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Israeli Defense Minister prefers ISIS Terrorists

Updated January 4, 2017


The Jerusalem Post’s security correspondent, Yossi Melman, has depicted Syria’s descent into chaos and fragmentation as a strategic boost for the Israelis, who have launched airstrikes in Syria almost exclusively against forces fighting Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Qaida’s franchise in Syria which is organized and funded by Saudi Arabia). The Wall Street Journal reported in March, 2015 that the Israeli military has been treating wounded al-Nusra terrorists and then sending them back into the Golan Heights to battle Syria's army and Hizballah

The Israeli government has long provided aid and support in the Golan Heights to the al-Nusra terrorists. Gilad Sharon, son of late Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, is on record stating that an ISIS takeover in Syria would offer an opening for Israelis to acquire the Golan Heights permanently. 

Israeli support for Islamic terrorists in Syria (ISIS and al-Qaida) serves at least two purposes from the Israeli perspective: sapping the strength of the foe it hates most — Hizballah — and solidifying Israeli occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights. 

Former Israeli General Amos Yadlin: “There is no doubt that Hizballah and Iran are the major threat to Israel, much more than the radical Sunni (ISIS) Islamists...Those Sunni elements who control some two-thirds to 90 percent of the border on the Golan aren’t attacking Israel.” 

The fact that ISIS is among the most evil and destructive terrorist organizations in the world, or that al-Qaida is said to be responsible for the 9/11 terror attacks that killed nearly 3,000 Americans, apparently does not figure into the calculations of the Israelis, their controlled media in the U.S., the Obama administration, or Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. 

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The Israeli Defense Minister prefers an Islamic terrorist takeover in Syria

By Michael Hoffman

The Israeli government no longer needs to conceal its alliance with the bloodiest and most murderous, Christian-hating terrorists on earth: Islamic State, aka ISIS.

Ya’alon: "I would prefer Islamic State to Iran in Syria"

Israeli defense minister: "If I had to choose between Iran and ISIS, I’d choose ISIS"

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon
ISIS is not a threat for us."

Washington Post, Jan. 19 —  Speaking at the Institute for National Security Studies’ (INSS) conference in Tel Aviv on  Jan. 19, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon made a bold statement: If he had to choose between Iran and the Islamic State, he told the audience, he’d “choose ISIS.”

Ya’alon reasoned that Iran had greater capabilities than the Islamic State and remained the biggest threat for Israel. He argued that if Syria were to fall to one of the two powers, he would prefer it were the Islamic State rather than Iran or Iran-backed groups. “

...He also added that Israel shared common interests with the regional Sunni Muslim powers, who were also threatened by the Shia Muslim Iran. 

...The comment did seem to highlight a widespread belief in  Israeli defense circles that the Islamic State is not a big problem for Israel and that Iran and Iran-backed groups like Hezbollah are of a bigger concern. This belief has been born out in policy: Israel has largely avoided any involvement in the fight against the Islamic State but has struck Hezbollah inside Syria.
...He has also dismissed the idea that the Islamic State was a direct threat to Israel. “ISIS is a new phenomenon, originating from al-Qaeda. This is not a threat for us,” he told The Washington Post’s Lally Waymouth in 2014. 
— End quote from the Washington Post; emphasis supplied. 

Many prominent news outlets have refused to report Ya’alon’s appalling statement. Since Jan. 19 the New York Times has suppressed it entirely.

Moshe Ya'alon is mocking every American murdered in San Bernardino and all the people slaughtered by ISIS in Paris, as well as all Christians, Kurds and Shiites who have been beheaded and massacred, along with Christian churches destroyed. The Israeli Defense Minister’s preference for the conquest of Syria by ISIS would mean the wholesale extermination of the Christian and Alawaite population. Why isn’t his genocidal preference for the worst of all Islamic terrorist organizations front page news in the U.S.?

Who runs ISIS? The Israeli-Saudi Alliance
Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon (right) shakes hands with former Saudi intelligence chief Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal, at the Munich Security Conference in Germany, February 14, 2016.

The Iranian Fars news agency reported on December 29, 2013 that the head of the Saudi intelligence service met with several senior Israeli security officials, including Tamir Pardo, the head of the Israeli Mossad. According to the report, the meeting took place in Geneva, Switzerland on November 27, 2013. Fars based its report on a whistleblower with access to Saudi classified information, who was named by the news agency as Mujtahid. According to Fars, he “is well connected with the inner circles of the Saudi secret service” and revealed the details of the meeting on his Twitter account. Mujtahid’s Tweet reportedly said that Prince Bandar and Israeli officials agreed on a number of crucial issues, including exercising stronger control over Syria’s Jihadist forces.

The Israelis are allies of the Wahhabist/Salafist terror network of ISIS. Israeli hospitals have been treating wounded ISIS and al Qaeda terrorists and then returning them to the battlefields

Leading Saudi princes like Bin Talal admit they are in alliance with the Israelis.  

It is the Saudi brand of Sunni (“Wahhabi”) Islam which forms the terrorist theology of both al Qaeda and ISIS:

New York Times, September 24, 2014  

New York Times, January 24, 2014  

Moshe Yaalon was referring to Saudi Arabia when he stated, "Israel shared common interests with the regional Sunni Muslim powers.”

“Saudi Arabian interests and Israel are almost parallel.” 
— Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, Wall Street Journal, November 23, 2013, p. A11.


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Eric Robinson said...

I saw Ya'alon's comments this morning and thought of the Revelation of the Method but they've still got a long ways to go if they want to reveal their method to the general public.

80% of them are unable read more than two sentences of an informative news article before they give up. Local TV news rarely mentions foreign policy related items, if they do it's a quick 10 second blurb about Iran getting nuclear weapons soon. CNN watched a building in Dubai burn down for hours recently and spent another few hours discussing Trump's disgust of public breastfeeding.

They've got their work cut out for them!