome (pp. 588-593). Talmudism is in the forefront of the educational work of our Truth Mission (see our new CD, “Introduction to the Talmud and Talmudism”). 

However, rather than generating more books and newsletters on the subject, we must first adequately distribute the materials already published. Judaism’s Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded is ideal for that purpose, being a 380-page condensation of the 1102 page textbook Judaism Discovered intended for specialists.  

An even shorter but devastating dossier will be found in Revisionist History no. 111, published a little over a year ago: “What Does Rabbinic Judaism Say About What Makes Jews and Gentiles Different: A Forensic Investigation.” (The link is here but you must scroll down the page to issue no. 111).  It is highly persuasive and informative, and it takes less than 90 minutes to read.  

All these publications deserve far greater distribution, which they enjoyed for years at Amazon until that publishing industry giant was pressured into banning them, just as we were banned from the worldwide video streaming service YouTube and the order-processing payment platform PayPal. All three attacks cost us dearly in terms of public outreach and revenue.  

This year our enemies stepped up their attempts to take away our ability to process payments, ban us entirely from Amazon and by those underhanded schemes, cripple us. The battle to resist these attacks is time-consuming and very expensive. Anyone who has the means to do so, please consider sending a donation to assist us in this battle for Truth.

Twilight Language

Our new book is Twilight Language, published in July in 343 pages, soft cover. It’s the sequel to Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare (which appeared a few months before the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001). Thus far we have been interviewed four times for the book: on the influential commercial Internet podcast, “Crow777;” on WBAI-FM radio in New York City, where were asked to return for a second program, and on the nationally broadcast “Ground Zero” show with veteran conspiracy researcher Clyde Lewis. The Ground Zero interview is available on audio CD. The first edition of Twilight Language is nearly sold out and thanks to a benefactor, Mark in Carolina, we have been able to raise three-quarters of the $7,000 needed to reprint it.

The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome

We’re proud of this book, both for the ground-breaking content as well as features like a complete index and rare photos and illustrations skillfully printed in magnificent color on thick gloss paper. Published in 2017, this beautiful first edition is nearly sold out. It would cost us more than $10,000 to reprint it, therefore we must of financial necessity issue a less expensive 2nd edition with the formerly color plates printed in black and white, on regular white paper. The first edition is sure to become a collector’s item, though we don’t intend for our books to be scarce. We aspire to place them into the hands of every interested reader, but $10,000+ is a price tag too high at present. There are still a few copies remaining of the original edition with the color plates. Browse here.

 The Ruling Class War on Poor and Working Class Whites

This forthcoming book is our current work in progress. It will probably take until 2023 to finish. It’s a sequel to our pioneering volume, They Were White and They Were Slaves. It’s truly exciting to be able, due to the faithful support of our donors, to undertake the research on this huge project and explore the vast amount of documentation ignored or buried by subservient, politically correct researchers. This is one of the fortunate aspects of life as a revisionist historian: one takes advantage of all of the treasure other authors regard as untouchable and dangerous to their careers. Consequently, it’s all ours! 

In the struggle for the ennoblement of human beings and against racism of any type, the battle contra the disgusting racist hatred directed against poor and working class whites, is one that has been central to our educational mission for decades. During that time your editor has accumulated hundreds of thousands of pages of books, journals, diaries, letters and court records. 

This archive is growing monthly. We’re in the process of reading and analyzing this data. We do so driven by the memory of the millions of unsung white victims of predatory capitalism, and the positive effect we expect this book will have in fortifying our young people against the barrage of belittling propaganda and degradation to which they are repeatedly subjected, and for which we aspire to furnish a mighty antidote. 

The Summons to Work

In the past you may have read our statement, “We will get all the rest we need when we’re in the grave. Now is the time for work.” German-Americans are often raised that way. 

On a personal note, my German-American father passed away in August at age 94. He grew up poor. In 1945, while still a teenager, he joined the Navy and trained as a corpsman (medic) at Farragut Naval Base in Idaho; after which he served with the Marines in the Pacific. When the war ended he met my mother, who was a secretary at Sampson Naval Base in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. They married and he worked two jobs while he studied for a B.S. degree, becoming a physical therapist, and eventually director of physical therapy at a large New York hospital, where he worked for 36 years without taking a single sick day. 

During that time he was a marathon runner and in between his career at the hospital and his running, he trained thoroughbreds at Finger Lakes Race Track, where a horse dismissed as a worthless nag was claimed by him. After Dad worked with “Prime Example” the horse broke the track record in the late 1970s. Prime Example held that record for many years. 

