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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Friday, July 08, 2016

Trial By Media Killed the Officers in Dallas

Obamas Rush to Judgement and Identity Politics Contributed to their Deaths

By Michael Hoffman

Shortly before several Dallas police officers were killed by a sniper (or snipers) on July 7, President Obama spoke at a NATO summit in Poland and immediately rushed to judgment by insinuating that officers in Minnesota had done something seriously wrong in their treatment of a black motorist who died as a result of a traffic stop. He stated:

“When incidents like this occur, there’s a big chunk of our citizenry that feels as if, because of the color of their skin, they are not being treated the same, and that hurts, and that should trouble all of us. This is not just a black issue, not just a Hispanic issue. This is an American issue that we all should care about.”

What had “occurred,” Mr. President? How would you know what occurred only hours after the event had transpired?

Some of you may have watched a purported video on Facebook of the shooting of Philando Castile, the black man in Minnesota; this writer did not. Either way, neither Facebook nor the Establishment media is any legitimate medium for trying any suspect, whether cops accused of executing a motorist, or the motorist himself who was, allegedly, a licensed gun owner in possession of a firearm.

The cops in Minnesota and in another shooting in Louisiana, were tried by the media and found guilty. Obama seconded the “verdict” from his identity-politics perch.

Police, like anyone else, are innocent until proved guilty in a court of law. Yet, long before any notorious suspect faces a judge and jury, that suspect is tried in the media. In 1977 David Berkowitz was found solely guilty of the Son of Sam murders in New York City, in the same week in which he was arrested. Newsweek magazine made that erroneous determination long before Berkowitz appeared before a judge. It has since been discovered that Berkowitz was only one of the shooters, and that he was part of a conspiracy by a Satanic cult.

Before Charles Manson was convicted, President Richard Nixon decreed him guilty of the Tate-La Bianca murders. Many to this day believe, wrongly, that Manson ordered the murders or was present when they occurred. Both notions are false, but Nixon’s verdict set the stage for a permanent misapprehension of the facts.

The Establishment media convicted Ted Kaczyinski of being the sole Unabomber long before he faced a judge in court. Kaczyinski did not perpetrate all of the bombings attributed to Unabomber. He had been monitored by the Federal government at the time he was supposedly an underground bomber. The government did nothing to seek other possible suspects or collaborators, and from the time the suspect was apprehended, the mainstream media reported with absolute certainty that Kaczynski was the “lone nut” responsible. 

The United States is saddled with the worst, most conceited, corporate-mouthpiece media in the world, as well as with a President who is as much of an irresponsible blowhard as Nixon, though, to be fair, Mr. Nixon was not speaking n the midst of a racially-charged, powder keg atmosphere.

Mr. Obama was acting morally superior when he questioned whether blacks and whites are treated the same in America in the context of the Minnesota traffic stop. I have a bulletin for him: if the driver in Minnesota had been a gun-carrying, poor white redneck in a pickup truck, the liberal media would have sided with the police, and questioned whether the redneck had somehow threatened the officers with his gun. There would have been no knee-jerk sympathy for the white motorist.

President Obama fuels the sense of entitlement and moral superiority of black Americans. Is this good for our country and national unity? Should any race of people be encouraged toward supremacist self-regard?

The racist terrorist massacre in Dallas is being blamed on guns. If the cops had been mowed down by an automobile, would Detroit get the blame? Obama calls for “gun control” in the wake of Dallas. Shamefully, he does not pause for even a moment to consider the role which anti-White racism played in the mass murder of law enforcement in Texas. He irresponsibly scapegoats the guns which the anti-White hater utilized to do his murderous work. 

Do the whites who are relentlessly derided as hereditary bigots in the Hollywood media have any right to be free from defamation and the resulting hate crimes that occur against them? Does anyone consider the Hollywood factor in our national conversation about race? Certainly not. The so-called “conversation” proceeds from the premise that working class whites without a university indoctrination (“education”), are moral lepers guilty of terrible transgressions such as supporting Donald Trump, the Second Amendment and a wall on the border with Mexico.

Police officers have been murdered in Dallas in part due to a reckless, politically correct President as well as a corrupt media that, in its arrogance, believes it is entitled to try and convict suspects before they face a jury of their peers. This situation must change before more innocents perish and a full-fledged race war is ignited in our nation.

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CumExApostolatusOfficio said...

Mr. Hoffman,
I would agree with everything you've written, IF it can satisfactorily be proven that the shootings actually happened in the way being reported. Time will tell. As an FYI; a youtuber has a video up indicating an 'active shooter' and 'suspicious package' drill happened on 6/29 in Dallas. Lets not forget that this event happened on 7/7/1+6. Of course, we all remember Dealey Plaza, which is a short distance from the location of this latest event.
In addition, in June of 2015, another shooting happened outside a police station in Dallas wherein the police were again the apparent targets. No one in media is talking about that one today.

Johnny Gonzales Wedding Guitarist Ceremony Cocktail Hour Reception said...

Thanks Michael,

The Dallas Assassinations of 5 police officers was premeditated and organized.

How did the Dallas lone gunman know the marching protest route? Only Dallas City Hall and The Dallas Police Department had that info.

Why was one Iraq War Veteran Hispanic Dallas Police Officer also murdered? The alleged racist lone gunman shooter said they were only targeting white police.

Never in the history of police negotiations was a robot bomb used as a last resort to kill a lone gunman, this is not standard procedure, why was there no sound heard by any of the live reporting?

Normally at the Black Lives Matter protests city officials and famous personalities are present at the rallys, but in Dallas they were absent, why?

There is a strong conspiratorial element to all of this and at the source of it all the Chief of Police was ill-prepared and illiterate in lieu of the two recent police shootings to properly prepare for this travesty.

And again. in Dallas, a lone gunman is at the heart of the matter.

People conspired to bring harm to others and there's nothing conspiratorial about that.

Johnny Gonzales

Johnny Gonzales Wedding Guitarist Ceremony Cocktail Hour Reception said...

Michael, in addition to your astute observation about mainstream medias trial, judge and jury, as a longtime resident of Dallas, Texas it behooves me that with all of Homeland Securities downtown Dallas surveillance videos, the only videos the mainstream media seems fit to feed us are only from personal smartphones. The fear of real Downtown Dallas Homeland Security video footage may bring more questions than answers. Nonetheless the pride of the public's partnership selfie live streaming video onto Facebook fuels a paved road to a false sense of racial unity.

Clayvessel said...

I also find it highly suspect that everyone can watch it live on their televisions. Each shooting incident is taken to a new level of emotional manipulation.

Johnny Gonzales Wedding Guitarist Ceremony Cocktail Hour Reception said...


Two crazed lone gunmen in Dallas!
History must fill in the blanks.
JFK Assassination November 22, 1963
Vietnam War US Ground Forces March 8.1965
Dallas Police Assassinations July 7, 2016
________ War US Ground Forces ___, __ 2018
Do any of your readers believe history must repeat itself?

GeorgetteCurious said...

ALL of these incidents are psy ops/hoaxs/drills. They want race wars. All one has to do is type in search name of whatever/hoax. There will be a multitude of links to very smart independent citizens exposing these psy-ops.