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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, April 20, 2009

The New Catholic "Shoah" Theology: Newsletter #47


Revisionist History Newsletter no. 47 

The New Catholic "Shoah" Theology 
Alibi for the Revolutionary Overthrow of the Gospel of Jesus Christ 

In this special 16-page issue, Michael Hoffman's 18,000 word essay analyzes and deconstructs the Holocaustolatry which has become a dogma and criterion for holding church office.

Contents include: The Gospel according to the Shoah: The Religion of Judaism for Gentiles; the Alchemical Blending of Irreconcilable Opposites; Nostra Aetate: the Underground comes out of the Closet; Paul VI Builds on Nostra Aetate; Refuting the Scripture-twisting Shoah theology of John Paul II and Benedict XVI; Exaltation of Judaic Racial Prestige by Distortion of the Book of Romans; St. Paul: Still Clinging to "Jewish Traditions"?; "Our Elder Brothers in the Faith"; Shoah Newspeak as Hegelian Dialectical Praxis; Bishop Richard Williamson and the Vatican Order to Recant his doubts about Auschwitz Gassings; Auschwitz Replaces Calvary; the Apostate's Creed. Also: A Progress Report on Judaism Discovered - a Book and its Enemies.

"Though I am not a theologian, in the vacuum created by theologians who refuse to take up this subject with Biblical fidelity, I have had to step into the breach, with a view toward crafting a groundwork for an exegesis which begins to demonstrate why Bishop Richard Williamson's principled stand concerning execution gas chambers in Auschwitz, far from being a 'side issue' for the Church, is actually at the very heart of the struggle for the gospel in our time." 
--Michael Hoffman

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Tony said...

Can we get this article in pdf?

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Br. Anthony

At this time Revisionist History Newsletter is available for sale only in hard copy.

Michael Hoffman

johnny said...

Michael, Congrats on your new post.


Anonymous said...

I had been hoping and praying for a competent Catholic to address this problem in book length format, but your "The New Catholic 'Shoah' Theology" newsletter has done a thorough job.

Have you or anyone you know sent a copy of this newsletter and your new book to the change agent "subsisting in" the Chair of Peter?

If only you could be properly recompensed for posting it on the internet for all nominal Catholics to absorb…

Anonymous said...

I wish to make this of record. Today is April 28, 2008. I just did an advanced search Google of the exact phrase "Shoah Theology." The results shown on my computer screen for same were as follows: "Results 1 - 10 of about 631 for "shoah theology". (One year from now I believe that #631 will have risen dramatically owing to Mr. Hoffman's writing about the Shoah Theology.)

My screen also showed Mr. Hoffman's www.revisionistreview.blogspot.com to be the second most visited site on the Internet for "Shoah Theology," the first beingwww.shoahrose.com/jewishtheologians.html. This latter site has a section called "JEWISH WRITERS AND THEOLOGIANS INFLUENCING SHOAH THEOLOGY." I suspect that the people behind this site (and a good number of other Judaics) will have a bit of an apoplectic fit when all of a sudden they look up and see this new kid on the block using their language, but in ways not exactly in conformity with their anti-Christ rabbinic agenda! As a matter of fact, the new kid on the block is exposing their infernal many layered web of lies and treachery with a skill which is nothing short of brilliant.

Having carefully read, Mr. Hoffman's stunning essay "The New Catholic 'Shoah' Theology," I strongly attest to his great work. I sincerely believe this essay has laid a most firm groundwork for much future discussion of a subject which is of incredibly important and ever growing significance. Many thanks to Mr. Hoffman in putting this all together.

James B. Phillips

P.S. I would strongly encourage all men and women of good will to do what they can to get extra copies of Mr. Hoffman's essay and to distribute them to people with whom they think they may do some good.

Anonymous said...

Slight correction to my above post. I may have got caught in a time warp or a senior moment. The second sentence should read 2009, not 2008.

James B. Phillips