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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, June 13, 2016

Massacre in Orlando: Morality and Mortality

The Massacre in Orlando 

By Michael Hoffman

Orlando terrorist Omar Mir Seddique Mateen was licensed by the state of Florida to carry firearms. His rifle may even have been part of his job. Since 2007 he has been employed by G4S Secure Solutions, a “global” security firm that provided protection to the London Olympics. Until recently, G4S had an Israeli section with 8,000 employees. G4S states on its website that Mateen was “off-duty at the time of the incident.” The Establishment media have shown little interest in reporting on G4S. Why?

Another Alibi for the Gun-Grabbers

Mateen’s access to firearms appears to be the same access enjoyed by tens of thousands of the hired guns who corporations and millionaires employ to ensure their own safety. How then can this be a case for another call for gun control? Hillary Clinton does not want to deny “assault” rifles to the people who protect her, or David Rockefeller, or who guard the Olympics; she isn’t seeking a total restriction on AR-15s. She and her wealthy cronies will always have bodyguards who legally possess high powered “military-style” weapons. She seeks to disarm the people, in whose name the Democrats claim they are working. The peasants are to be denied the weapons which the licensed agents of Her Majesty possess. 

This is the path to a police state, which we saw at work in the now largely forgotten 1993 government massacre of 82 Americans at Waco, Texas which was ordered by Mrs. Clinton’s husband, and in in 1995 in Oklahoma City when a cabal of government agents and patsies bombed the Alfred Murrah building, killing 168 people. Congress then passed numerous laws restricting our freedoms and granting greater latitude to the police to violate our rights, although that was small beer compared to the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks and the enactment of the misnamed “Patriot Act.” 

Lady Macbeth’s scapegoating of firearms is part of the script. She prefers to focus less on the Sunni-Salafist Muslim connection, inspired by Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabist theology, which is the ideological engine of the Islamic State (Mateen traveled to Saudi Arabia twice. Imagine if he had gone to Iran instead — sanctions would be demanded instantly). 

The Occult Dimension

With cross hairs fixed on the “pulse” of the nation on June 12, people died at Pulse, a saloon which caters to homosexuals. Two days before, a popular singer was assassinated a few miles from the “Pulse.” S.K. Bain, the subject of the book, Most Dangerous, writes in his blog that Orlando is "roughly 50 miles from Sarasota, Florida, where, on the morning of September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush—whose brother Jeb was governor of the state at the time—sat in an elementary classroom presiding over a black-mass-in-disguise, to which Mr. Bain devoted an entire chapter in his book, 9/11 as Mass Ritual. (For the uninitiated, Google ‘The Pet Goat.”).

Bain states:

... that “unrelated” shooting of Christina Grimmie, a former contestant on “The Voice”, in Orlando two days prior, on June 10th following a performance with the band, ahem, named “Before You Exit”...Unrelated perhaps, but those who study these sorts of things are well familiar with the established pattern of foreshadowing a mass attack with a smaller incident in the exact same locale....The surname Grimmie, by the way, originally derives from the Norse-Viking “Grimr”, meaning “The Fierce One”, who Lucifer most certainly is.

June 12th was the birthday of both David Rockefeller and former U.S. President George H.W. Bush.  A Luciferian mass sacrifice and birthday celebration all mixed up into one—now that’s truly diabolical. ...Skeptical on that last point? Chapter 33 of Most Dangerous: A True Story is entitled “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” and details the tragic events of July 6, 2013, on which Asiana Airlines Flight OZ214 (yes, Oz) crashed at the San Francisco International Airport and “Le Train D’Enfer” (“the Train from Hell”) derailed in Lac Mégantic, Quebec, inundating the small community in a sea of burning crude oil. July 6th also just happens to be the birthday of one George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States. (End quote from Bain).

Investigative Leads

If this writer were tasked with investigating the Orlando massacre we would be closely examining the circumstance of an Orlando police officer “exchanging fire” with the terrorist either prior to his entry to the club, or soon after he entered it.

The New York Times reported on June 14: "Soon after Mr. Mateen first opened fire, he was confronted by an armed security guard who was an off-duty police officer, said John Mina, the Orlando police chief, at a news conference Monday morning. They exchanged gunfire. The security guard was then joined by an unknown number of police officers, the first to arrive on the scene."  Times, June 14, p. A1

Is this not strange? An unknown number of officers arrived on the scene soon after" the terrorist opened fire and they did nothing to shoot or apprehend the killer until 5 a.m.  three hours later?

We would also be researching everything there is to know about G4S Secure Solutions and how, despite their boast that they thoroughly check their employees to be certain they have impeccable backgrounds, the Muslim Mateen, who had been repeatedly investigated by the FBI for terror connections, had been working for G4S from 2007 until the morning of June 12.

What type of work did G4S’s 8,000 Israeli employees undertake, both in occupied Palestine, the Mideast (Saudi Arabia in particular) and the US and Europe? Was Mateen any part of those missions?

Koran attacked while the Talmud is sacrosanct

On the morning of June 12 FOX News featured a former NYPD detective named Solomon who blamed the Orlando massacre on the Koran. “Just read it, you’ll see” he told the FOX television audience. What if, in the aftermath of an Israeli massacre of Arabs, this writer were to indict the Babylonian Talmud on national TV? We would be hounded off the airwaves in short order. 

Morality and Mortality

What has happened to the America we have known and loved? Mass murder seems to be the order of the day. Shadowy occult forces and symbolism often accompany the horror. America was intended to be God’s New Jerusalem, but beginning in the 1970s Americans began to chop up the defenseless human beings which that same God had sent down into the wombs of millions of mothers. More than 30 million of them chose to massacre their own children and that holocaust, though largely hidden from view, is on-going.

There is a trend on the Left to laud John Brown, the antebellum abolitionist who executed farmers in Kansas in 1856.  In 1859 he led the terror attack on Harpers Ferry, Virginia (now West Virginia), perpetrating more deaths. Brown’s famous terror slogan, “To purge this land with blood” embodied his belief that guilty Americans must suffer bloody terror until slavery was abolished. He believed that the enslavement of black people was a crime that could only be expunged with the blood of an American nation that had condoned slavery. This terrorist theology (Brown was a New Light Calvinist) strikes contemporary Leftist academics as a reasonable one and Brown is a hero to many. 

Few Americans in 2016 would dare to draw from Brown’s blood purge maxim a parallel with the crime of abortion. Anyone who stood today in the media and said that for the lives of millions of unborn babies, America must be purged with blood and suffer terror, would be labeled a monster. Yet it certainly looks like this is what is coming to pass, and the attempts to pretend otherwise and resume the somnambulistic consumer routine of our daily lives, appears to be futile.

Michael Hoffman is the author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare and the editor of Revisionist History newsletter. This column is a public service made possible through the charity of donors to Michael’s Truth Mission.

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Unknown said...

I thought it was rather convenient that reportedly Mateen pledged alliance to both Al Qaeda and Hezbollah simultaneously in conversations with his co-workers (at G4S Security Solutions?), which prompted his first FBI "investigation". Either he was completely oblivious to the Shiite/Sunni conflict, which seems unlikely, or the US media used it to promote the recent blacklisting of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization by the usual suspects (the Saudis stood in as the straw-men), for defending Lebanon's sovereignty against Israel and ISIS.