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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What Pope Francis might have said to the Irish

What Pope Francis might have said to the Irish

By Michael Hoffman

The chatterbox Pope Francis, who appears to have an opinion on everything, had no opinion in the run-up to the vote in Ireland to end that once-Catholic nation’s ban on the killing of children in the womb. He was silent while the debate raged.

Why does this not surprise this writer? As the author of a 723 page book pioneering the shocking hidden history of the Church, I know that the post-Conciliar Catholic Church is the exoteric fulfillment of the esoteric Hermetic-Kabbalism which seized the papacy in the late 15th century

This was a disease of the hierarchy. The Catholic people in general were too alert and militant in their faith to have had this conspiracy revealed to them prior to the 1960s. For 500 years the parish priests, nuns and the lay people in the pews were by and large what medieval Catholics had always been in terms of intolerance toward rabbinic and other types of perfidy, and loyalty to the immemorial Mass.

In the 20th century "The Process” of indoctrination of the masses was put into effect, however. Popes began openly displaying the heretofore hidden Renaissance gnosis, first by trashing the ancient form of the Mass as ordered by Pope “Saint” Paul VI,  who suppressed all resistance as viciously as any Tudor-Anglican monarch. Then under Pope “Saint” John Paul II, entering the synagogue — not to convert the Judaic people and preach Christ crucified, as did Peter and other heroic saints like Vincent Ferrer  but to encourage the assembled Pharisees to continue in their sins while groveling before them by terming them, “Our elder brothers in the Faith” (what faith? — certainly not faith in Jesus).

From those papist craters followed the ersatz "conservative Pope Benedict XVI" who continued the adoration of the self-worshippers in the synagogue. When Benedict abdicated, there emerged a masterpiece of Renaissance occultism brought to full realization in the 21st century, in the person of Italian-Argentine Cardinal Bergoglio, "Pope Francis," the media’s heralded apostle of “luhv”—of everyone and everything except Christ’s loyal followers, except the territorial integrity of a Europe which once brought Christ's Church to its highest fruition, and except the most endangered “refugees" in all the world—the unborn children of mothers tragically seduced by feminism and convenience, in whose wombs there is no “sanctuary."

The pontiff urges compassion for the economic adventurers who cross land and sea to seek their fortune in Britain and Europe while occupying and conquering it for alien creeds, while Francis mocks traditional Catholics for breeding like rabbits — “Some think, excuse me if I use the word, that in order to be good Catholics, we have to be like rabbits — but no,” the pope told reporters in January, 2015.

Fertility and the large families this once prized blessing produced are, according to the Holy Father in Rome, not recommended for Catholics, though permissible for immigrant Arab Muslims and African animists. Pope Francis is a coffin-rider. His task is to ruin the Church and depopulate Britain, Ireland and Europe of its indigenous people. Ergo, his eerie silence on the momentous vote last week in Ireland.

He couldnt address the issue, you say? Yeah, we’ve heard that alibi and we don’t buy it: "If he had spoken out it would have only alienated more voters."

Here’s what the uncharacterically silent pontiff might have said if he truly were a Roman Catholic shepherd preaching truth to media power:

“Dear Irish people: I am Pope Francis. You’ve heard me urge love for gays, transgender, immigrants and homeless. Now I urge you to be merciful and love dehumanized unborn babies. Recognize their humanity and vote no on legalized abortion.”

Thirty-nine words.

Thirty-nine words that in the years ahead might have saved the lives of tens of thousands of the most helpless and the most vulnerable in Ireland. At the very least, those words from the pope would have haunted the weak, though not yet dead conscience of the Irish, and brought to the forefront of the abortion debate the seldom-mentioned issue of dehumanization

As I wrote in the New York Times ("Sunday Review" section, April 15, p. 10): On the day when the unborn child is recognized as a human being with unalienable rights, we will have advanced one giant step toward humanity outside the womb.

Michael Hoffman is the editor of the informative newsletter Revisionist History, published six times a year (subscriptions and back issues here)

He is the author of textbooks on Judaism that are heavily suppressed and refused advertising space and publicity

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A savage indictment of the Pope and the Papacy over recent and not-so-recent times, Mr Hoffman.

Hard to believe but impossible to deny.

Anonymous said...

A very accurate analysis. Bergoglio is indeed a 'coffin rider', but how can average Catholics live with that sort of spiritual betrayal? Also how can he, Bergoglio, live with the judgment of history?
Anyway, I'm surprised there hasn't been a flurry of comments to your important post.