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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Israeli legislator vandalizes the New Testament

Israeli legislator vandalizes the New Testament and calls it “garbage” (see below)

Knesset = Israeli parliament • MK = Member of the Knesset

New Testament sent to MKs mailboxes

MK (Member of the Knesset) Michael Ben-Ari (National Union Party) is shown ripping pages out of the New Testament in protest. 

"This is a provocation by church missionaries and there is no doubt that this book and those who sent it belong in the garbage can of history.” 
 Israeli Member of the Knesset Michael Ben-Ari

By Eric Bender
July 17, 2012

Ma'ariv (Hebrew language Israeli newspaper) 

Outrage in the Knesset: MKs from different factions were shocked today to receive in their mail at the Knesset copies of the New Testament Bible. The Christian holy book was sent to all members of the Israeli legislature with a blessing.

The New Testaments were sent by Viktor Kalish, director of the group, "Holy Scripture in Israel," which specializes in distributing Christian religious texts. 

The shipment caused an uproar in the Israeli Knesset and MK Michael Ben Ari of the National Union Party tore the New Testament apart and threw it in the trash.

MK Tzipi Hotovely of the Likud Party announced that the Chairman of the Knesset will prevent the spread of Christian missionary literature in the Knesset: "it is forbidden to deliver to the Knesset missionary materials," she said.



The Militia Guy said...

Take THAT, John Hagee! LOL #StateMilitia needed to drive out the Synagogue of Satan. Prayer and fasting required, too.

Dakota said...

And in today's secular humanist cult-ure in America if a WASP congressman had done likewise to a copy of the Torah or the Koran protesting chants of "anti-Semitism" or "Islamophobic" would've been heard on every street corner, media pundits would be foaming at the mouth on every news channel decrying his racist actions, he'd have been read the riot act by leaders within his own faction, forced to apologize, undergo Judaic or Islamic retraining, and maybe even dumped or forced to resign his seat! Are we Christians really free to think and speak honestly without fear to offend like this Jewish MP or are Talmudic and Koranic cultists exempt from the PC burdens that shackle and enslave the rest of us I wonder?