Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Russian newspaper: America wears the seal of Antichrist

Xavier Lerma, writing in the Russian newspaper Pravda:

 "Forgotten or ignored by the west are the Christian men and women of Russia who prayed, suffered and died for today's free and united Russia. Last century they were attacked by Hell itself yet they endured and rebuilt Christ's Church. Over 58 Million were killed in Communist Russia but the Faith survived. It is one of the greatest miracles in world history. 

The western media prefers to shriek like spoiled brats against Putin. "Evil dictator!" they shout, while they themselves have rejected the Holy Spirit and proudly wear the seal of the Antichrist.

 They laugh but God is not mocked. Christ is Victorious in Russia where homosexuality is still a sin; blasphemy a crime; where crosses and holy images are in public view. A renewed faith in Christ our King has become our fortress. This is the wall Putin stands on and the wall that will cause Obama's fall.” 


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Jason said...

In tangent to this post that highlights our government's hostility to Russian Christians as well as those in the Middle East, I would like to point out a recent post by Sam Nobles at his blog "Notes on Arab Orthodoxy."

Here it is revealed that Saudi diplomats are actively attempting to silence any Arab Christian voices that speak out in support of the Syrian government and against Western-backed intervention, especially when they are directed to appeal to Universal Christianity. The particular episode of note occurred after Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Antonio Chedraoui spoke out against the plot to remove Christians from the Middle East, but it is not isolated, as Mr. Nobles illustrates (and includes the original arabic sources).

The link is here: http://araborthodoxy.blogspot.com/2013/09/saudi-arabias-campaign-to-silence-arab.html

One could also just search the blog "Notes on Arab Orthodoxy" online.