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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

72nd anniversary of the slaughter-bombing of Dresden

75nd anniversary of the slaughter-bombing of the city of Dresden

By Michael Hoffman

In the aftermath of the bombing of Dresden, Germany, 1945

Today, Feb. 14, is the 72nd anniversary of the Allied Aschermittwoch (“Ash Wednesday”) slaughter-bombing holocaust against the art city of Dresden, Germany, where upwards of 100,000 civilians were incinerated, and the priceless art treasures of the historic city were forever obliterated. Even if we limit concern to aesthetics alone, the savage fire-bombing of this mostly medieval German city wiped out a fairy tale architecture of awesome beauty. 

The night before, on Shrove Tuesday, Allied bombers hit trains and buses full of children returning from parties preceding Ash Wednesday.

 The saturation incendiary bombing by the RAF and the US Army Air Force was one of the most barbarian assaults in the history of the West. Because the victims were the “wicked” German people however, this holocaust is barely a blip on the moral outrage screen of our patrician “Good War” enthusiasts. 

Winston Churchill, the architect of the auto-da-fe, who later disavowed his role with the chicanery that was typical of this scoundrel, is hailed on “conservative Christian” college campuses both Catholic and Protestant as the epitome of a  great statesman of western civilization.

 Such a view is a grave failure of vision. Dresden is in Saxony and the English are a Saxon and Norman people (or at least they were in 1945). The fratricide in Dresden was an act of insanity on the part of the British and American representatives of western syphilization. As long as Churchill is presented as a paradigm of any kind of goodness, the bipolar mentality inculcated by that fraud will continue to shackle our ability to wrangle a future for our children.

The spot where the corpses of German civilians in the photo above were piled is today marked by an engraved stone put up by the post-war German government. It is inscribed, “Germany brought war to the world and here it was brought back to Germany.” 

Do the fools who scribbled that epitaph understand the implications of their alibi for terrorism? It was America that “brought war” to Iraq. Therefore, is it permissible for Iraqis to commit terrorism against American civilians?  It was the Judaic Bolsheviks who had been (largely) raised in Talmudic homes who “brought war” to the Christians of Russia. Therefore, was it permissible for Hitler to terrorize Judaic civilians? There is no excuse for targeting civilians, whether by ISIS in the Middle East or the British and Americans in the heart of ancient Saxony.

This writer has had friendships with a few combat veterans of the Second World War Germany army. One of these was the Roman Catholic German soldier Hans von der Heide. In 1985 he related to me (on videotape) that he and his brother soldiers were held captive in an American POW camp after the war and were shown atrocity photos of "German crimes." One of the photos was said to be of “Jewish victims of Auschwitz.” The photo shown was the one we have reproduced in this column. Mr. Von der Heide told me that one of the German soldiers present knew Saxony well and shouted to the American in charge of their “re-education” session, “Those are the dead of Dresden, not Auschwitz!”

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©2020 by Michael Hoffman


Eckbach said...

"Ash" is a Biblical Hebrew word for "fire" (H784)
"And the company (allies)shall...slay their sons and their daughters
and burn up their houses with fire (ash)." Ezekiel 23:47 KJV

Michael Hoffman said...

This can’t apply to Christian Germany. The Old Testament Hebrews attacked the nations who used sex magic to worship strange gods.

The Dresden attack was motivated by the Talmud.

Michael Hoffman said...

Dr. Dan apparently does not read ancient Hebrew and does not know that the categories he would like us to believe apply generally to non-Israelites are simply untrue and non-applicable.

The Old Testament injunctions to war were on the nokri who practiced sex magic worship of false gods, not to Lutheran and Catholic Germans in Dresden.

Judaism does not follow the Old Testament. It follows the Babylonian Talmud and cognate texts. Rabbi Shapira’s book “The King’s Torah” is Talmudic, not Biblical.

Readers of Douglas Reed have been misled on this subject. I offer my book “Judaism’s Strange Gods” as an antidote.

mothman777 said...

The official German total for actual bodies found was 250,000, with a vast amount of ash from bodies that could not be identified or numbered as corpses.

The figures are accurate, 100,000 is massively too low. Churchill gleefully stated before the attacks on Dresden, "How shall we light up 600,000?".

500,000 dead is a far more likely figure. The official figure remains an impossibly low 25,000.

Gwen said...

Thank you for this post. I've just now purchased "Judaism Discovered". I encourage anyone who appreciates Mr. Hoffman's work to make a donation, or better yet, make a purchase!

Johnny Gonzales Wedding Guitarist Ceremony Cocktail Hour Reception said...

We will never forget Michael. Thank you.

Ordinary Man said...