When father retired from the hospital he opened a free physical therapy clinic for stroke patients and those with traumatic brain injuries. This past July, after finishing a day at his clinic, he was outside clearing a pile of metal when he tripped on one of the shards and deeply cut his leg. A serious infection developed and he was dead within three weeks, a lifetime of labor having finally concluded.

When I was eleven I began attending my father’s marathon races. I remember most vividly the Canadian Nationals in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, where he finished fourteenth. I took up running as an adolescent and remain a long distance runner to this day, even though my left knee makes more noise than the popcorn machine at the local theatre (I’m cleared for continued running by a sports medicine physician). 

I became a runner due to my father’s example, not his sermonizing. He never preached fitness to me. When I announced my desire to run track in high school he discouraged it, terming running “a big bore.” Touchy-feely encouragement was not his thing. Without openly saying so, I intuited that he was challenging me to see if I had what it takes to compete by reaching deep inside myself. Was I capable of being intensely motivated by example, rather than precept? Child psychologists might be appalled, but if you’re old school you’re likely to recognize the value of my Dad’s sink-or-swim mentoring. 

It was a blessing to have a father who conveyed a work ethic, athletic achievement and service to humanity entirely by his consistent example —the highest and best form of teaching. The gift he imparted was a way of life to which I aspired, and still do. 

Work makes you free. Thanks to the grace of God and support from so many great people, despite all the opposition, threats and obstacles, I am still at work, and therefore, like my father before me, I am free.                                                                                                                                         

Michael Hoffman 

Independent History and Research

Box 849, Coeur d’Alene Idaho 83816




vladimir said...

Mr. Hoffman,

I wonder what you think of the Russian communists nowadays. They still "uphold the banner of Marxism-Leninism"...but they're also mostly little old babushkas that frequent the liturgy. They venerate icons of Tsar Nicholas II but correctly understand that Lenin was the founder of modern Russia. The KPRF is not for abortion and "gay" marriage; they're even "anti-vaxx", whereas Putin is pro-choice and pro-vaccine.

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Vladimir

This looks like either a set-up or a sad case of schizophrenia. They are "...Leninists" yet they venerate the icons of the Romanov family that Lenin ordered slaughtered.

vladimir said...

Mr. Hoffman,

I don't mean to bombard you with links here, but as I understand it, that Lenin ordered the Romanovs to be slaughtered is still a matter of debate (see the following):




Certainly Lenin was no angel, but then again, neither was Johnny Rotten, whom you cite in a footnote in your "Joker" chapter in Twilight Language.

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Vladimir

Lenin no angel? That's the understatement of the month.

He murdered at least five million innocents.

Does this really need to be debated?

Ryan said...

Me. Hoffman,
What is your opinion of the book perestroika deception? Basically argues that communism didn’t go away in Russia it just reorganized. it argues that the communist strategy is to destroy the west from within and then re-emerge once the west has been taken down and Eurasia has grown stronger.

vladimir said...

Mr. Hoffman,

Did Lenin? Or did Judaics?

Johnny Rotten railed "I am an antichrist" on "Anarchy in the U.K.", but "Bodies" was an attack on abortion, and "God save the Queen" -the British monarchy. He said he wanted to kill Jimmy Savile; British intelligence wanted to kill him and almost did via the Lockerbie bombing. Not an angel.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Hoffman, I find myself here at this present moment reading your comments. What a breath of fresh air. I was forwarded a screen shot from Instagram, of a page from your book which Isaac Weishaupt posted. I followed up researching your material and here I am. I'm wondering are you available for interviews? Regards Adam_Infinitum

vladimir said...

Mr. Hoffman, the statue of Lenin in Seattle is on private property.

Last year, a street in Brooklyn was named "“St. Raphael of Brooklyn Place” after the first Orthodox Christian bishop consecrated on American soil.

I guess "the Cryptocracy is ok with that".

Michael Hoffman said...

To Vladimir

Do you imagine that because a statue of Lenin is on private property the Cryptocracy does not have the means to remove it?

See how long new statues erected prominently on private property, in what is otherwise a municipal public square, would last if they were dedicated to Johann Andreas Eisenmenger-- or Charles Lindbergh -- or Christopher Columbus.

Any notion that the Cryptocracy is constrained by the law of the land is somewhat naive.

Moreover, the fact that the majority of the residents of the Fremont district see no reason to vociferously protest the presence of a graven image of a mass murderer, tells all we need to know about the alleged love of humanity and human rights in the People's Republic of Seattle.

Michael Hoffman said...

Lenin's 16-foot monument in Seattle, Washington:


vladimir said...

