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Friday, June 01, 2018

Is truth “Anti-Semitic”?

California GOP Condemns Another Candidate Over Anti-Semitism

By Aiden Pink  | Forward newspaper | May 30, 2018   https://forward.com

(Michael Hoffman's Afterword follows this report)

The California Republican Party has distanced itself from a candidate running under its party banner over charges of anti-Semitism for the second time this year.  John Fitzgerald is the only Republican running in the heavily-Democratic 11th District, northeast of Oakland. 

His campaign website includes false claims that 9% of U.S. government officials are dual citizens of Israel and that Jews played a “prominent role” in the African slave trade, and celebrates a “courageous” elderly German woman who was sentenced to two years in prison for denying the Holocaust. 

“Why is the holocaust the ONLY historical issue that cannot be questioned without fear of fines and/or imprisonment in eighteen countries–and counting– throughout the world?” Fitzgerald wrote on May 16. 

The website also harshly criticizes Israel’s response to protests on the Gaza border. 

The state party has taken a stand against the only Republican candidate in the race. “Tonight, the California Republican Party’s Board of Directors took swift and decisive action to eliminate any support for John Fitzgerald due to anti-Semitic comments he made recently — those views have no home in the Republican Party,” California Republican Party chairman Jim Brulte said in a statement two days later.

 “As always, California Republicans reject anti-Semitism, and all forms of religious bigotry, in the harshest terms possible. We reject John Fitzgerald’s campaign and encourage all voters to do the same.” 

“We absolutely and unequivocally condemn John Fitzgerald and his campaign for Congress,” added Republican Jewish Coalition executive director Matt Brooks. “His anti-Semitic views have no place in our political system, and especially not in our Republican party. Fitzgerald clearly has no grasp of the facts when it comes to the Jewish people, Israel and our nation’s relationship with the only democracy in the Middle East, and history in general.” 

Fitzgerald’s website does not seem to show a response to the state party’s statement, but it does include a rebuttal to similar accusations of anti-Semitism from former state party chair Ron Nehring. 

“I am not an anti-Semite by any means, I am strictly an honest and ethical person who has the temerity to state fact: Israel has an absolute stranglehold over U.S. foreign-policy, and has for decades, at the expense and peril of our soldiers and America’s best interests,” Fitzgerald wrote... 

Read more at https://forward.com 

Michael Hoffmans Afterword 


The Zionist newspaper Forward inserts an editorial opinion   in what is supposed to be an objective news report   that it is a false claim to state that Judaic persons played a prominent role in the African slave trade. Actually, this fact is demonstrably true, as documented in  the magisterial two-volume history, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews. 

Moreover, if Ursula Haverbeck, who has been demonized by the western media as “the Nazi Grandma,” is not courageous for questioning the existence of homicidal gas chambers in Auschwitz, for which the punishment in Zionist Germany is five years’ imprisonment, then courage has a new meaning only Orwell would recognize.

Name-calling, libel, censorship, inquisition and the dungeon are all that the Zionists and their lapdogs in the government of Germany and the corporate media possess as a means for upholding the holy execution gas chamber idol.  That an 89-year-old woman was sent to prison this month for merely asking probing questions about one detail of the the alleged history of World War II, is a shame and a disgrace that ought to be recognized as such by even half-sane persons. But sanity is a commodity in short supply in our world today.


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