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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Attacks on Pope Benedict - a Conspiracy of Man - or God?

by Michael Hoffman

Over the centuries many sorts of masquers have bored deep into the bowels of the Roman Catholic Church. Some of these have even occupied the papal throne; others were content to be the power behind that throne.

King Henry VIII first received the theological justification for his divorce from Catherine of Aragon from the Neoplatonic brotherhood inside the Vatican; out of said fraternity would emerge Dr. John Dee, the Protestant magician who, using the Hermetic and Kabbalistic cunning of the Roman Catholic magician Marsilio Ficino, furnished William Cecil with the mind control keys and mass persuasion techniques that gained him the rule of England through a reanimated goddess Isis who is known to history as Queen Elizabeth I.

Very few believing Catholics ever glimpse this hidden reality, and when they are so privileged as to gain a fleeting vision of it, they run from it, so threatening is it to the papal Caesarism to which they kowtow like the pagan subjects of Kubla Khan. Jesus Christ did not come to institute slavish and cowering obedience to mere men, however elaborately costumed or adored. He came to save souls, which is the highest law, a law recognized by only a few churchmen, such as the late French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who defied Popes Paul VI and John Paul II for that very reason.

Behind the scenes of the competing Catholic and Protestant churches exists a golden thread, a rainbow bridge if you will, that unites initiates in both camps who, believing they possess godlike powers derived from the secret gnosis of the Corpus Hermeticum, are above the morality they publicly preach, beyond good and evil, and united in processing humankind toward a "higher" destiny without the knowledge or consent of those being processed. This is the age-old mandate of the pagan-occult imperium.

Shortly before the latest uproar over pederasty within the Roman Catholic Church, a Vatican exorcist announced that the devil was active in the Vatican, even at the highest levels. Prior to this not exactly unexpected revelation, Pope Benedict XVI completed the third of his pilgrimages to the Synagogue, the latest, on Jan. 17, at Rome itself, where this papal Judas gave every encouragement to the assembled Pharisees.

Most recently he has appointed a member of the secret society of Opus Dei to head the powerful diocese of Los Angeles, California, after child-molestation enabler and obstructor of justice Cardinal Roger Mahony retires next year with his pension intact and full church honors accorded to this patron of pederasty.

Certain Catholic automatons have marched forth, decrying a purported "media conspiracy" of "gossip" against the pope. But are the troubles that have befallen this pope a conspiracy of man, or a curse of God?

How long do the vassals of Rome imagine that God will be mocked by popes who make common cause with the ideological and spiritual descendants of those who stoned, laid hands upon and conspired in the murder of His Divine Son?

Pope John Paul II, the modern champion of the Synagogue and the first pope in history to enter its precincts as a supplicant, spent the final years of his pontificate as a hunchback, drooling spittle onto his breast. Unless he repents and makes reparation, Pope Benedict XVI can no more escape the wrath of God than did his predecessor.

If Benedict is besieged now, it may be payback for his treason to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, notwithstanding his provisional revival of the old Latin Mass, which he has integrated into a neo-Catholic hybrid Church of Holocaustianity, whereby Auschwitz is rendered far more sacred than Calvary, a revolutionary betrayal made tolerable now that it is accompanied by Tridentine incense and Gregorian chant.

Those badly deceived persons who make common cause with this pontiff might wish to consider what fate may be in store if they do not switch their allegiance from Benedict to Jesus.

Copyright ©2010 by RevisionistHistory.org

Hoffman is the author of seven books of history and literature, including Judaism Discovered. He edits Revisionist History, a newsletter published six times a year. The latest issue, on "The Money Power," is available for purchase online.



Anonymous said...

Mr Hoffman,

I've read a Church canonical law that stated that no Pope who entered a synagogue could continue in the office.
Would you per chance know which Church entry it was that I had read?

God bless you.
PS Is Mel Gibson going backward or forward now,to your understanding.

Anonymous said...

What? No comments? I purposely waited until today to post something thinking I'd see a rash of comments here.

I realize that the Truth is often scary to many who would rather live their lives in the wonderful world of denial. We seem to have lost the backbone to face reality.

Mark said...

Hope you enjoyed your rant. I'm no supporter of the Vatican II counter-church but I think it's hilarious how we laugh at the media's portrayal of the "Holocaust" but when the same media so obviously exaggerates the pedophile priest scandal we lap it up with a lustful protestant superiority.

It's unfortunate though that such embraced moral superiority doesn't lend the Protestants any ability whatsoever to figure out what Truth is, with some 20,000 or so "sects" battling it out. Ah, but such is the church of man, swatting at flies, while the two thousand year old Church founded by Christ finally falls prey to the world. Enjoy your desserts. We'll see how your declared tally sheet of sinless days fares in a world without Truth.

Anonymous said...

So, Mr. Hoffman takes some wll aimed shots at Pope Benedict XVI. No doubt, certain Catholics would want him to take back those shots.

What shots -- and they were just as deadly as Mr. Hoffman's -- did Abp. Lefebvre ever take back that he fired against Popes Paul VI and John Paul II? Well, answer the question -- for all of you who would stone Mr. Hoffman and assign him pariah status while at the same time you live off the legacy of the Archbishop!

James B. Phillips

Anonymous said...

"Shortly before the latest uproar over pederasty within the Roman Catholic Church, a Vatican exorcist announced that the devil was active in the Vatican, even at the highest levels."

Isn't Judas referred to as a "devil" in Scripture? And did not God incarnate, Jesus Christ, pick this devil to be one of the twelve?

Seems to me like it's the same Church it always was. I'm not saying that facetiously to criticize the One, True, Catholic Faith -- merely to point out that there's nothing new here.

You write: "Pope John Paul II, the modern champion of the Synagogue and the first pope in history to enter its precincts as a supplicant, spent the final years of his pontificate as a hunchback, drooling spittle onto his breast."

Are you implying that the late Pontiff's Parkinson's disease was Divine retribution? It is alleged that Bishop Williamson also has Parkinson's disease. So am I to believe that JPII's Parkinson's was Divine retribution (for "replacing Calvary with Auschwitz," a charge that the late Pontiff would find difficult to believe) yet Bishop Williamson's Parkinson's is a case of God chastising those whom he loves (Hebrews 12:6)?

In your judgements don't absorb too much of that rabbinic vengeance you so admirably preach against.