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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, January 09, 2020

Israeli Puppet Trump Shows His True Colors

Israeli Puppet Trump Shows His True Colors

By Michael Hoffman

Retired four star Marine Corps General and former Secretary of Defense James Mattis was being kind when he wrote that President Donald Trump is of “limited cognitive ability.” 

A less diplomatic observer who had been as close to the president as Gen. Mattis, might have said that he was of limited intelligence (though possessed of street smarts and cunning).

We saw Mr. Trump’s dim light bulb emitting its low wattage as he stood with American military officers spouting the same monotonous and risible talking points that emanate from the mouth of the president’s ventriloquist, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

To call Trump an Israeli agent is to do him an injustice. He is more than that. Like others in his cabinet (Pompeo and Pence) he is an Israeli golem. In legend, the golem was a non-Judaic Frankenstein created in Renaissance Prague by the Kabbalistic Rabbi Judah Loew to kill the enemies of the Talmudic theocracy that masquerades as an Old Testament creed. The golem is mindless and not subject to reason or logic, just like Trump and his gang of Neocon chicken hawks, sanctioners, and Israeli idolators.

Observe Mr Trump’s pathetic regurgitation of Israeli propaganda talking points on the morning of January 8 in his speech to the nation, wherein he termed Iranians the number one terrorists in the world. 

Really? So soon he forgets ISIS, the terror army inspired by a blueprint established by the 100% toxic Saudi Wahhabist theology, responsible for inspiring massive terrorism in the Middle East, including wholesale slaughter of the Christians of Syria and Iraq, while launching dozens of terror-massacres in Britain, Europe and America. Nowhere is there an Iranian hand in any of this.

ISIS, formed from remnants of al Qaeda, gets a pass from Trump because ISIS does not threaten Israeli control of Palestine, while the Iranian government consistently demands justice for Palestine. Our foreign policy is driven by Israeli needs and requirements, not the interests of the American people.

We have a pretend media which, along with Trump, pretends Iran-backed Shiite militias did the most harm to U.S. troops in Iraq. In truth, the main killer of Americans in Iraq were the Saudi-backed Sunni remnants of Saddam Hussein’s army, which years later became ISIS. Who in the mainstream mediaLeft or Right reports this fact as a challenge to Mr. Trump’s repetition of Israeli disinformation?

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is said to have urged Trump to assassinate Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian general who drove ISIS terrorists out of Iraq and al-Qaeda terrorists from SyriaSoleimani saved Christian lives in the Middle East, but these are mostly Greek Orthodox and Catholic lives, about whom Protestant fundamentalists in the U.S. care next to nothing, preferring Talmudists to them.

Mr. Pompeo is a war-golem of the Israeli-worshipping fundamentalist “Rapture” theology of US Churchianity.

“We will continue to fight these battles. It is a never-ending struggle...until the Rapture, be part of it, be in the fight.” 
—Mike Pompeo, God and Country Rally,” Summit Church, Wichita, Kansas, June 28, 2015. 

The lunatic Rapture doctrine was invented in the 1800s as part of the Protestant "Dispensationalist" doctrine favored by fundamentalist partisans of counterfeit "Israel.” The Church had no knowledge of it before the nineteenth century.

The fact that the theology dominant in the Israeli state which the Rapture enthusiasts adore is essentially Talmudic Antichrist, is not an issue for Messers Pence, Pompeo and their millions of fellow, alleged evangelicals."

Americans need to have the tools to deconstruct the fake Christianity of powerful Talmudic “evangelicals” such as Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo. One such tool is Judaism’s Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded — banned almost everywhere books are sold. 

If we do not unmask the foundation of the Israeli Antichrist theology, sooner or later the America First Commander-in-Chief who has promised to extricate us from endless conflicts and entanglements overseas, will take us into war for Israel with the 80-million Persian nation that is four times the size of France and very different from the Arabs we have starved and mass murdered with impunity in Iraq, all in the name of democracy and “fighting terrorism” of course.

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Clement said...

Acts 16:31, 1 Corinthians 15:1-8, 1 Peter 1:17-21, Revelation 22:18-19

Jeff Masters- San Francisco said...

Very important points in this column. In addition to your reminder of the Vincennes downing of the Iranian passenger plane, it is all true, notwithstanding the foolhardiness, proclivity for accidents, and public displays of machismo by Iranian males.

Iran's neighbor, Turkey, is now arguably the number one Eurasian power. Ankara now pursues its own nation's interests, irrespective of Washington and Tel Aviv, while the Greeks partner with the Israelis on oil exploration.

Look how quickly the Turks kicked Washington's erstwhile allies, the Kurds, out of the places they didn't want the Kurds to be in, in Syria, while the accident-prone Russians and the Americans are still, after many years, bombing parts of Syria, and much of Afghanistan, respectively, without having vanquished their adversaries. And the Turks do not flagellate themselves or beat their chests.

Roberto Masioni said...

Christians should infiltrate the church.

Anonymous said...

Deuteronomy 15:6. But do read the entire chapter as you will find there bank bailouts and more.

“For the LORD your God will bless you as he has promised, and you will LEND to many nations but will BORROW from none.

You will RULE over many nations but NONE will RULE over YOU.”

The truth is simple.

Frank Rogers said...

Mr. Hoffman,

What about Trump's involvement in efforts to vanquish ISIS?

Jeff Masters- San Francisco said...

To Frank Rogers:
The group of Golim that the controlled media call "ISIS" was influenced by the Saudi Wahhabist cult religion and covertly sponsored, significantly without adequate anti-aircraft defenses, by US and NATO intelligence in order to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria, which does not appease Zionism. The Israelis have bombed the factions that are battling ISIS (Syrian service members and their Lebanese and Iranian allies), and in one incident, used the passengers of a Russian military aircraft as human shields.

"Isis" is the name of an ancient Egyptian devil god, which may be why the controlled media refer to the group as such, for reasons of subconscious "twilight language" influence on their audience. There is a Kabbalistic Rabbinic legend whereby a Golem, or "Frankenstein's monster" type creature is created in order to do the bidding of its creator, with the word Emeth, which is Hebrew for Truth, spelled on its forehead. If the Golem goes off the reservation and starts to do its own thing, the creator of the Golem erases the Hebrew letter Aleph from its forehead, leaving the word Meth, which is Hebrew for Death, thus destroying the Golem.-see- http://golem.plush.org/success/ or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emeth.

During the obama regime (lower case is intentional), after "ISIS" went "off the reservation" of its assignment of destroying Syria, and captured territory in Iraq and killed some fighters loyal to Washington's puppet government there, that's when the Pentagon began bombing them, killing many civilians in the process. WARshington's bombing has continued into the trump regime. The hierarchy of "ISIS" was likely created by western and Israeli intelligence. The rank and file are just the suckers who do the killing and dying. I hope this helps to answer your question.

Patrick said...

So many rash promises sincerely made
By people who believed that we we’re being saved
They made us all believe that we we’re acting white
But the truth is we’ve forgotten how we used to fight
Nobody knows why we fell so flat
We’re impotent and neutered like whining cats
We’ve found the piper but we’ve lost the rats
But the kids are crying, “Why’d I fall for that...dad?
Why did you fall?

It never rains under my umbrella

.....Thank you Mr. Hoffman