Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Russians send advanced defense systems to pro-Christian Syrian government

By Michael Hoffman

While I regret that any arms are being sent to ether side in this horrible civil war, since some of the Gulf states that are implicated in advancing Wahabist/Salafist Islamic fundamentalism and the terrorism and anti-Christian repression that it is known for, are also shipping weapons to car-bombers and Christian-hating “Syrian rebels,” with the collusion of NATO, Great Britain and the U.S., it is understandable that Russia wants to protect the Orthodox Christian population of Syria from massacre, and retain its Syrian naval base.

The Israelis recently invaded Syrian air space and bombed not just “arms bound for Hezbollah,” but Syrian government troops. Should the Israelis be allowed to assist in the overthrow of Assad with their aerial missiles and bombs?  Do only the Israelis have the right to intervene?

I welcome Vladimir Putin’s independence, and defiance of the New World Order. Russia is finding support from emerging nations such as India, Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia and perhaps even China. These nations view state terror perpetrated by arrogant western powers, which we saw in NATO’s  overthrow of Qaddafi in Libya, as the bloody and hypocritical reincarnation of 19th century colonialism in “human rights” habiliments.

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Jason said...

Our greedy power-mongers are attempting to snatch away the Russian hope of creating a Eurasian Union - a union that would economically dominate the West. Our vassals of Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and of course Israel (or are we their vassal?) among others are helping us wage these illegal wars that slaughter civilians. We also use social means to disrupt, as was the case with the whole Pussy Riot scandal (of which when their sentence is done they will perform concerts in the US, most likely on some MTV award show or with Madonna) and recent "Putin protests".

We are essentially seeking to deny Russia what our country has over Central and South America, although Russia's economic union with its Asian partners would be exponentially more friendly with no need to govern them with an iron fist. Which means this is going to go on for quite some time because the West can't win, but through their greed they can't see this.

Syria is but a tree. Russian influence in the Eurasian theatre is the forest. And Christian Orthodoxy is the bane of occult Western elitists.