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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Correspondence from Google related to censorship of our videos

The US government in the person of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is pressuring China to end Internet censorship. This is inspired by China's alleged repression against "freedom-loving" Google.

Be aware that the US Department of State has partnered with the Israeli government and various thought police NGOs to "monitor" exposure of the truth about Judaism and Zionism online. Both the Israeli government and elite Zionists around the world advocate Internet censorship of World War II revisionism ("Holocaust denial").  Elie Wiesel recently urged the government of Hungary to improve its image by jailing revisionist historians. Germany, the close ally of the US and the Israelis, jails revisionists and censors the Internet. The US is complicit in the German repression. Obama has met with German jailer Angela Merkel and praised her "democratic values."

Google acts as the enforcement arm of the religion of Holocaustianity, protecting it from scrutiny, skepticism and exposure. We are reproducing here correspondence from Google related to Google Inc.'s 2006 censorship of two of our revisionist videos from the Internet. What does Mrs. Clinton have to say about Google's censorship?

From Google Inc.

Google has been notified that your videos violate our Program Policies
The titles of the videos are listed at the end of this message.

According to our policy, we are removing the following videos:

World War Two Revisionist Charles Provan
Deborah Lipstadt, "Amalek" and David Irving

To review our Program Policies please visit:

If you believe this removal was done in error, please respond to this
email. (End quote)

Feb. 22, 2006


The Google corporation defines "Holocaust" revisionism as "hate speech," and on that basis withdrew the Lipstadt and Provan videos from broadcast. The censored Lipstadt video demonstrated how "Holocaust" High Priestess Lipstadt had labeled historian David Irving "Amalek," which is incitement that could possibly lead to his death. The censored Charles Provan video consisted of an interview with a researcher who believes in the gas chambers and differs with mainstream historians only on certain details. Hence, even belief in the gas chambers, when it is not total belief, in every single detail of the "Holocaust" story, now constitutes "hate speech." If this is not totalitarianism, what is?  Google initially approved these two videos and broadcast them for approximately one month. The videos were removed only due to outside pressure.

Deborah Lipstadt has publicly labeled my "Amalek" video about her, "revolting."

In 2006 in the Washington Post, William Bennett and Alan Dershowitz chastised the American media for having failed to publish the cartoons against Muhammad which first appeared in Denmark: "...radical Islamists have won a war of intimidation. They have cowed the major news media from showing these cartoons. The mainstream press has capitulated to the Islamists..."

Radical Judaics are also winning a war of intimidation. They have cowed Google into censoring a video critical of Deborah Lipstadt, and another video which maintains that the execution gas chambers existed, but that they were operated mainly by Judaics. Are "intimidation" and "capitulation" only wrong when they emanate from Islamic coercion? What about Judaic intimidation of the media? It must be at a higher level of power and control, because unlike the Islamic version, Judaic intimidation is not publicized in the US media. It is perpetrated largely without the knowledge of the public.

We protested Google's censorship. Here is Google's rejoinder:


To: Michael A. Hoffman II

Date: Wed Feb 22, 2006 08:00:17 PM PST

Subject: Re: [#47515979] Re: Google Video Policy Violation

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your email. We received complaints that your content violates our posted policy against hate speech.

Because the videos appear to promote Holocaust Revisionism, in violation of our policy against hate speech, we have removed the videos.

We appreciate your understanding.

Sincerely, The Google Video Team  (end quote)

If you'd like to view the videos Google censored, they are available for purchase on DVD:



For further reference: Hoffman's Letter to China regarding Google and censorship


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