Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government Tracks “Deniers"

"Measuring Holocaust Denial in the United States”
(online here)

by Scott Darnell, Master's Degree Thesis, Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government

This thesis is written like a CIA action report, with calls for more surveillance and even a "rapid response team." There is a surfeit of graphs and statistics.

Mr. Darnell's thesis (submitted to Aleisa Fishman, PhD. and Rebekah Sobel, PhD.) appears to be a prelude to a groundwork for criminalizing heretics in America who doubt the holy Auschwitz homicidal gas chamber relic.

Of course, the author would not describe his inquisition in those terms. Rather he frames it in the pseudo-scientific taxonomy of “antisemitism," along with lurid references to skinheads, klansmen and vandalism.

The heroes of Darnell's master's thesis are the Stalinist thought police of the Zionist ADL, and the spies employed by Zionist Morris Dees' Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), who, in 2003, had Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore expelled from the court for advocating the Ten Commandments.


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