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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Purim in Brussels

The hidden hand that keeps the Israeli state immune from Wahhabist Islamic terror has inflicted Purim-style vengeance on a dying Europe through that very terror 

By Michael Hoffman 

The terror attacks in Brussels on March 22, not far from the headquarters of the pro-immigration European Union (EU), were to be expected, and more are undoubtedly on the way in Belgium, France, Britain and Germany. These attacks were prepared deliberately by the governments of the West to create the conditions whereby formerly freedom-loving people will beg for a police state. This is point number one.

Christianity as taught historically from Biblical doctrine has been replaced in the West by the religion of suicidal, baby-hating white people: multiculturalism and diversity. This mass insanity has infected the minds of tens of millions of our people who, like Angela Merkel in Germany, the Trudeaus of Canada, the Labour Party in Britain and the Democrat party and Trump-hating Republican party-hierarchy in the U.S., keep preaching, contrary to overwhelming reality, that more immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East enrich our nations and support human rights.

Salah Abdeslam, the fugitive terrorist implicated in the slaughter in Paris, France last November, was shielded for months inside Brussels’ Salafist-Muslim community of immigrants. These immigrants had been given refuge in Belgium from Middle East wars and then, by shielding a mass murderer, demonstated their ingratitude by doing all they could to eviscerate the West that had extended that refuge. 

How will Europeans, and to a lesser extent Americans, who do not respect themselves or their ancient Christian heritage, defeat Wahhabi Islam? People whose highest objective in life is money and pleasure will sell their nation and their children’s future cheaply. They average less than one child per couple. They live for money gained by usury, or one of its other tentacular financial arrangements. Abortion has killed far more European and American children than Wahhabist Islam ever will. These white people have a degenerate pope in the Vatican who trumpets Angela Merkel’s feces-for-brains immigration policy. Europe’s faithless mass of consumeroids have lost the will to defend what their ancestors achieved and secured.

This is Holy Week, when Christians meditate on the Gospel account of the crucifixion of Christ. This is also an unholy week because it will see the beginning of Purim, the rabbinic festival of revenge on the gentiles. The son of the late chief rabbi of Rome, Prof. Ariel Toaff, before he was silenced by lynch mob tactics, proved indisputably in his magnificent book Pasque di Sangue (translated and published underground in English as Blood Passover), that Ashkehanzic Judiacs ceremonially tortured and murdered  Christian children in the European Middle Ages.

There is a hidden hand behind the Saudi Arabian/ISIS brand of Sunni Islamic terror. This terrorism has been consistently aided in Syria by the Israeli government. The ISIS terrorists have never attacked the Israeli state. Like the alliance between the rabbis and the Muslims in Spain in the medieval period, Israeli officials, including Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, state openly that they prefer a victory of ISIS in Syria.

The message of Purim is one of undying hatred for the genetic seed of Europe which defeated the creed of the Talmud and the Kabbalah during the Catholic Middle Ages and in early Lutheran Germany.

While Saudi/Salafist Islam abandons the Palestinians to the non-existent mercy of the Israelis, who only have to deal with a few out-of-their minds’ knife wielders and rock throwers, machine guns sputter and bombs explode throughout Europe with disastrous regularity.

It is said that the most recent attack, in Brussels, may have been retaliation for the capture of the terrorist Abdeslam; that could be true. What is certain however, is that the hidden hand that keeps the Israeli state immune from ISIS-Islamic terror has inflicted Purim-style vengeance on a dying Europe through that very terror.

Little of this will be revealed this week, however. In the scripted “struggle” against terror, the Christians will get the message that they need to unite more than ever with the spiritual heirs of those who crucified their Savior. They forget that it was the first terrorism that nailed Christ to the Cross, despite the effort of the Roman Pontius Pilate to save Him. As it is written in the Babylonian Talmud, because He had friends among the rulers of Palestine, it was not easy to kill Jesus.

These facts are unknown, and mine is a voice crying in the wilderness, unheard and unheeded.

Copyright©2016 by RevisionistHistory.org

Michael Hoffman is the editor of Revisionist History. His textbooks on the Talmud-religion are available here. Donations toward the survival of his work can be made here.



JMoore said...

While reading this I became aware of an unholy trinity working together, not necessarily in conspiracy, the head chopping wahabis, the zionist talmudic jews, and the apostated "christians" aka euro-sodom. Its so sad to hear of England, Germany, France being called Christian nations, the only real hope seems to be in eastern countries that have miracously retained a real Christian spirit and therefore common sense and the spine to fight back against this present darkness.

torus said...

Greetings Michael. Is Hungary truly 'representing' for Christ at this moment? I don't honestly know. Abortion flourishes in Hungary. Although the modern Hungarian woman prefers if done in style in Vienna. Isn't Budapest porn central for "eastern" Europe? Alcoholism is rampant. Is Hungary truly representing Christ and St. Stephen?
I see no true vilification of Hungary in the press. Typically, white, Christian, nationalism, espousing a closed border policy would invoke accusations of xenophobia and "hate" from the Zionist press. It's also odd that the Southern Poverty Law Center met in Budapest to discuss strategies on combatting "white supremacy". Yet here we have Hungary maintain just that.

Anonymous said...

Here's a small note to this latest terrorist bombing which resulted in some 30 plus dead. Notice how the Western Media widely reported the number of people that were injured -- some 230 in the early reporting. When did you ever hear that same media even attempt to tell us the number of injuries in the countless terrorist bombings in Baghdad over the past decade plus; terrorist bombings which were either a direct or indirect result of the immoral and unjust U.S. intervention in Iraq. And a terrorist bombing in Baghdad or somewhere else in Iraq resulting in some 30 plus dead would be hardly a blip on the MSM news.

Anonymous said...

This is a follow-up in support of my earlier comment: "Not in Europe: 5 deadly terror attacks which failed to grab world's attention like Brussels & Paris" seen at https://www.rt.com/news/337461-terror-attacks-media-reaction/

Muqawamah said...

The Israeli Jews do these terrorist attacks in Europe and blame it on the Takfiri Muslims. A classic black/red flag op.

stevebCAN said...

Most of the are simply fake constructs of 'terrorism'...much easier when nobody is actually killed and a scripted event has less chance of failure(i.e police/public interference...the dead's family members honest police federal inquiries etc). I think ALL of them are fake imho