Mr. Hoffman,

All you have to do is take one good look at Lenin to get a feel for what happened there, and certainly I'd rather not defend the man. I *do* feel inclined to defend the little old babushkas that are in the Communist Party though, as I don't think they're psychotics or even all that stupid when you look at things in their context.

Not just Lenin, but the Orthodox Church also had blood on her hands, as did tsars such as Peter the Great. From my studies, the early Bolsheviks you might say consisted of the riff raff, the underbelly, people on the fringes of Russia -this would include out-and-out occultists and satanists to be sure, as well as atheistic Judaics who had deep seated contempt for Christians...also the Old Believers, who themselves were a minority persecuted by both tsar Peter and the "Nikonian" clerical establishment. No doubt they were relieved when "Petrograd" named after the antichrist became restyled "Leningrad".

There was Lenin though, and then there was Stalin. There was Nero, and then there was Constantine.

I understand you don't like Constantine or the fact that Catholics and Orthodox regard him as a saint, and I respect your point of view on that, but there too, who seriously thinks that Constantine had no regard whatsoever for his pagan predecessors solely on account of his conversion to Christianity? He may or may not have truly converted, but he was still an emperor of Rome, and in a complicated lineage that included the likes of Nero, Caligula, Diocletian, etc. According to the historiography of the Russian monarchy, with its claims of going back to Byzantium (Rome), Constantine himself was a "tsar" -which means his antichrist predecessors were too, even if that sounds a little strange to consider.

Point being, little old communist babuskhas accept tsar Constantine as a saint equal-to-the-apostles, and in many ways there are parallels there with Stalin. And while I certainly don't take Constantine or Stalin for angels, some of the people they had killed might not have been either. In fact, they may have gone after more than a few monsters. And is the United Russia Party better than the Communist Party? Which of the two parties is the more liberal again?

Michael Hoffman said...

I will not attempt an excursus refuting the numerous errors in fact and logic in your rambling statement, which sadly reflects the extraordinary level of confusion and double-minded thinking current these days, in which confirmation bias, and not truth and reason, appear to be the main pursuit of all too many who imagine themselves offering correctives to the Cryptocracy.

Ned said...

Hello Michael,

I was listening to the podcast that claims to do deep-dives into parapolitics and they did an episode on James Shelby Downard and King Kill 33. They talked about you and smeared you as a "Nazi" (guess they hadn't heard of your most recent book) and basically trying to twist your material critical of a certain religion's teachings as "anti-semitic," essentially writing you off with logical fallacies. It was kind of sad to hear because their coverage of other topics seemed ok, but they clearly were too scared to venture into certain controversial territory, even unironically quoting the A-Dee-El at one point. They also claimed you may have ghostwritten Downard's material. Would be curious to hear your thoughts on these claims. The show can be found here:


Michael Hoffman said...

To Ned


Re: podcast, “Freemasonry and the Downardian Labyrinth”


The January 16, 2022 episode of the “Programmed to Chill” podcast is part of a familiar thought cop genre exemplified by the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center, wherein a palimpsest of libel, flimsy accusations and misdirection are put forth under a veneer of objective investigation.

The purveyor of this stuff is not however, an A-list thought cop. He damages his cover by occasionally making some clown-like statement, such as when he disseminates a conspiracy theory asserting that almost anyone who has ever been a guest on the Alex Jones show is either a suspicious character or an outright sinister agent of something or other. Evidence? None, just an ad hominem attack on Jones of the You-know-he’s-bad, variety. The host’s ipse dixit settles it. Believe.

Podcasts like this serve up confirmation bias to those already prejudiced against the straw men the host fabricates. Despite twice making ostentatious references to his supposed “fact-checking," most of the host's phantasmagoria is guilt-by-association stream of consciousness, and reckless libel.

He repeatedly calls this writer a “Nazi,” a definition of which is a follower of the tyrant Adolf Hitler. In disseminating this libel the “fact-checker” seemingly did not trouble to take any notice whatever of my 216-page work, Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People. Neither does he seem to have consulted my 2020 column, “Important Anti-Nazi Resources”:

Depending on a Wikipedia entry controlled by the subject’s enemies is not a very impressive research method.

He devotes his entire show to analyzing my writing and that of Mr. Downard and his friends, yet does not scruple to read my books, Twilight Language, or Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, or the aforementioned anti-Hitler volume.

Perhaps relying on Wikipedia, he estimates that all “eight” of my books (there are actually ten: thirteen if you count the foreign language editions published in France and Japan) — go after Jews.

Really? “They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America?” “Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not,” and “Twilight Language”? Judaic people comprise almost no part of those books.