Dear Mr. Hoffman, in order to do justice, according to the maxim "Audiatur et altera pars", I hereby allow myself to copy-paste a few of my comments (as Magnus Dux Polonorum) from under the following article: https://www.darkmoon.me/2015/seismic-event-holocaust-denied-on-german-tv-in-major-interview-video/

"I’m affraid you’re utterly deluded. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I if get it right, you suggest that, quote “What we did, the west in going to war against Germany was far worse than ANYTHING Germany did” meaning e.g. that bombing Dresden (500.000 victims, and mind the chronology!!! Dresden was only a retaliation, hopelessly unproportional in comparison with tens of millions murdered by Germans) is WORSE than genociding DOZENS OF MILLIONS of civilians? If so, something is terribly wrong with you."

"Let me put this straight: do not get me wrong, I am as vehemently opposed to the Jewish supremacism as you are, and I believe Germans do have their legitimate grievances too (especially in relation to the WW1 humiliating reparations and the so called holocaust). But that does not change the fact, that it was them who started the war by annexing Czechoslovakia and subsequently invading Poland. It was them who occupied the whole Europe and victimized almost every nation under their yoke.

As a human, I do understand their anger directed at West Allies who bombed Dresden into oblivion. But we mustn’t lose sight of and keep in mind that this act of barbarism (non the less) was simply a response for countless cities bombed out of existence, like e.g. Warsaw during 1939 invasion of Poland and then again in 1944 during the Warsaw Uprising.

We mustn’t forget who started the whole thing. Who was the victim and who – the butcher, regardles of banksters’ machinations.

Jewish supremacists are no angels, but neither were their counterparts – the nazi Germans."

"You must remember why Germans suffered: “Who lives by the sword, dies by the sword”, put in simplier terms: “You reap what you sow”. There would have been no Dresden 1945, if there hadn’t been Warsaw 1939/44."


Michael Hoffman said...

Ordinary Man

Thanks for your civil tone of disagreement; I wish all could be as polite as you.

Yours is the standard account: the Germans started it and so they got what they deserved in Dresden.

David Irving does a great job deflating that line in his talk at this link:

Actually the ones who started the genocide in Europe in the 20th century were the Bolsheviks in Russia who butchered dozens of millions. The Germans rightly retaliated, according to your logic (Cf. Arno Mayer, “Why Did the Heavens Not Darken”).

We can trace atrocities and lines of vengeance going back to near the beginning of time. The only civilized standard is to refuse to kill civilians on any pretext, no matter what their government and military may have done. Victims turning into executioners who victimize others who then become executioners in turn, is an insane progression. Stopping the cycle of violence requires an inviolable hands-off civilians policy.

The incineration of every major German city was perpetrated by supposed liberal-humanitarian Allies whose reputation for alleged goodness continues to be put forth by the Establishment. Truly disgusting.

Ordinary Man said...

Dear Sir, here follows my response:

"David Irving does a great job deflating that line in his talk at this link"
— "This Video is Not Available in Your Country" – how surprising, right? :)

Anyway, I remeber watching this particular video and honestly, I can't recall Irving making any references whatsoever to the Germany's invasion of Poland.

At any rate, to state that it is the Allies who started to deliberately bomb civilians in WW2 (as i.a. Mr. Irving clearly implies) is amoral, unethical, intelectually dishonest and simply: untrue.

Just so it doesn't seem unfounded, I attach below a few URLs, quotes and famous photographs:

“In the European Theatre, the first city to suffer heavily from aerial bombardment was Warsaw on 25, September 1939”.

Please read the description:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planned_destruction_of_Warsaw (That's still before Dresden)

And we're only talking aerial bombardments. I could easily provide You with numerous examples of German atrocities on civilians in Poland.

Please remember that 22% (highest death toll percentage-wise, at least in Europe, that is) of Poland's pre-war population was annihilated during the hitlerite invasion and subsequent occupation.

re: "Actually the ones who started the genocide in Europe in the 20th century were the Bolsheviks in Russia who butchered dozens of millions".

— If my memory serves, even if we assume "dozens of millions" figure to be true (which is highly "controversial", to put it eupehistically)
the Bolsheviks butchered predominantly Russians, not Germans. I don't see how this statements is supposed to be an argument in this polemic. And even if they did (they didn't), it still doesn't hold true.

WW I was in itself one big genocide, and a fratricide at this, I venture to say.

You cannot demand of your victim to "stop the cycle of violence" whilst it is you who started it. Call me crazy, but I believe people, like ordinary Russian soldiers, whose families were decimated by the German invadors, have a right to vengence.

To deny that is childish, hypocrisy, a sign of moral relativism and double-standards.
We have an adequate phrase here in Poland: Kali's mentality

Warm regards!

Ordinary Man said...

BTW, as to Mr. Irving, as much as I dislike his stance on the said question, I have to admit he at least maintains some level of honesty in not denying that Germans did inf fact exterminate/mass murder ethnic Poles:


Ordinary Man said...

Oh and a propos, I now see Irving spoke a bit on the deciphering of the Enigma code and I believe he conventionally only gave the whole credit for it to the British. How tendentious