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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Uncensored German TV interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

ZDF television: You know as well as I do that Israel threatens with an attack on Iran if the matter of the nuclear program cannot be solved any other way.

Ahmadinejad: Do the Zionists show clarity and transparency in their nuclear issue? They have more than 250 nuclear warheads. Isn't that a problem, if they are so equipped?

ZDF television: Israel does not belong to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), it doesn't have a contractual obligation to disclose it. Iran does have this obligation.

Ahmadinejad: That means everyone who's not a member of the Non-Proliferation Treaty is free to do whatever they want?

ZDF television: It appears so.

Ahmadinejad: That means if someone is a member of the Non-Proliferation Treaty they may be disenfranchised? And the Zionists may threaten the country -- a member country of the IAEA? 

In principle, we are against this nuclear bomb. That is an inhuman weapon, from our point of view. And immoral. Those that have such weapons are not in the situation to use them. The time of the atom bomb was brought to an end with the end of the Second World War, and it was simply buried. Were the Zionists able to do anything about the Hamas or the Hizbollah with their weapons? Or did these weapons save the Soviet Union?...

The atom bomb belongs to the previous century. Those that search for something like that have stayed behind -- stayed behind in history and in terms of humanity and policy. 

But my question is, why do the Zionists simply have the right to threaten all other people, that is my question. Is there an unwritten law that elevates the Zionists above all international regulations and laws and decrees -- to enforce their rights even toward the American people, even with violence? And do the same in Europe and in Iran? Kill, terrorize, destroy? Do they have that right? 

Why do the European Nations support the Zionists blindly? Why must this capital and money of the peoples of Europe be spent for the Zionists, and used even for the production of weapons? 

Iran is not an artificial country, it is not an occupied country, we are not a regime of occupation. Iran had 7,000, 10,000 years of history and civilization, it is an autonomous country.

ZDF television: Israel an artificial country?

Ahmadinejad: Of course -- you know it, and the others know it too. How did this nation, this regime come to be? It was a colonial endeavor, created by a lie....They have invented a story with the title ‘holocaust' and the damage, the cost for that, had to be paid by the Palestinians.’''

IN GERMAN: 42 minute uncensored ZDF television interview with the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

An outraged, Zionist-approved German-Iranian scholar, Dr. Wahied Wahdat-Hagh, told the mass circulation German newspaper Bild on Sunday March 25, 2012, that “Ahmadinejad was able to present himself as a quite friendly head of state who presented Iran as the victim of an indiscriminate use of Israeli state power. The interview was celebrated as a great success in Iran and an unbelievable prize win for Ahmadinejad, and this was made possible by a broadcast from our publicly funded television!” he said.

German TV broadcasts Iranian Holocaust denial 
By Benjamin Weinthal, Jerusalem Post, March 26, 2012

BERLIN – German Iranians and German Jews on Sunday criticized ZDF (Second German Television) for broadcasting without objection an interview in which Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denied the Holocaust.... The Holocaust is “a lie of Israel” that allows the Jewish state to hurt the Palestinians, Ahmadinejad said in the ZDF interview broadcasted last week.

 Claus Kleber, a brand name journalist for ZDF, a tax-payer funded, public station, aired the 45-minute interview on the popular news channel.

 Dieter Graumann, head of Germany’s 105,000 member Jewish community, told the Bild am Sonntag paper that ZDF provided Ahmadinejad a platform to spread his “poison.” “I am very disappointed that a respected German journalist, and on top of that, a public station, allowed the most brazen remarks from notorious Holocaust denier Ahmadinejad to remain unchallenged,” Graumann said. Cleber said he did not contradict Ahmadinejad because he did not want to give him the opportunity to “fully spread his rubbish,” according to a statement cited in the Berlin daily Tagesspiegel.

 Holocaust denial is illegal in Germany, but Iranian diplomats and politicians have denied the Shoah at state-funded events in Germany. German authorities chose not to purse violations of the country’s Holocaust denial law in 2008 against senior Iranian politician Mohammad Larijani for denying the Holocaust at a German Foreign Ministry event in Berlin. A year later, his brother, Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani, issued statements containing elements of Holocaust denial at the annual Munich Security Conference, saying his country has “different perspectives on the Holocaust.”

 While Germany enforces its anti-Holocaust denial law against neo-Nazis, the authorities fail to apply it to Iranian officials.

