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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, September 23, 2019

Contra the Hitler Hologram

Contra the Hitler Hologram

Editor’s Note: Ron Unz, former publisher of The American Conservative magazine, has published my work on his website unz.com and has been an indomitable supporter of freedom of speech.

Dear Ron

I have studied your essay, “American Pravda: Understanding World War II,” which is among the more approachable and easily readable of your recent papers (at least for me). 

I have scrutinized Deborah Lipstadt since 2001 when I spoke at David Irving’s revisionist conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, documenting her description of him as “another Amalek,” which was an invitation to his assassination, for those conversant with what Amalek signifies in Orthodox rabbinic theology. Years ago the video of this 28 minute speech was banned from the original Google Video service (pre-dating YouTube), and banned again this summer from YouTube at the request of the ADL. (It can be viewed online [at least for now] at archive.org). Prof. Lipstadt meanwhile, has always disclaimed foreknowledge of the ban and says she opposes it.

Vladimir Rezun (“Viktor Suvorov”) was a British intelligence asset and this writer has cited sources refuting his thesis in my new book, Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People. The exculpation of Hitler and his reputation turns on claiming that his suicidal invasion of the USSR was absolutely necessary. 

The tenor of your article is indeed the rehabilitation of the Führer, which is a melancholic thing to witness, as well as your brisk dismissal of the Polish case against Hitler’s war crimes with a jibe at “arrogant” Poland. 

You proceed to the repetition of the Nazi propaganda line that Germany’s “Jewish population” had a “stranglehold” on German media and finance. In the Weimar Republic however, Hjalmar Schacht and his circle of high finance German “Aryan” usurers were independent of Judaic control. Furthermore, thousands of books and pamphlets critical of Communism, as well as conservative Christian critiques of Orthodox Judaism and the Talmud, were published and circulated. We note that Hitler, after he came to power, obtained a “stranglehold" on the media and the banks. Presumably that was o.k.

You reference the “half-Jews” who served faithfully in the Nazi army but say nothing of the full Jews who served with honor and distinction during the First World War, including in Corporal Hitler’s own List Regiment. Under Hitler’s rule they were extruded from German lands just as ruthlessly as any other Judaic, and often fell victim to the Judeocide for which Hitler is justly notorious, having been shipped by train into combat theaters in the East where they were often shot en masse, or to the death camp at Auschwitz where, in 1942, hundreds of slave laborers died daily from the filthy and diseased conditions. 

I am well familiar with the terrible slaughter at Dresden and every major city in Germany by the RAF and US Army Air Force. It haunts and infuriates me. But too often those who lament those terrible crimes have little or nothing to say about the Nazi slaughter of the civilian population of Stalingrad with a brutality every bit as savage as what was inflicted on German towns.

Hitler, Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt were all monsters of iniquity and sorting out who was more or less iniquitous is an unenviable task. Disastrously for our movement for American renaissance, the Hitler hologram continues to have cachet and his model of murderous dictatorship is something of a template for young radicals on the Right.


Michael Hoffman

Mr. Hoffman is the author of ten books of history and literature, three of which have been translated into French and Japanese. His latest work is Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People. He is the editor of Revisionist History® newsletter.