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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Orthodox rabbis fight law protecting infants from molestation

A few salient facts about rabbinic circumcision
 by Michael Hoffman 

Metzitzah b’peh: (sucking on the circumcised baby's penis after a Talmudic circumcision) is not anywhere commanded by the Biblical law of God ("Torah"). This homosexual molestation of infants via metzitzah b'peh is commanded only by the man-made hahalcha of the Talmud (BT Shabbat 19:2), and post-Talmudic rabbinic authorities.  There is no warrant in the Bible for homosexual molestation of infants. Metzitzah b'peh was formerly the way all Judaic infants were circumcised for more than a thousand years. In other words, all Talmudic babies were molested as infants throughout most of western history, and many tens of thousands still are today. All "Christians" who support Orthodox Judaism and present it as allies in the conservative struggle for "family values" are complicit in the institutionalized metzitzah b'peh molestation of innocent and helpless Judaic baby boys. For more information on this abominable sin cf. Judaism Discovered.

Glossary of Terms 

Mohelim: (plural) rabbinic circumcisers. Singular: mohel.

Bris: circumcision

Ultra-Orthodox: Hasidic Judaics 

Metzitzah b’pehsucking on the circumcised baby’s penis by a mohel, according to the hahalcha (law) of the Talmud and post-Talmudic rabbinic authorities

Orthodox Rabbis Vow To Resist Consent Forms for Controversial Circumcision Rite
Balk at New York City Health Rule on Metzitzah B'Peh

By Seth Berkman
Forward (Judaic New York newspaper) | January 30, 2013

The leading association for mohelim who practice a risky oral blood suctioning technique in their circumcisions has vowed not to cooperate with New York City’s new health regulations governing use of the technique, known as metzitzah b’peh.

Brooklyn mohel Rabbi Avrohom Cohn, chairman of the American Board of Ritual Circumcision, said his group would not have parents sign waiver forms, which the city is now requiring as a condition for performing metzitzah b’peh.

“He’s the mayor of the biggest city in the world, but I’m not going to listen to him,” Cohn said, referring to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has strongly backed the new rules. “I have another mayor, the almighty, and I will do it his way.”

The regulation, put out by the city’s board of health, requires parents to provide a signed consent form to a mohel before that mohel may perform metzitzah b’peh. The technique, in which the mohel uses his mouth to suction off blood from around a baby’s penis after cutting the infant’s foreskin, has been found to transmit herpes simplex virus, which can cause serious injury, and even death, to infants.

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KPRyan said...

So... a parent can sign a consent form that authorizes the sexual abuse of their son. And that alone makes it somehow 'kosher' to Bloomberg.

Goodness, recall when the media was chock full of stories about Muslims mutilating their daughters? Surely such abbhorent behaviour would be outlawed in a civilized, secularized society like America's.

But perhaps not.

Maybe Bloomberg would just require a signed 'consent' form from the girl's father. And that would solve any lingering doubts as to the legitimacy of such activities.

Jason said...

If you ever get a chance, check out the "ex-jew" tab at Reddit (sublinked in the atheist section). Some eye-openers there.

michael said...

So by providing a form of "consent" Bloomberg believes he can "satisfy all parties concerned"? Has he and his crack team of legal council considered the feelings of the one living soul in the room who is most vulnerable,helpless and screaming for protection?