Wahdat-Hagh, who has written extensively about human-rights violations in Iran and Islamic-animated anti-Semitism, is the author of a new book, The Islamist Totalitarianism. Omid Nouripour, a Bundestag deputy for the Green Party who was born in Tehran, told Bild that the interview represents a “moral failure” of Claus Kleber. “Kleber did not cover the bloody repression of the protests against the regime in Iran. "That is a big journalistic mistake because the human rights question cannot be separated from the nuclear weapons questions,” Nouripour said. Iran's president ended the interview saying, "We very much like Germany. We like you very much [Mr. Kleber].”


Michael Hoffman notes: Israeli officials regularly travel to Germany and the U.S. and are routinely interviewed on mass media television without being challenged about Israeli apartheid walls and assassination of Iranian scientists, Talmudic racism, homicidal, gentile-hating rabbis, the Israeli nuclear weapons monopoly, or their denial of the Israeli holocaust against Lebanon and Palestine.

The Israelis, backed by Saudi Arabia and the Republican Party in the USA, are seeking war with Iran in order to silence radical Iranian dissent from the sacred Zionist gas chamber propaganda by which counterfeit “Israel" justifies its ongoing terrorism against Lebanon and Palestine.

With this uncensored television broadcast, which could not be shown on PBS or any other major TV network in America, some members of the German establishment are sending a welcome message of defiance to their quondam Israeli overseers who have for decades viciously and collectively branded the German people with the Mark of Cain. At last some elite Germans are beginning to defend their God-given dignity, in this case by nationally showcasing President Ahmadinejad’s remarks without censorship or rancor.



Jason said...

Does anyone, Mr. Hoffman included, have any background information on this particular television network regarding it's scope of audience? Is it like the American PBS? Or is it like C-SPAN?

German said...

ZDF is comparable to CNN in terms of popularity.
Have to correct the article by Mr. Hoffman in regard to censorship. The prime time interview broadcast on ZDF has been cut and thus censored heavily (unpleasant things cut out). The uncensored version was only available in the internet.

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear “German"

The uncensored Internet version is online thanks to ZDF TV!

Let’s not be so bitter and be grateful for advantages, changes and courage that accrue on behalf of the cause of Truth, however halting or preliminary they may be.

I continue to believe that this interview is a symbolic nudge at the Israeli tyranny on the part of certain elite Germans.

And since the online YouTube version is the uncensored one, let’s spread the word about it so it will go viral!

Linda said...

Thanks to ZDF TV, whether they meant for this outcome or not. Thanks to Michael Hoffman for getting hold of the full uncensored version and publishing it here.

I don't understand German or Arabic but there is a certain calm, confidence and dignity about Amadinejad that is a pleasure to 'read' while a word here and there gives me an idea of the subject being discussed.

Is it possible that someday there might be translations of this interview in other languages so that this interview can go truly viral?

Bless all who love the Truth and refuse to sacrifice the Truth for the sake of pacifying the 'tares' and their god.

Jerzy said...

Dear Micheal
Thanks a lot for sharing this incredibly important interview with us.
I do agree with you:toming and fact that this was aired without censorship is very,very symbolic.
All the best .

Jerzy Ulicki-Rek

German said...

Dear Michael,

"The uncensored Internet version is online thanks to ZDF TV!"

That's right. But as a native
German, being familiar with the media here, I can tell you, they do this now because they received mass complaints after they broadcasted a ZDF (or ARD) interview with Putin two or three years ago and cut it from 45 min to 15 min, censoring and partly distorting important statements from Putin.
The 45 min version got online somehow and 1000's of emails went to the editorial office. After that they announced the whole interview to be broadcasted the next day at 6:30 a.m. (sic!).
Also they made it availabele in their respective online portal, which they do now on a regualar basis, knowing that 90% of the population will only watch the censored one.

"Let’s not be so bitter and be grateful for advantages, changes and courage that accrue on behalf of the cause of Truth, however halting or preliminary they may be."

Agreed. But only if it is really the case.

"The interview is a symbolic nudge at the Israeli tyranny on the part of certain elite Germans."

Unfortunately I can't second that, the situation with the mass media in Germany has rather worsened in recent years. The "Jew grip", if you will, is tighter than ever. Public and private media have been filled with loyal brainwashed chief editors at the high positions and stupid bootlickers at the front.

"And since the online YouTube version is the uncensored one, let’s spread the word about it so it will go viral!"

Of course! But - call me a pessimist - the amount interested in watching a full length Ahmadinedschad interview I would estimate at not more than 5% of the sheeple, 10% at best.

Maybe the trend has become a bit more positive, hopefully gathers some steam. Since the lies get more and more rediculous so that even the most retarded sheeple just have to smell the fish.

Greetings from Berlin

P.S. Thanks for your great work "Judaism Discovered", though it is a little hard to understand for a non-native English speaker like me, considering all the special terms plus Hebrew.