Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Facebook and Fake News: The New Inquisition

by Michael Hoffman

"Facebook says it is testing technology so that a story shared on its site that is flagged by users, among unknown other indicators, will be checked out by the Associated Press, ABC News, PolitiFact or others. If these high priests declare a story fake, it will be denoted as 'Disputed by 3rd Party Fact-Checkers' and perhaps demoted in a news feed. Behind this is the conceit that political debates could be settled if ideologues' (Republicans) would only accept what the liberal consensus defines as 'facts.” (Wall Street Journal).

The New York Times reported during the campaign that Hillary’s Vice Presidential running mate, Tim Kaine, was a devout Catholic, ignoring the glaring fact that he supports abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy in complete contempt of his Church’s dogmatic teaching. Fake News. 

The Washington Post reported about two weeks before Nov. 8 that Trump’s chances of being elected were near zero. Fake News.

There are dozens of additional examples. The “Russian hacking hijacked the election" conspiracy theory has snowballed into enormous proportions based on hearsay from Obama on down; not one substantive fact has been produced in support of this fake news which has been decreed as unassailable fact.

Meanwhile, Wikileaks' Julian Assange told Fox News that his organization did not obtain Podestas e-mails from Russia. Assange’s statement was mostly suppressed by the liberal media. Fake news is maintained as much by omission as commission. 

The suddenly respectable CIA (now termed by the cozy descriptive, “the intelligence community), which has sought "regime change" in Russia and Syria and achieved it in Ukraine with the overthrow of the elected government, is not neutral. It has a partisan interest in bringing Putin down and delegitimating Trumps presidency. Hillary was the CIA's choice for Commander-in-chief and a costly and reckless new cold war with the Russians was the objective.

Let’s grasp the epistemology of the “liberal” media’s Brahmin class: it is the same as that of the Inquisition. The latter body ruled that “error has no rights.” Our country was founded on the principle that error does indeed have rights. 


Because of the question that inevitably follows upon the supposition: who decides what is error? Once the alleged “deciders” establish their opinions and prejudices as fact, tyranny over the mind begins to arise.  Mainstream media like Facebook are imposing a new inquisition in the name of liberal values. The hypocrisy stinks.

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Dakota said...

I believe the reason for this social media form of censorship is all related to the "conspiracy theory" that's been circulating and dubbed "pizzagate" ever since Wikileaks released Clinton's emails including those of her campaign manager, John Podesta, wherein amateur sleuths are claiming pedophile "code words" are used. Of course I'm aware of "conspiracy theories" involving pedophilia and public figures within American politics and Hollywood for over 3 decades now (e.g. Franklin cover Up; JonBenet Ramsay case; "An Open Secret" film, etc.) so it wouldn't surprise me if there's some merit to it. Even this video of Joe Biden, which I came across the other day, makes him appear as a creep. Idk if the comment it's alleged he made to the young girl is true or not, but it's possible he said something else entirely and it's been misconstrued as "horny" or else if true he either has a twisted sense of humour and was simply joking or is a sick pervert (see www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jtybQS0eIA).

Michael Hoffman said...

Thank you for your informed comment.

It seems to me that not every single accusation of extraordinary malice and evil concerning our rulers and politicians is worthy of belief, and that the Cryptocracy itself is behind some conspiracy theory — sowing lies so as to discredit information about actual conspiracies.

I have seen online numerous quotations attributed to the Babylonian Talmud that are utterly fake. These are redistributed throughout the Internet by alleged Right wing and anti-Zionist persons. In one case I determined that a major figure in the White supremacist movement who claims to be an authority on the religion of Orthodox Judaism, was circulating an ersatz Talmud quote. The more that phony quotes are given currency the more rabbis can assert that all the Talmud citations which critics of that book circulate are a sham.

Americans lack education in epistemology, and training in discerning and tracking the Cryptocracy’s deepest covert operations. Many believe and circulate anything negative written about their ideological enemies without corroborating evidence. This is the age of partisanship and tribalism; as Wm. Butler Yeats wrote, “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity."