Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hillary and Bill Clinton campaign without Serbian protest

An opportunity is being missed
by Michael  Hoffman 

Picture this: a presidential candidate whose husband facilitated the burning and bombing of Jerusalem, killing hundreds of Judaic civilians and destroying dozens of historic synagogues, is campaigning across the U.S. and is met with crowds of outraged Zionists at every stop who shout "war criminal" at her and her ex-president husband.

The reality: In 1999, while Hillary was First lady, Bill Clinton facilitated NATO's burning and bombing of Belgrade and its trains, buses and schools, killing hundreds of Orthodox Christian civilians and destroying dozens of historic churches and monasteries. But as she and Bill campaign across the U.S. no Serbs or Serbian-Americans have bothered to take advantage of the Clintons' accessibility by protesting and publicly shaming these war criminals.

The difference between Judaic and Christian awareness, memory, energy and willingness to mobilize and protest, is the difference between a victorious and a defeated people.

It is not too late. Serbs: protest Mrs. Clinton's presidential campaign! Take this opportunity to expose her husband's heinous crimes against men, women and children perpetrated under the military leadership of Gen. Wesley Clark and NATO.

Forgive? Yes, it's our Christian duty. Forget? Never.


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