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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Pope Exonerates and Tennessee Excoriates


1. Readers have asked Michael Hoffman to comment on: 
The Pope "exonerates Jews for the death of Jesus" 
I'm going to wait until the pope's new book is published before I give an assessment. I distrust jump-the-gun encapsulation/sensationalism, for which the mainstream media is justly notorious.

Having said that, it will not surprise me to learn, after studying his forthcoming book, that the pope has contributed another installment in his long career of treasonous Judaization, which, together with his tolerance of high level child molestation facilitators (Bernard Law, Roger Mahony ad nauseum, who live in retired luxury), have stained his white garments with the blood of Palestine and the blood of raped Catholic children. Behold, the day comes when the proud shall be reduced to stubble.

The Associated Press (http://tinyurl.com/4sab35n) reports: "Benedict has said that had he known Bishop Richard Williamson's views about Jews he never would have lifted his excommunication, which was imposed in 1988 because Williamson was consecrated without papal consent."

If this is an accurate quotation, it signifies that Church office is now bestowed or withdrawn based on one's attitudes pro or contra toward the "Jews." 

Since Williamson has never said anything unscriptural about "Jews," but only doubted that they were gassed to death in Auschwitz, we see a revolutionary standard being imposed by this pope — clerics who offer an opinion about a detail of official World War Two propaganda are deserving of excommunication, while criminals like Cardinals Bernard Law and Roger Mahony, who facilitated and protected child molesters, retire with the full pomp of their office (Mahony is still eligible to cast a vote for a new pope, should the current one die). Truly we are dealing with a shameless pontiff for whom dereliction in the duty of Jew-worship is magnitudes of sinfulness above peccadillos such as harboring child rapists.

A papal proclamation absolving the Pharisees and the Jewish mob in first century Jerusalem, or the spiritual heirs of the Pharisees who comprise modern Orthodox Judaism, of the murder of Jesus Christ, is not worth the paper on which it is written. 

The Talmud states that Jesus got what He deserved, and the highest legal authority in Judaism, Rabbi Moses Maimonides, not only confirmed the Talmud's judgment, he urged the murder of Jesus' followers, if such killings could be made to look like an accident. So what's to absolve? The Talmud and Maimonides are "witnesses against themselves." A papal proclamation to the contrary has the same credibility as an absolution issued by the Masonic Lodge or the U.N. 

If idolatry of counterfeit "Israel" is your bag, then the pope's words will make an impression. For the rest of us, Pope Benedict XVI lacks moral authority, to say the least.

The fact that the ADL and the Orthodox rabbis beseech Rome for official declarations of their innocence shows the inherent weakness of their position. Their insecurity reminds this writer of the 1980s and 1990s when the same suspects were running to judges demanding they take "judicial notice" of the homicidal Auschwitz gas chambers so as to make them real -- by judicial proclamation. Alice inWonderland was a paragon of logic compared with these Zionists.

2. Fighting Shariah Law in the Buckle of the Talmud Belt

In the face of this and other morbitities of our world, I did get a laugh today -- discovering that Republican yahoos in Tennessee are trying to pass legislation banning Shariah law in the U.S. (http://tinyurl.com/4vf62fb), because they imagine it represents an imminent threat to the Constitution. Their model legislation was crafted by an Arizona attorney named David Yerushalmi.

It is a shame that we no longer have a satirist with the rapier-wit of a Twain or a Mencken to puncture this charade, mounted by the lowest dregs of Tennessee's "Buckle of the Talmud Belt."

Judaism's Babylonian Talmud long ago subverted the Constitution, Congress and the Supreme Court, but few Tea Party "patriots" seem to have noticed. 

The Talmudic Noachide Law is already Federal Law (Public Law 102-14), but "Christian Republicans" are oblivious. It would take a real mensch to proclaim the truth about it, and I do not expect any to emerge from the zombie ranks of Michael Savage, Michael Medved, Daniel Lapin, Limbaugh or Beck. 

Consequently, while the six pointed star of the Synagogue of Satan is embedded on the front of the Thomas S. Foley Federal Courthouse building in Spokane, Washington (in the form of the misnamed "Great Seal of the United States"), alleged "Christian evangelists" are feverishly hunting down the Shariah law, which would threaten America's subservience to the House of Rothschild's house of usury.

Like many of you, in this work I can always use a laugh. I have to thank the Judeo-Churchian Shariah-hunters of Tennessee, such as Grand Golem Bill Ketron and Grand Golem Judd Matheny, and Tennessee "Eagle Forum" (http://www.tneagleforum.org) for providing a hearty one this day.

Michael Hoffman

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The Viking said...

Just brilliant...

@ Pope's latest actions...

Some things never change...

Acts Of Apostles 20:19
Serving the Lord with all humility, and with tears, and temptations which befell me by the conspiracies of the Jews...

Martin73 said...

