Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eyewitness Gaza holocaust testimony denied

Of course it's legal when one of the Holy People do it

by Michael Hoffman

Dan Kosky wrote the following denial of the Israeli holocaust in Gaza in Britain's Guardian newspaper (Sept. 16, 2009), without fear of proseuction for Holocaust denial:

"Goldstone is similarly evasive over the unreliability of key 'eyewitnesses.' Like the flood of NGO publications in the immediate aftermath of the conflict (particularly those by Human Rights Watch, of which Goldstone was a board member) Goldstone’s so-called investigation is largely reliant upon 'eyewitness' Gaza testimony...On the basis of such flimsy testimony, Goldstone's recommendations are particularly sinister."

Kosky can say this about Palestinian eyewitnesses with impunity. In most of Europe no can say this about World War Two Judaic "eyewitnesses."

Judaic critics of Palestinian testimony to war crimes by Israelis are immune.

Gentile critics of Judaic testimony to war crimes by Germans are "biased, racist haters" subject to fines,  imprisonment, blacklisting and termination of employment.

Truly, we are living in a Talmudic age, where the halachic diabilities assigned to gentiles are fully realized in the western world.

Hoffman is the author of the classic reference work,  Judaism Discovered.


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Unknown said...

excepting those gentiles who devised the halachic diabilities - which is why mankind speaks everything upside down and backwards.