Moreover, even my two books critical of Talmudism are pro-Semitic works written in the interest of liberating Judaic (and all people) from bondage to the Torah sheBeal peh.

This fellow isn’t interested in facts. By way of his smears he’s giving the mob heretics and dissidents to hate.

His strong insinuation that this writer is the actual author of works attributed to James Shelby Downard is a lie, founded mainly on one sentence in one book by a writer who uses the pen name, “Adam Gorightly.” And from that he spins an insinuation of intellectual dishonesty. If he was a journalist instead of a propagandist he would have contacted me and asked.

To which query I would have replied that I have never anonymously written or re-written Mr. Downard's writing. In the mid-1970s he asked me to organize his notes on the Killing of the King (JFK assassination), and the result was the publication, King-Kill/33. That material is a collaboration between the two of us. All of James Shelby Downard’s other work is untouched by this writer.

Mr. Downard was a principled and consistent enemy of magick, criminal politics, mind manipulation and the Cryptocracy. He gave humanity key insights into the mechanisms of contemporary “civic” sorcery. The attempt to twist his oeuvre into its opposite is beneath contempt.

Continued in Part Two

Michael Hoffman said...

Continued from Part One

As for the allegations against what has been presented as Mr. Downard’s autobiography, “Carnivals of Life and Death,” as edited and published by Feral House — in my estimation that book is more a novelistic treatment >inspired< by his life, than an actual documentary record of it.

The podcast guy concludes his pontificating with a caveat contra leaps of logic, darkly intimating that such leaps are a Nazi tactic. If so, what then do we make of the host’s own leap of logic?

He casually tosses about the reputation-destroying name of “holocaust denier” to those who ask questions concerning the operational science of the reputed homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Earlier in his broadcast he jumped to the conclusion that questions about how the alleged technology of people-killing gas chambers operated in Poland, amount to a denial that hundreds of thousands of innocent Judaic people were murdered by the criminal Nazis. I do not deny the fact of Nazi mass murder of Judaic people and my acknowledgement of the reality of those murders is a matter of record easily discovered by any investigative reporter worthy of the name.

The podcaster poses as the voice of calm analysis and rectitude yet he puts forth double-minded enormities with a self-righteousness that is a wonder to behold.

Toward the end of the broadcast Mr. Downard is slimed, said to be “full of s**t,” yet the broadcaster devoted 67 minutes to him, even conceding in the earlier parts of his talk the truth of certain of Downard’s points. This bipolar exposition is lazy and sloppy.

Much of this January 16 podcast jumps to rash, untruthful conclusions harmful to the good name of the people the host is irresponsibly targeting in his rush to judgment and feigned omniscience, including posing as a clairvoyant who knows for sure that I was a macabre Svengali pulling the strings behind the Downard “cult” and writing his manuscripts for him. Anyone who was a friend or relative of Shelby in the 1970s knew he was a habituĂ© of Kinko’s Copy Centers around the country, where he had his manuscripts printed. Those manuscripts contain his unique, inimitable literary voice. I still own the originals he sent me for the years, typed on his typewriter. I have never edited them, nor would I, except for punctuation and spelling. "King-Kill/33" is the only manuscript on which we collaborated.

The podcast host has a relaxed delivery and a mellifluous voice which, in this age when sound and image prevail over reality, may perhaps be sufficient to convince some of his listeners of the accuracy of what is actually a libelous farrago. The broadcast is one more “document,” in this case audio, by which the thought cops hope to one day hang me, or at least dispatch me to the poor house. Thus far my Father in heaven has protected me from either outcome. Perhaps because I have more work yet to accomplish. Soli Deo gloria.

Copyright ©2022 by Independent History and Research

Ned said...

Well said, Michael. When I saw this pop up, the title of the show intrigued me. But after hearing the hatchet job he gave you and your work (wasn't familiar with some of the other names he mentioned), I looked a little more into this character and like most of the typical Twitter know-it-alls, he takes this defiant pose while parroting predictable "leftist" talking points. This guy will do a show on Epstein related topics and dance around the elephant in the room while quoting the same hate-fueled organization that gave Barry Krischer an award after letting Epstein off easy. As you pointed out, his "research" is basically rehashing Wikipedia hit-pieces or as he admits to, "skimming" a book. Of course, a coward like him might pretend to touch on controversial topics, yet mysteriously never gets censored by the tech oligarchs and even has his show recommended on platforms like Spotify. What a real rebel! Don't get to close to the truth, "Jimmy." Can't risk upsetting the people really running things and losing those Patreon bucks. (Or "Patt-reon" as he pretentiously pronounces it).