Thanks again for a two spot-on statements. Your uncompromising view of Ratzinger's work as a Rabbi-inspired change agent in Christian conservative's sheep clothing has done a lot to cure me of the remnants of sympathy I still felt for him even after the first enchantment wore off. I too must confess to, in his early days in the papacy, having read – and tried to admire – the first tome of his “Jesus” publication. I failed, not because finding much which directly hit my eye as nefarious, but because it just struck me as uninspiring. At that time, I was (and still would be ...) primarily in search of a sharpener, a whetting stone to Catholicism social theory, which might put it again in effective, popular opposition to the unbridled capitalism which has overtaken my country, Germany, alongside the rest of the world, after the demise of the “class enemy”. I was in a poor position then to understand why THIS church, and THIS pope will never budge the cusp of their little finger for this goal.

One thing which yet struck me, and which has grown ever since in importance in my perception, is that this false paragon of Christian piety has had the audacity to quote a Judaic (Rabbi, probably), who first states that after ripe consideration he has chosen NOT to follow Jesus' divine pretension, which, of course anybody else is free to do, to then move straight on to furnish the authoritative, Jewish-mentality-imbued proper meaning of what Jesus' (topic of the) Kingdom of God really is about.

It racks my mind to see every day how naïve people are. “But at least he is taking on the liberals”, they screech, with their “Jesus-a-social-revolutionary” theory. People have so sucked up this devil-inspired friend-and-foe pattern, also known from western deMOCKracy, that they are all but completely deaf to warning calls that they corrupt their very souls, morals and beliefs. These people (and I am speaking of my own relatives, alas !!) are essentially praying the Rabbis work out a kind of Second Talmud which will serve the New Testament the same euthanasia as the existing one has already done to the Old.

God, have mercy on us.

Second thing, I am happy, Mr. Hoffman, to learn that these absurdities of the Sharia exorcists can give you a hearty laugh. I am far behind your serenity.

Greetings, M.

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Martin73

You wrote quoting the sentiments of naive Catholics, " “But at least he is taking on the liberals”, they screech, with their “Jesus-a-social-revolutionary” theory.”

This is Right-Left shell game is secretly representative of the Left/Right pillars of the Kabbalistic Sephiroth: Chesed (compassion) on the Left and Gevurah (severity) on the Right.

They’ve got us lined up according to this rigged pattern of allegiance to a Kabbalistic model. Consequently, when a revolutionary change agent like Pope Benedict XVI does something to "take on" the chesed side of the Sephiroth, the drone zombies cheer, even though the pope’s participation in the Kabbalistic model itself represents a synthesis of the whole damned dynamic.

The Cryptocracy has our loyalties divided on different sides of the Sephiroth without us discerning that our very participation in the process defeats us.

Our loyalty should be exclusively to Jesus Christ who was neither Right nor Left and did not play these ultimately demonic games.

Martin73 said...

Dear Michael Hoffman,

Amen to your final paragraph.

You write “naive Catholics”. Actually, on a personal level, I am most concerned with naïve Protestantism, of the American-evangelical type, which inspires both my familial surroundings as well as my would-be social environment of choice. This is a stark minority within Germany today, but relative to the whole of that religious microcosm which can at all strike a genuine chord with me it happens to be the mainstream. I simply cannot get warm with Catholicsm (even were it no so corrupted); and original German (European) Protestantism of a Bible-abiding type is stonedead, passed away since at least two to four decades by now. (Lutheran remnants notwithstanding, of with I've become very, very grateful, even though it's more of a museum than a living congregation) So while the general mainstream is liberal (with a lesser drift to neocon than in America), ecumenical and atheist, but only passively Zionist on the whole, this microcosm is mainstream “Americanist”, which in turn is subservient ... (we know to whom).

My relatives are of a theologically purer fibre within that evangelical free-church “backwater”. Such people are anti-liberal, basically opposed to Catholicism, anti-ecumenical, rabidly anti-Muslim (alas, and increasingly so, blind to their instrumentalization), and anti-Orthodox-Judaism. (!) But while the latter, they are between bland and admiring against both Zionism and pathetically unsuspecting of all the more hidden forms of (political) Talmudism, which they would misplace as subordinate to [rather than the other way around] Freemasonry, cryptocrats, capitalists and oligarchs in general.

The point in your reply is very important, if I may venture an assessment.

There are very, very few of even the most profound thinkers within the ranks of biblical protestantism (i.e. who escape the above pro-NWO undercurrents) who would agree with you on this point and not try to somehow tie the truthfully, biblical to the right, “conservative” side of any meaningful definition of this dichotomy. And this, I guess, is a cardinal error. For it commits them to either squander Christian credit on a however qualified whitewash of the corrupted empirical Right, or it strays into some kind of futile, unasked-for and never-ending venture to define an ideal civil conservatism, and in the process estrange "progressive" Christians, and harden, deplete and compromise their own Gospel.

In both cases, the reaction from both the left and the secular (viz. non-Christian) side is most predictible, and all to the relish of the instigator(s) of this devilish circus.

Preterist1951 said...

This is a brilliant article Michael- keep up the good work and let the Truth be known...