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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

The Mid-Term Elections: Disaster Temporarily Averted

The Mid-Term Elections:
Disaster Temporarily Averted

By Michael Hoffman

November 8 update 
Trump bars CNN’s Acosta from News Conferences

Our View: CNN's Jim Acosta is certain that his dogma about immigration is utterly true and righteous and to disagree, as the President does, is an ethical failing of cosmic proportions. The only reason this partisanship plays in liberal circles is due to the fanaticism  of our time.

Anti-abortion journalists are absolutely certain of the rightness of their cause, yet had they poured vitriol on President Obama at press conferences, as Acosta did to Trump, the Left would have condemned their "extremist fanaticism" and "outrageous lack of civility.” Yet when those traits are exhibited by Mr. Acosta toward Trump, he's celebrated for "speaking truth to power."

This double-standard is not lost on the many millions of Americans who support the President. Virtue-signaling Leftists believe Trump is a demon, and civility and decorum under these special satanic circumstances must not obstruct their Great Moral Crusade of Righteousness.

Such are the makings of civil war.

Would it not be better for the healing of our nation if fundamentals such as respect for others were upheld, even in the face of the President's petulance and narcissism?

Is the Left capable of exhibiting any humility or self-doubt whatsoever? Or is the civil war in our nation already underway, with no shades of gray permitted, only holy liberals on one side and wicked Republican conservatives on the other? If so, then we are in store for ever more hateful conflict, rancor and misunderstanding between Americans on both sides of the divide.

For all Donald Trump’s faults, and they are admittedly grave in matters such as his foreign policy, including his blank check to the Israeli and Saudi gangsters, and  refusal to end America's war in that 21st century Vietnam-like quagmire known as Afghanistan  the titanic battle here at home cannot be ignored. 

Under the Democrats we are headed for a Latin American model wherein the super-rich create a serene alternative reality of private schools, gated communities and relative ethnic homogeneity, while everyone else is forced to live and work side by side with street violence, criminal cartels, wretched schools and dilapidated infrastructure.

The wealthy American lovers of immigrants from Central America never permit low income housing for those folks to be erected in any affluent enclave in America, whether it be Westchester County New York, or Beverly Hills, Woodside, Atherton, Menlo Park or Tiburon California. The neighborhoods of the Obamas, Clintons, Streisands and Spielbergs all resemble Mayberry, circa 1960. 

Moreover, a Congress that can’t even ban obvious infanticide, "late-term abortion   the murder of babies five through nine months   is the most grievous affront to God our nation has ever perpetrated. This horror corrupts everything we do and leads to a subtle deterioration of the moral fabric and psychic health of our people.  We have no doubt that America’s high suicide rates, mass shootings and child molestation are linked to the dehumanization of unborn human beings in the womb. 

Abortion is the ultimate child molestation. Yet our nation murders children even in the ninth month of pregnancy. If the abortion is  delayed a couple of weeks, the baby is born and emerges from its mother instantly endowed with full human rights, protected from child molestation by virtue-signaling feminists and liberals. But a few weeks prior to her birth, the same human being is derogated as a mere blob of tissue legally destined for an abortionist’s trash can. This schizophrenia is soul-rotting and it doesn’t only infect New York City and L.A.

In rural Montana, Democrat Sen. Jon Tester has been reelected with the endorsement of demented Hollywood goofballs like Jeff Bridges, whose popularity is predicated on portrayals on the big screen of heartland heroes with values. 

Senator Tester has refused to vote to ban even late-term abortion-infanticide. A majority of Montana voters are too hard-hearted to care about his support for the slaughter of unborn human beings, yet they wonder why mass shootings of innocent humans outside the womb are increasing. Common sense: dehumanization inside the womb leads to dehumanization outside of it.

If Americans in Montana or any state in the union, continue to sacrifice God’s children to Molech, we will most assuredly be vomited out of the land that He bequeathed to our forefathers (read Leviticus 20). The process is well underway.

Our love for the Palestinians and world peace does not blind us to domestic issues like abortion on demand, where Mr. Trump is on the right side. We probably please very few by saying that, but we have never operated a popularity contest. We operate a Truth Mission and this is a truth we dare not dismiss. We hope and pray Trump will be obstructed in his foreign policy and strengthened in his last ditch attempt to help save our nation from the propitiation of Molech and the empowerment of the Obama revolution by means of a continuing Third World invasion.

Here (below) we reprint two brief analyses of the election. The first, by Gerald Seib, demonstrates that the nation, despite the mass media being biased against the GOP with a malice seldom witnessed since the days of yellow journalism, did not abandon or repudiate Trump. The base stood by him despite a hellstorm of media calumny and the Deep State’s last inning “October surprise” in the form of the dreadful Pittsburg synagogue massacre, and fake “mail bombs” sent to Democrats.  

The second takeaway is from the New York Times and shows the degree to which the Democrats are depending on the replacement of us with a population transfer from the Third World in order to gain power.

We conclude with a few ominous words from Patrick J. Buchanan illuminating an unstated fact  that in the final analysis it may be true that what killed our American dream was our collective refusal to have the three children per couple that is the bare minimum necessary to continue our existence as a people. The fault is ours. No politician, including Trump, has placed the blame where it truly belongs.

By ginning up energy and turnout among his core voters, he (Trump) helped the GOP take over a Senate seat in Indiana, for example, and to easily hang onto one in Tennessee that once appeared in peril....

