Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Reader's react to our column on Dave Chapelle

  Here is a representative sample of reactions to yesterday’s On the Contrary column, “Alchemical Process and the Revelation of the Method in the ‘Conservative' Reaction to Netflix’s Dave Chapelle” 

On Oct 18, 2021, at 10:15, Ryan G. <xxxxx@yahoo.com> wrote:


I have not written to you for several years, but was prompted to write after reading this.  I thank God for your clarity of thought today more than ever.  The "lying wonders" have been released from the abyss and it seems that only those who were alert prior to such release have any chance of surviving.  Thanks to your writing in substantial part, I'm alert and I've been able to at least lead my wife and children to be alert to the pitfalls, snares, flaming arrows and numerous temptations that swirl all around.  The genius behind the occult processing is most certain beyond the ability of any man or group of men.  Only the discernment that God gives to those who ask in faith and fear of God is all that can possibly overcome it.  I trust that it is not ultimately you, but our God and Savior Jesus Christ who is using you to be a spokesman for the truth.  Thanks be to God that he has preserved a remnant of leaders who have not bowed the knee from every part of the body of Christ.  You are most certainly in that crowd of witnesses.  



Louisville, KY


Dear Ryan

Thank you for your inspiring words.  Helping people like you build and sustain strong families is a principal objective of our Truth Mission. Without such families we have no chance to achieve a future free of diabolic suzerainty.

Very truly,

Michael Hoffman


On Oct 18, 2021, at 10:06, ALAN D. <xxxxxxx@hughes.net> wrote:

Kevin MacDonald, as you may now be aware, posted a comment on David Chapelle and his expression "Space Jews".




I would love to hear your comment on this.

Alan D., PhD.



Dear Dr. Alan

In his column Kevin MacDonald is a neutral observer of Chapelle’s porn patter, which is a kind of qualified support (silence = consent; this type of support has also been extended to Chapelle's show by "Christian Conservative" Rod Dreher). 

Because Chapelle has attracted resistance from some Judaic people as well as the “Trans” tribe, Dr. MacDonald reports Mr. Chapelle's sewer of a "comedy show" without disapprobation of any kind. In fact he has only kudos: 

"People who tell the truth on sex and gender are canceled. But it’s interesting that there are some exceptions. Black comedian David Chappelle seems to have survived a torrent of abuse...And he’s rather unrepentant...And not only that, he got off the reservation on...(amazingly) Jews...Jews taking over the world. Not a good idea for someone in show business to be pushing...So far, Netflix is standing by Chappelle. I suspect that he feels he has enough money—Netflix’s budget for “The Closer” was $24.1M and I very much doubt that his live-performance audience will desert him. Of course that raises the question of why other wealthy, famous people don’t get off the reservation. Very few do. So Chappelle definitely has balls.” (End quote from Kevin MacDonald).

This is on par with the favorable reaction Dave Chapelle has received from “Conservatives" because he has objected to, in certain respects, the “Trans” movement.

In each instance this is a case of taking the sucker bait. It is evidence of the extent of the advance of the incremental dissolution of the lucidity and moral fibre of the people who are said to be leaders in the struggle to restore our civilization.

I repeat what I wrote in The Hoffman Wire October 18. Twenty or so years ago, in the minds of conservative Americans of that time, Chapelle’s filth would have canceled any supposed good things he had to say. They would have discerned the fact that no great lie or deception is put forth without including some partial truth sprinkled into what is otherwise demonic talk.

Satan is happy to have our youth indoctrinated in the association of the epithet “bitches” with almost every woman to whom Mr. Chapelle alludes, which reminds us of the ubiquity of that other diabolic phrase, “MotherF—ker,” which has become an everyday expletive whose dishonorable meaning is obscured and rendered insipid by the fact of its widespread infiltration of our culture’s public discourse.

