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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

David P. Goldman's brazen buncombe about the roots of West's law

Practically every word Mr. Goldman has written below, in his article for Asia Times, is either a lie or a deception. Can you spot them? We invite readers of Michael Hoffman's Judaism Discovered to submit responses to Goldman's devious misrepresentation of Judaism, which is so patently fraudulent it constitutes an insult to the intelligence of the reader. We will publish in this blog one or two of the best refutations of Goldman's drivel. Our latest Revisionist History Newsletter issue no. 52 analyzes the concept of the "Hebrew Republic" in the West, and challenges the myth which Goldman (and Michael Novak and Eric Nelson) retail, that Judaism is synonymous with the Old Testament and that the heritage of freedom bequeathed to the West by Biblical jurisprudence is a legacy of Talmudic Judaism. Only an audience bereft of the most basic knowledge of the subject matter could be suckered by such brazen buncombe. Talmudic Judaism, with its Pharisee-derived Mishnah, and its Babylonian Talmud, is the very antipode of the law of Yahweh's Old Testament.

Mr. Goldman advances, with typical Pharisee conceit, the moral superiority of Talmudic Judaism over Islam, attempting what no con man before the modern era could achieve, a linkage between the murderous violence and rabbinic dictatorship of Talmudic Judaism, and the Christian West's heritage of freedom and liberty.

Wife-beating, sharia, and Western law
By David P. Goldman | Asia Times | May 25, 2010

...(Muslim) Sharia (law) resembles Halakha (Judaic law), but by construction, for the same reason the Koran resembles the Torah: it is derived from it, with self-serving adjustments (Ishmael becomes the heir of Abraham rather than Isaac). But the principles of the two legal systems are radically different. That is why Jewish observance of Halakha never has clashed with the legal systems of modern democracy while sharia inevitably must conflict, and in the most intractable and intimate way, that is, in matters of family law.

The term "law" applied to Judaism and Islam means entirely different things to radically different peoples. Civil law rests ultimately on the state's monopoly of violence. In Muslim states, civil and religious law are identical, such that sharia courts hold the sword of the state. No Jewish religious court has had the capacity to inflict violence since the 1st century CE; the first detailed codification of Jewish law appears in the 3rd century in the Mishnah. The rabbis of antiquity explicitly put in abeyance ancient applications of violence, such as the injunction to kill a rebellious son (Deuteronomy 21:18-21); the Talmud (Sanhedrin 71a) states that no Jewish court ever handed down such a sentence. Killing of rebellious children, as noted, happens in Muslim countries, and is sadly frequent among Muslim immigrant communities in the West.

Jewish law, though, requires no adaptation to modern Western law, for modern Western law ultimately derives from Jewish principles, as Harvard's Eric Nelson most recently showed in his 2010 book The Hebrew Republic, and Michael Novak explained in his 2002 volume On Two Wings. Jewish law proceeds from God's Covenant with each member of the Jewish people. The notion of an intermediate sovereign, such as Islam's "governor" of the family, is inconceivable in Jewish law, for there is only one Sovereign, the King of Kings. The powers of the earthly sovereign derive from God and are limited by God's laws. The American founding notion of "inalienable rights" stems from the Hebrew concept of covenant: a grant of rights implies a Grantor, and an irreversible grant implies a God who limits his own sovereignty in covenant with mankind. (End quote)

Mr. Goldman is senior editor at First Things


DoxaMichael said...

“the Koran resembles the Torah” is the only quasi true statement (Only if is meant the original Torah, the Pentateuch, but certainly not the Talmud.) in that whole blather of nonsense by Goldman.

In fact, the Noble Qur’an praises the prophets of Israel and with them vehemently condemns the apostasy of the Jews.

In fact, the Noble Qur’an mentions, only completely positively, Jesus Christ as the Messiah over 500 times and Muhammad only 5 or 6 times. Only the New Testament mentions Jesus Christ over 500 times as the Messiah prior to that. The Lord Jesus Christ is, of course the only Messiah. The Antichrist, ad-Dajjal al-Masih, the false naturalistic messiah of the Jews is what the Jews are trying to foist on the world. Both the Holy New Testament and the Noble Qur’an condemn the Jews as the partisans of Satan and the Antichrist and foretell their destruction and all who follow them for this reason.

