Monday, November 12, 2012

Policy wonk talks of how to start a war with Iran

This is Revelation of the Method from a policy wonk at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy that would have been unheard a few decades ago.

Why are these revelations made? In part because the revealers are confident we have such an insufficient love of peace and truth, that we won’t care that these elitists are seeking ways to trick Iran into attacking us or, failing that, launching an attack on ourselves and blaming Iran.

The revelation in this video is predicated on their own high level assessment that we the people have a depraved indifference to the truth.

History buffs and Lincoln-cultists: listen closely to the speaker’s (truthful) claim that Abraham Lincoln goaded the South into the war (as many other U.S. presidents deceived America into war, as noted in this brief video).



Jason said...

Good find. Appears one tactic might be roping Syria and Iran in - by accusation at least - via these recent provocations against Lebanon and Hamas.

Tirionson said...

All the "conficts" he mentions are false flag ops, he is blatantly calling for the same again. The most damning of them all was the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty. Admiral Mccain, son of Cain, and LBJ allowed and encouraged it. Read it for yourself.

Jason said...

Don't know about most damning - the Lusitania was pretty bad.

Also for Lincoln-cultists - per IMBD there is no role for Andrew Johnson in the most recent Lincoln biopic. They do have a role for Myer Strauss though.

Ichabod said...

I wonder why he conveniently left out 9/11?
I think though it's just a matter of time when--not if--the US will suffer another false flag attack as an excuse to deploy troops in the Middle East and engage in another conflict, this time with Iran.
Look at the parallels with Iraq. We enforced sanctions against Saddam like Ahmadinejad. Hollywood contributed to priming or conditioning the American people for a future war with Iraq throughout the 1990s and is doing the same now with regard to Iran (see the recent film "The Dictator" for example). And now we have various "think-tanks" imagining scenarios cyberattacks and other caralysts for America's involvement in a war with Iran just like think-tanks before 9/11 (see the Project for the New American Century and its reference to a "new Pearl Harbor").