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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Friday, June 13, 2014

It’s okay to believe Establishment-approved conspiracy theories

By Michael Hoffman

Richard Hofstadter's shopworn tome, The Paranoid Style in American Politics (1964) is dusted off whenever the Establishment wants to discredit a consiracy theory that comes too close for comfort concerning its own crimes and treachery.

George W. Bush's Attorney General, Michael Mukasey, recently used Mr. Hofstadter’s book to discredit Edward Snowden. One might gather from Mukasey’s disinformation and that of another penman in this field, Cass Sunstein, author of Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas (2014), that, to be consistent, these Establishment factotums would pour just as much derision on conspiracy theories when they are circulated about enemies of the Establishment.

(Mr. Sunstein's book seeks to discover why "perfectly rational people sometimes believe crazy conspiracy theories." The insinuation being that if you believe in conspiracies you're crazy).

Actually, it's this premise itself which is “crazy." Establishment-approved history is replete with thousands of claims of conspiracies, from the genuine one that killed Julius Caesar, to the dogmatic one that a bunch of Arabs from the caves of the Third World were solely responsible for destroying part of the Pentagon and three skyscrapers, while killing thousands of Americans on Sept. 11, 2001.

What Sunstein, Hofstadter, Mukasey and now Andrew Kramer of the New York Times are trying to assert are the prerogatives of royalty. These Establishment-anointed spokesmen are telling us, the peasants, not to believe conspiracy theories about the U.S. System, but that we should definitely believe conspiracy theories about the Russian government. Take the example at hand. Here below is Mr. Kramer, foreign correspondent for the NY Times, writing in the June 13 online edition:

Ukraine Claims Control of Port City
By Andrew E. Kramer 
June 13, 2014

"...Over the long term, Ukraine, with its far larger though badly equipped and poorly trained army, has more forces, and it is unclear how long the separatists can hold out without more support from Russia. That is something Moscow cannot offer openly without risking more severe Western sanctions. The result is misdirection and sleight of hand, and a conflict of endless puzzles and mind games.” (End quote)

Here is a copy of an e-mail which we sent to Kramer June 13:

Dear Mr. Kramer,

You wrote concerning alleged Russian government acts in Ukraine: “...The result is misdirection and sleight of hand, and a conflict of endless puzzles and mind games.”

This statement of yours would be denounced as conspiracy theory if written about the United States government's operations in Iran, Syria or Kiev. It’s interesting to observe how alert you are to alleged machinations by Moscow. I haven’t read anything similar from you about CIA actions in Ukraine. Perhaps “our side” is always above board and devoid of “mind games”?

Michael Hoffman

(End quote)

As of June 16 Mr. Kramer had not replied.


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aferrismoon said...

I noticed that Hunter Biden was appointed to the board of directors of Burisma Holdings Ltd [ has several gas licenses ] on April 18th. I assume it has absolutely no connexion to the White House and US interests in the area, he just happens to be the VP's son. The coincidence of the putsch I also assume to be mere coincidence.


aferrismoon said...

The Islamic group, I assume fairly extreme, that goes by the acronym ISIS - is it likely that they would adopt the name of an ancient Egyptian goddess?


Michael Hoffman said...

To aferrismoon:

It’s quite a “coincidence,” eh?

Queen Elizabeth I was the “New Isis” of the Renaissance Protestant occultists.

The Isis of antiquity was one of the more ominous archetypes in the pantheon of pagan malignancy.

In my opinion many of these Sunni terrorist groups are shepherded by deep cover Saudi, Israeli and American intelligence assets.

aferrismoon said...

I notice on Wiki it claims Isis, in Egyptian, is more likely pronounced 'aset', which I assume rhymes with 'asset', as in CIA asset.

By the way , do you have any thoughts on the deeper, perhaps occult, meanings of possible Scottish independence?


Matt said...

ISIS is one variation of their name in the English world. They are also known as ISIL, and in the Arab world they are called Daash.

Mr. Hoffman,

In your opinion, why is the Establishment sounding the alarm about ISIS taking over parts of Iraq and considering coming to the aid of the Maliki government, but at best ignoring and at worst covertly aiding ISIS's identical actions in Syria over the last few years?

Both Assad and Maliki are Shia allies of Iran and can be considered as part of the "Shia crescent". We can do business with Maliki, but Assad must go. Do you believe this is just another example of neocon geopolitical incompetence, or is there actually a method to this madness?

Michael Hoffman said...

George W. Bush imagined that Maliki in Iraq would be our pawn. For the past several years Maliki could not be entirely abandoned by the US because he was the figurehead of the nation we declared had been “liberated from the dictator, Saddam Hussein.”

With Assad (and his father before him) we have leaders committed to the welfare of the Palestinian people and protective of the large and and ancient Christian community in Syria. Zionists and neocons desire a Middle East free of Christians and free of any leader who might defend the Palestinians.

The strategy is to render strong Arab nations hopelessly fractured by sectarian conflict. Iraq is now a basket case that cannot mount a credible challenge to Israeli ground forces, and the same may soon be true for Syria if a US/Saudi/Israeli “moderate rebel” Sunni puppet regime takes power in Damascus.

If that is the case we will see ethnic cleansing of the Alawite and Christian population in Syria and a permanent base for al-Qaeda derivatives, much like what is entrenched in the frontier region of Pakistan on the Afghan border and which has not been dislodged despite special forces raids and drone strikes. Sometimes the Pakistani intelligence service employs the al-Qaeda/Taliban groups and other times it disciplines them with bombings and assassinations.

Something like this has been playing out episodically in the Middle East and western Asia for ten centuries. Messianic neocon interventionists feel certain however, that despite their disastrous nation-building escapades in Afghanistan and Iraq, that they can transform Syria into a peaceful democracy with American blood and taxpayer treasure.

If Romney had been elected we would already have bombed Iran and be embroiled in a ground war in Syria. If the Lindsey Graham/John McCain forces prevail in the next presidential election the cycle will be repeated.

It may happen sooner if the security of Obama or his family is subtly threatened by the Cryptocracy’s ability to assassinate whomever they please, thanks to their partnership with the mainstream media (and as you probably know, an assassination need not look like an assassination: it can look like a plane wreck, heart attack etc.).

aferrismoon said...

A headline at CNN reads " Is ISIS trying to start a religious war? "


Jeff Masters- San Francisco said...

"In my opinion many of these Sunni terrorist groups are shepherded by deep cover Saudi, Israeli and American intelligence assets."

At first glance, Washington's position looks schizophrenic, supporting terrorist groups in Syria but opposing them in Iraq. But the situation might be orchestrated, to allow the terrorists to bring American weapons into Syria that were captured from Iraqi forces, and to get rid of Maliki. Maliki is Washington's puppet who has moved "too close" to Iran for Washington's liking. Washington might want to replace him with total puppets such as a CIA asset named, ironically enough, Iyad ALAWI, or the serial liar and fabricator of disinformation about Saddam's "WMD" Ahmed Chalabi. If this comes to pass, Iran will have less influence in Iraq. Then, Wasghington may allow its ISIS/al-Nusra golem to consolidate its caliphate in northern Iraq and Syria. But if the golem seeks its own agenda and continues to move on Samarra and Baghdad (multi-religious cities) then Washington may strike. Finally, with US ships in the Persian Gulf (and possibly Israeli submarines), there is a risk of a false flag attack blamed on Iran.