All of the propaganda by the Judeo-Gnostic Talmudists are part of the subversion they are attempting in order to bring in their New World Order – actually the old fallen world that the only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ redeemed His creation and all men who turn to Him from. We are to be absolutely apart from the New World Order, for it is Apostasy and damned as it always has been since the fall in the garden.

The The Final Trial is upon us.

Joe said...

Mr. Hoffman,

Do you see a connection between "the law of Yahweh's Old Testament" and the concepts of liberty and freedom?

It seems to me that the dual institutions of priesthood and kingship act as a holistic vanguard against independent thinking. Their only reason for existing is to control the minds and actions of a people.


Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Joe

I wrote a 16,000 word essay on this very subject in the current April-May 2010 "Revisionist History" newsletter no. 52.

You will find my answer therein.

Steve in Vista said...

The Holy Bible and the Noble Qur'an both teach the inviolate sanctity of the Right to Life, the Church and Islam have always upheld this. See: Right to Life: THE LORD SAID

The prime key to waylaying people into the cause of the Antichrist (the Jew naturalistic false messiah that they propose to replace Jesus Christ) and send them to hell is the betrayal of Right to Life. If that is taken to be relativistic, then all else is taken to be relativistic. Then God ceases in people's minds to be absolute and becomes someone that can be bargained with and eventually, in Talmudic fashion, made into a servant in people's perception of Him and His commandments disregarded at will. This will certainly pave the way to put the Antichrist on the throne in apostate Jerusalem.

All people of any background that deny the Right to Life are making themselves part of the great apostasy. Father Vincent P. Miceli said that the betrayal of Right to Life was one of the prime indicators of the stage being set for the Antichrist. He further said: '“Such a secular, earthbound state [Israel] could easily become the political and military power base for the Antichrist when he comes. For the Antichrist will be in perfect accord with the ideals of such a Zionist state. Moreover, the State of Israel has demonstrated that it has the will and ability to go to war and win the secular goals to which its heart is attached. Thus when the Antichrist comes to power as head of such an efficient, superbly equipped, scientific State, founded on nationalism, race and blood, he will be able to conquer the rest of the world. He will be the first, the only Jew to reign with political, economic, military power over the whole world from his capital city, Jerusalem, the city in which Our Lord was crucified” (Fr. Vincent Miceli, S.J., The Antichrist, p. 152).' - bold emphasis is mine.

The key to the rise of Antichrist is people wanting to be their own gods. This is, of course, right out of the vain idolatrous theories of Talmudism about the "en sof" and all of Lurianic Cabalism - all of which is a mainstay to the foundation of "Israel" and the plot to rebuild the temple of Ashtoreth in place of a destroyed Al-Aqsa by the Jews. It is important to note that the, so-called by the Jews, temple of Solomon is, in fact, the temple of Ashtoreth and is devoted to the mother goddess in essence - that mother goddess in ancient Israel was Ashtoreth and Moloch-Chemosh - the goddess of child sacrifice to Satan. Basing themselves on the Talmud, the Jews (led by Guttmacher and others) have always been the prime instigators of abortion. In the late 1990's Human Life International even documented that abortion providers were training female abortion providers to offer the dead infants to "Mother Gaia" via witchcraft as sacrifice to a goddess. This is pure Satanism in the most ancient form as led by and promulgated by Racist Talmudic Zionist Jewry. Their theories of blood are total lies, but in their Diabolic delusional eyes they make themselves approved to offer gentiles as sacrifice to Satan. Also directly based on Lurianic Cabalistic Talmudism, the Talmudic Jews and Freemasons adopting this from them, worship Satan as their god.

Nationalism in the Middle East has for quite a while been used to bring in secularism and sectarian strife and apostasy from God. It has been and will be used as a base by the Zionists to cuckcold the Arabs to the will of the Zionist Jews.

Father Miceli had it exact when he said "...nationalism, race and blood,...."

The stage is set and all of us have an eternal choice to make, now.

When Benedict the Apostate makes his absurd Diabolic statements about and to his elder brothers in the faith, be sure whether or not he states it, he means faith in Moloch and eternal death - to which he and all who follow him are headed to in hell forever.

Anonymous said...

Ancient Jewish jurisprudence WAS founded on the principles of natural law.