Crucially, the Republican campaign to redraw the federal courts with a steady stream of conservative judges can and will continue.  Moreover, the Senate that emerges from Tuesday’s voting will be more friendly to the president than was the version of the last two years. The GOP Senators who were most vexsome to the president—Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, neither of whom sought re-election—are gone, and those who remain owe Mr. Trump a debt of gratitude. 

The verdict, in short, was a mixed one, with the losses not much different from those a president normally suffers in the first midterm after taking office...Mr. Trump met a powerful force in the form of women voters, who made up 52% of the voters and went for Democrats by an 18-point margin overall, according to AP VoteCast, a pre-election and Election Day survey of 90,000 voters. 

  Gerald F. Seib

In two marquee races in the South, progressive African-American candidates for governor captured the imagination of liberals across the country. One fell to defeat at the hands of Trump acolytes, and the other’s future was in doubt — a sign that steady demographic change across the region was proceeding too gradually to lift Democrats definitively to victory.

...Though there were signs that demographic change was loosening Republicans’ grip on the Sun Belt, those changes did not arrive quickly enough for candidates like Mr. Gillum and Mr. O’Rourke. And the Democratic collapse in rural areas that began to plague their candidates under President Obama worsened Tuesday across much of the political map.

...by maintaining the intense support of his red-state conservative base, Mr. Trump strengthened his party’s hold on the Senate and extended Republican dominance of several swing states crucial to his re-election campaign, including Florida, Iowa and Ohio, where the G.O.P. retained the governorships.

In the states Mr. Trump made a priority — Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri — he came away with several marquee victories for Senate and governor.

Among the major races of the night, Senator Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, three moderate Democrats in increasingly conservative states, were decisively defeated thanks to Republican strength in small towns and rural areas

Many voters were waiting to see if the country would place a check on Mr. Trump and Republican power in Washington, and if antagonism toward the president would fuel a wave of Republican losses. But just as Mr. Trump shocked many Americans with his victory in the Electoral College in 2016, the possibility that he might receive a political boost Tuesday with Republican wins in the Senate — if not a mandate for the next two years — was a bracing thought for Democrats, and an energizing one for Republicans. 

Politically, continued mass migration to the USA by peoples of color, who vote 70-90 percent Democratic, is going to change our country... Red state America will inevitably turn blue. 


Michael Hoffman is the editor of Revisionist History® and the author of numerous books; the latest is The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome.


kurt said...

Since Rally crowds don't lie, the House & many other votes were probably stolen: Obama's crowds were in the tens; Trump's were in the tens of thousands. The party votes, which should have been comparable, were likely stolen through the fraud of Fraction Magic vote counters: https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2016/10/31/biggest-election-fraud-in-history-discovered-in-the-united-states/

Jeff Masters- San Francisco said...

Dear Mike:

"For all Donald Trump’s faults, and they are admittedly grave in matters such as his foreign policy, including his blank check to the Israeli and Saudi gangsters, and refusal to end America's war in that 21st century Vietnam-like quagmire known as Afghanistan — the titanic battle here at home cannot be ignored."

We hope and pray Trump will be obstructed in his foreign policy and strengthened in his last ditch attempt to help save our nation from the propitiation of Molech and the empowerment of the Obama revolution by means of a continuing Third World invasion." (end quote)
So the outcome will be "the propitiation of Molech" and "Third World Invasion", if the destruction of the planet from WWIII doesn't happen first. The "progressive" Democrats and the Republicans are both on board for "Trump's foreign policy" (read WAR).
The only other writers besides yourself that are worth reading on the internet are Fred Reed and, sometimes, Finian Cunningham. I know Fred Reed is a little weird, in that he prefers to live in Mexico, but to each his own. (Over the years, I have spent a total of five months in Mexico.)
Pat Buchanan is a total waste of human skin, as are Paul Craig Roberts and Justin Raimondo. Please do not waste your time reading them.

From Fred Reed:
..."Further, American leadership is of dangerously low quality. An essentially absentee Congress, the sordidness and criminality of the Clintons, Trump’s utter crassness and shady past, the submission to Israel, the widespread and never punished corruption. In this sorry brew no one seems interested in the well-being of the county, only unseemly grasping at benefits for the arms industry, big oil, Wall Street, Tel Aviv, and the Empire. Note that wars generate huge profits for the arms makers and the longer the war can be kept going, neither winning nor losing, the greater the profits. War against Iran would be a magnificent profit center. Since American casualties are extremely low , permanent war has few downsides.

At the top of government we have an unprepossessing bunch that would make Kaiser Wilhelm’s court seem wholesome. Their chief characteristics are pathological aggressiveness and a severe case of Beltway Bubble Syndrome. There is Trump with his weird eruptions. The ever-combative Nikki Haley. Steve Bannon, prophesying and hoping for war with China. Mike Pompeo, threatening Iran, threatening, Venezuela, threatening North Korea. John Bolton of the codpiece mustaches, always counseling a war he won’t fight in, like Trump a draft dodger with something to prove.

The life of millions depends on this freak show? I need a drink." Fred Reed

Ted said...

Pat Buchanan ominously writes: "We are assured that the greater the racial, ethnic, religious and cultural diversity we have, the stronger a nation we shall become. Whether true or not, we are going to find out."

I agree not unlike Christopher Cantwell, astutely observed: "This obsession with diversity has cursed us with a population that lacks a single unifying characteristic. A landmass occupied by people of different races, religions, cultures, political mindsets, and languages, is not a country, it is a battlefield!"

This inane policy of multi-cultures, multi-races, multi-religions, has and continues to weaken the Anglosphere, which in time will be proven to be the self-destructive insanity that can only, but destroy civilizations from within.