Keep up the good work, Michael. You know the struggle of putting the truth out there and getting into dangerous topics. Even when I don't see things the same way, I can never deny your backbone and the strength of your convictions. God bless.

Steamfighter said...

Apparently Adam Gorightly has been working on a Part 2 of Downard’s biography. He claims to have acquired a manuscript purported to be Downard's from Mr Grimstad and is now working to publish it in book form. I was wondering if you are aware of this and have anything to comment on it?

Michael Hoffman said...

To Steamfighter

I'm not in the loop on the alleged publishing project. I'll ask him.

If he doesn't reply, or he asks that his reply remains confidential, there will be no follow-up here.

Michael Hoffman said...

To Steamfighter

re: "Part 2 of Downard's biography"

I've been informed that the ms. is only partly biographical and that much of it represents further studies by Mr. Downard in mystical toponomy and Twilight Language.

The ms. is on the back burner for the present, and even though un-informed people may speculate that there's some sort of conspiracy afoot, the actual reason for it being shelved for now, is more prosaic, relating to personal issues of the editor/publisher.

Schweitzer said...

Regarding insane asylums, I have a couple of questions. I've read that insane asylums were rewards for the last of the sane people as the elites began to industrialize the world. The sane people were allowed to retire in these beautiful buildings to avoid the dehumanizing effects of the industrial revolution. Once they all died off, the asylums were demolished. What are your thoughts on that?

Local stories say that Schweitzer Mountain was named after a Swiss solider/hermit who lived at the base of the mountain and was hauled off to an insane asylum. Is there any truth to this story? What are your thoughts? Was this pure fabrication or did it happen? I find it odd that there are groups of Swiss/French Catholics in the area, so it's not totally crazy that there would be a Swiss soldier floating around here.

Michael Hoffman said...

To Schweitzer

I have extensive remarks on "insane asylums" and psychiatric centers in my book "Twilight Language," pp. 107-114 and 131:

I do not have information on the origin of the naming of the north Idaho mountain top called "Schweitzer."

Schweitzer is part of the "Selkirk" mountain range named for a Canadian settlement founded for the benefit of impecunious Scottish immigrants.

relax said...

Well my dad only slept 15 minutes a night, wrote 5000 symphonies, made a billion dollars (while donating 2 billion to orphans & widows), worked 6 days a week 20 hours a day from when he was 13 until he retired at age 119. He died when his arms fell off while he was pulling a bull out of mud, while simultaneously being struck by lightning. He also had 42 children, and all of them turned out to be beautiful, brilliant, and wise.

These kind of superhuman stories are nonsense. There's no virtue in labor, that's nonsense from the elite ruling class (and all the lies in the martyr stories). Most people throughout time have spent a lot of their lives telling stories & relaxing. I only laugh when people think being a workaholic & into fitness are somehow good things. It's all nonsense and misguided thinking. The world doesn't need another doctor, engineer, or fitness crazy person, that's the default these days. Look where it's gotten us! The world needs people who laugh at the system and refuse to participate in it. More people should take all the sick days they can, the whole "never took a sick day" is utter nonsense.

Ryan said...

Dear Mr. Hoffman
Why do you write so angrily?
Surely we can all point out the failings and crimes of any society. Any human society which has existed long enough will have committed serious offenses against the God’s Justice. However if we are to compare the United States vs Russia in the last 100 years t there really is no comparison.
I don’t understand why you are bringing up the bad things that America has done when those things are not germane to the question of the Eurasian plan. Unless you believe the world would be better off under such a plan, if one exists?
By west I mean western countries: the values on which they were founded, western society, western culture. Aren’t these values which you yourself propose are good? Don’t you write lovingly of the pilgrims, free speech, the rights of error? Are these not western values? Are these values found in the East? In communism? Or in Russia?
Do you believe the west is worth saving? Is not that why you produce so many works of writing? Or is there another reason?

You write as if communists have had no hand in the subversion of western values and America, but where do the ideas by which you condemn America come from? Are the of our forefathers? Our founders?
You’ve written many books on subversion and cryptocracy, and Judaism are these not the values which you condemn the west by? Yet are they of the west?

You point out that America has funded many evil things, which have wrought much destruction and persecution and we will have to answer for that. Yet would you be so bold to call that the the same west of George Washington? What of the works of Russia and China, are they not worse persecutors and destroyers?

For whatever reason God made me an American and for that Reason I will always love my country. Love of course being to will the good, therefore I do not wish to see the demise of my country. Western society, culture has been the greatest gift to the world in terms of uplifting people from ignorance and poverty in history. You of all people should not be so willing to condemn her.