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The Talmud has affirmed LGBTQ doctrine for millennia

The Babylonian Talmud has affirmed LGBTQ doctrine for millennia

What your priest or pastor doesn’t know (and most would not tell you even if they did):  

Rabbi Yirmeya ben Elazar: "...when the Holy One created the first human, He created him as an androgynos (having both male and female sexual characteristics). "

This is confirmed by Mishnah Bikkurim 4:1 (and numerous other authoritative texts).

For the rabbis of the Talmud Bavli, the androgynos was a recognized legal category. 

The term appears no less than 32 times in the Mishnah and 283 times in the Talmud. 

Most of these citations are not variations but rather legal submissions that undertake how rabbinic law (halakhah) applies to one who has both male and female sexual characteristics.

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This information is courtesy of Michael Hoffman

Truth campaigner and educator

“A voice crying in the wilderness”

These facts are published with love for Judaic people and all people captive to the counterfeit Torah sheBeal peh

"Salvation is of the Jews" (John 4:22)

Anti-semitism consists in deceiving Judaic people into imagining they can remain faithful to the Talmud Bavli, the antecedent of which Jesus excoriated in Mark 7 and Matthew 15, and still have salvation. There is no greater bigotry or misdirection. Our mission is compassionately dedicated to the salvation of all people in Christ.


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  1. How and Why was the Babylonian Talmud formed?

    The following is a question from a professor who is a tenured member of the faculty of a university in the American Midwest

    On Jun 27, 2022, at 16:55, xxxxxx wrote:

    re: June 27 Hoffman Wire column: Talmud has affirmed LGBTQ doctrine for millennia

    Has the Babylonian Talmud been around for ”millennia”? I thought it was something like 1.5 millennia. Much of it has to do with the destruction of the temple around 80 AD, right?

    Dear Professor

    Much of it has to do with the cosmic crime of the crucifixion of their Messiah, because prior to that they had never committed their Torah sheBeal peh (oral tradition) to writing, an event which some would date from approximately a century after 70 A.D — when the Temple at Jerusalem and the city itself was sacked.

    After the Bar Kokhba revolt was definitively crushed circa 132-136 A.D., the Temple's sacrificial system was replaced by the rabbinic textual system begun by the Jewish lawyers known as Tannaim. This first entailed preserving in the volume known as the Mishnah the teachings of the Pharisees who confronted Jesus with their oral law (cf. Matthew 15 and Mark 7). Orthodox Judaism is a continuation of the creed of the Pharisees, though with many thousands of additional bureaucratic regulations and even more intense micro-management of the lives of adherents.

    Later the Gemara, the legal rulings based on the Mishnah, would be compiled forming the Babylonian Talmud as we know it (don’t let anyone tell you the Gemara is "just a series of debates." Orthodox Judaism is a religion of situation ethics, both sides of the Zugot pairs — a hermeneutic designation for strict and lenient applications of the halakha—constitute the law, but only one will be applied according to the situation; how that is adjudicated is decided by posikim — rabbinic judges. The Talmudic realm is the empire of lawyers).

    I stood next to the Arch of Titus in Rome in January 2002— the large Roman shrine that marks the spot where Titus and his troops paraded triumphantly with the once holy artifacts from the razed Temple, as Jesus prophesied (referring to the legions of Rome that would do the job, he termed them “the Abomination of Desolation;” despite the nomenclature it was not intended as an insult, the Romans in that instance were doing God’s will as Jesus had channeled it). The “Arco di Tito” is fairly well-preserved almost 2,000 years later.

    The Talmud of Babylon decrees that the punishment of Roman General Titus for destroying the Second Temple is being burned to ashes, reconstituted, and burned again, in perpetuity. According to the Talmud the punishment of Jesus for claiming to be the Son of God is being boiled forever in “hot excrement.” For X-rated hate speech few texts can surpass the Talmud—but you’d never know it from the cringing obeisance which the vast majority of the clergy and hierarchy of “Christendom" both Protestant and Catholic, accord it.

    Michael Hoffman
    Author of the banned textbook, "Judaism Discovered"


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