Satan is gratified to hear Chapelle’s “comical" recounting of a prayer relating the name Jesus to toilet parts of the human anatomy, and to have a disgustingly perverted act of oral sex between a boy and a pedophile preacher rendered ordinary by its introduction in a “comedy" venue. Failing to detect the impact of this unconcealed, in “plain sight” degeneracy, is a disastrous failure of vision. Humanity is being processed to accept this — and guess what? They are —  thanks to endorsement by “our Conservative leaders.”

Even in the late  20th century it would not have taken a watchman on the ramparts to spot these glaring signposts of evil. Chapelle’s snare would have been readily seen for what it is. Human alchemy's Solve et Coagula entails the union of opposites on the tessellated game board of temple arcana.

We have been a voice crying in the wilderness concerning the occult processing of humanity, which is now in its terminal "Revelation of the Method" phase, as delineated most recently in our book Twilight Language and prior to that in Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare.

The defeat of our enemies will begin with the defeat of their Hermetic-Alchemical process. To achieve that victory one must know what it denotes, how it arose, and how it gains ever more firm purchase in the West.

Michael Hoffman




Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,

Those of us old enough to remember Richard Pryor will see very little in Chappelle that isn't indebted to him. Red Foxx, too, was a "comedian" that trafficked in the obscene. The difference, however, is that Pryor, Foxx, Cheech and Chong, and other "blue" comedians were not embraced by so-called cultural conservatives and Christians. When these comedians were brought into the mainstream via television or film, they remained part of a counter-culture, a youth-inspired "scene" that eventually gave rise in the late 70s to "Saturday Night Live." Again, it was relegated to the outer edges of culture and considered for a younger crowd. Chappelle, however, is routinely presented as "the greatest living comedian" and propped up in different ways regarding cultural and political issues. Unfortunately, however, it isn't the first time conservatives have embraced him for what they take to be his willingness to "tell it like it is" -- this happened a few years ago in regard to Jussie Smollet and his claims of having been attacked by white Trump supporters in Chicago.


snow said...

Christians shouldn't be paying much attention to anything that goes on with Hollywood, Netflix, or any of this mass consumer entertainment. There are endless numbers of con men & hustlers who are constantly commenting on the daily news of whatever comes out of the mass media, White House, or The Vatican. Once somebody understands what's happening, why is there a need to follow the 24/7 news cycle & keep up with all of this?

Nobody of truth & wisdom will be offering their thoughts on all the garbage we see in the daily news. We don't need endless commentaries on the issues, but we need to know how to organize & how to live. It seems most of these hustlers & con men are just fine to live in little bubbles with their friends and family & make no effort to create any kind of community. I think things may be far too gone & far too fragmented for anything to happen now without some kind of total collapse of the global economy.

seraphim said...

One shouldn't wonder at the approval by Kevin MacDonald and presumably by his cohort of 'white warriors' of the anti-Christian filth of Chapelle. He barely conceals his anti-Christianism under a fake 'anti-Judaism'.

snow said...

The story of hermeticism as the root of issues isn't believable. Yes it was popular in the Renaissance, but there were vast deep issues with the Catholic Church in the centuries prior. Hellenistic thinking was at the root of the Catholic Church from the earliest days (The Holy Family & iconography are nothing but adaptations of Egyptian art), & syncretism had been part of the church since the earliest centuries.

The concept of "heresy hunting" is far more of an issue than hermeticism, as this concept has continued up to the present day. Your favorite "Anthony of Padua" was only a saint because he was part of the heresy hunting machine in the Cathar genocide. The church promoted him because he gave the appearance of a Cathar "perfect" while being obedient to "Holy Mother Church" (i.e. Innocent III). The Franciscans & Dominicans were created with the sole purpose of "converting heretics" for the death machine of Innocent III. Notice you don't see "St." Anthony say much of the slaughter of millions in southern France or that the Pope was an evil bloodthirsty genocidal monster.

I don't accept any of what came from that time period of Europe, including the 1215 Lateran Council, creation of the "heresy hunting" orders of the Dominicans/Franciscans, any of the "heresy hunting" saints such as "Saint Dominic" or "Saint Anthony" or "Louis IX" all who were canonized simply for their genocide of the Cathars. It's such nonsense to stop looking at the Renaissance.