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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Necromancy in Parkland

Necromancy in Parkland at Stonemason High
The Ceremonial Aspects of our National Death Trip

By Michael Hoffman
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Nikolas Cruz moments after he was apprehended. Note the image on his sleeve.

The Horus falcon of ancient Egypt.

 On Feb 15, 2018, at 12:59, William XXXXXX wrote:
Hello Michael, 
 In terms of the "Parkland"shooting do you think it is significant that this took place in Parkland, Fla. with the fact that the hospital that President Kennedy died in was "Parkland”? Also the fact these shootings took place on'Valentines Day." Another Valentine's Day massacre! I think there is a lot of symbolism here and would be very interested in your perspective. 
Best regards, Bill
 Is it “Stonemason” or “Stoneman" High School?

 Screen grab from the Google search engine, at 2:36 p.m. February 15, 2018 

StonemasonHigh School 
The killing site is most often referred to as “Stoneman” High,  but sometimes “Stonemason” supplants “Stoneman" in reports by various establishment media. It’s an instructive “mistake.” 

Dear Bill

My gut intuition is that the latest massacre is a contagious death trip immersion: the more we look at it or talk about it, the more our lives get soured.

I agree with you about the symbolism. Yes, Parkland in the context of President Kennedy’s murder and this mass murder, constitutes twilight language, and taken together with the infamous 1929 “The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre” from the annals of gangland, and we have some haunting parallels. 

The origins of Valentine’s Day are not happy if the fate of its namesake, Saint Valentinus, is any guide:  "According to the official biography of the Diocese of Terni, Bishop Valentine was born and lived in Interamna and while on a temporary stay in Rome he was imprisoned, tortured, and martyred there on February 14, A.D. 269.

Feb. 14 was also the 73rd anniversary of the Allied holocaust in Dresden, where Americans assisted the British in massacring at least 100,000 German civilians. 

Then there is the abortion holocaust to which the media are oblivious. They cherish abolitionist John Brown for declaring that the country had to be purged with blood for slavery:

"I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land can never be purged away but with blood." (December 2, 1859).

But the media will not countenance the possibility that America is being purged for its mass murder of the most helpless and dehumanized in our society — unborn children. And here I am not saying that the innocent souls massacred in Florida deserved to die, or anything approaching such an equivalence. The perpetrator seems to be a demon-possessed individual. Nonetheless the old aphorism, “What goes around comes around,” may apply to our America which increasingly resembles a haunted house.

I’m sticking with my initial intuition: that this is a manifestation of the recrudescent pyramid religion whose focus both now and thousands of years ago, is almost entirely on dead matter. Whether at Parkland in Florida or the "Route 91 Harvest shootings" in Las Vegas last October, we are being forced into attendance upon a ceremonial Dia de Muertos on a national scale, like the Aztec and Egyptian people of old. In the words of H.P. Lovecraft “…behind it all I saw the ineffable malignity of primordial necromancy.

In the short term, all the demon-possessed gunmen like the Florida shooter who are captured alive, should be hanged in public after a fair trial by a jury of their peers (this will prove too grisly for the degenerate liberals however, for whom an ocean of aborted baby blood elicits little or no indignation or offense).

In the long term it will require a moral revolution that commences with sandblasting those pyramid icons off the Federal buildings that exist in every major American city. These are edifices where the display of a Crucifix is against the law — and remove the pyramid from our dollar bills. The Babylonian Talmud states that ten measures of witchcraft were bestowed upon the world and that ancient Egypt received nine of those measures.

 America mystica is occult to the core. It will take another Hercules to clean out these Augean stables of ours, and obtain recognition for unborn human beings — as being, in obvious fact, human

Until then, expect more mass killings, with guns being scapegoated (when some crazed murderer or terrorist mows down people with a truck or an automobile, makers of cars and trucks are not sued in court, and there is no talk of limiting their possession).

The continuation of Michael Hoffman’s work is dependent upon the charity of readers and the sale of his writing and recordings


Stan said...

Ironically the city of Parkland was awarded "The safest city in America" award in 2017.

Besides that the school had drills preparing teachers for such a scenario, i.e. school shooting, only a week or two weeks ago so I heard.

The problem is that education especially Statist education with its atheistic secular humanism as the root or foundation leads to confusion and ultimately death i.e. "There is a way that seems right to man but in the end it leads to death." Yet, our God and Father is not the "author of confusion." Thus, with the knowledge of Him, His Son and His absolute Truth based on His Word being rejected in American schools, and by extension society, it's no wonder that America's children are the victims of this Satanic doctrine. Education nowadays promotes confusion e.g. gender confusion, religious confusion, cultural confusion, racial confusion, etc. all based on political correctness and secularism.

D3F1ANT said...

So Parkland was the name of the hospital Kennedy died in? Kennedy died in his car with a huge chunk of his head missing! Then was taken to Bethesda! Even if it WERE true...big deal! LOL! I'm sure, at some point, Kennedy used the word "Him" in a sentence...and so has Cruz! Coincidence? Or CONSPIRACY? LOL! And "ANOTHER" Valentine's Day Massacre? OK...big deal? What's that mean? St. Valentine was a mass shooter? LOL! I mean...this is absurd!

Michael Hoffman said...


Whether or not these studies will still your mockery, for your edification, or that of others more attuned to how Twilight Language is employed by the Cryptocracy in ritual killings, see these links:



profnasty said...

Like Vegas' massacre was center stage for the Egyptian oblysk at Luxor.
It's the occult every time.

CumExApostolatusOfficio said...

George Webb (YouTube channel) has some interesting ideas about the Parkland school shooting. "Start with Day 119.2 Shout Out To My Hommie Nick From CTC"
If you've never listened to George Webb (aka George Sweigert), you may feel a little lost, but keep listening. It becomes more clear.

Unknown said...

1. Outlaw civilian ownership of magazine-fed, clip-fed, belt-fed, and drum-fed hand-guns and shoulder fire-arms. Only the police and military would be allowed to own them.

2. Civililians would be allowed to own revolver hand-guns and carbines or if there are such things: rifles and shotguns that use a revolving cylinder to load. Revolver speed loaders would be allowed.

3. Tubular-fed shotguns and rifles would be allowed for civilians as long as the tube did not extend beyond the currently legal barrel lengths. If there are tubular-fed pistols then the same allowance would apply to them for civilians. BUT, the tubes would have to be loaded by hand one cartridge or shell at a time. A trap-door .50 calibre Springfield repeating rifle was all Geronimo had.

4. What would John Wesley Hardin do? He carried spare cylinders that were already loaded for his cap and ball revolvers. WE DON'T NEED HIGH CAPACITY FIRE-ARMS.

Anonymous said...

Go start your own country and make that the rules...we already have rules here that tell us what to do about guns...rules that men put into place so that we can defend ourselves if even those whom you trust so well to have guns should ever prove untrue...look up statistics on democide..then tell me again who you trust to have what guns and why....Sam Adams

Lawrence said...

The sheriff that is being interviewed and is pleading for gun control is Jew Scott Israel.

“My Jewish faith is a central part of my entire life,” the flier quotes Israel as saying. “My late father Sonny Israel fought in the Korean War and became a police officer because he believed in the call from the Talmud that ‘Whoever saves one life saves an entire world.’ Those words guided my brother and I, as we also became police officers.”


Jeff Masters- San Francisco said...

"But the media will not countenance the possibility that America is being purged for its mass murder of the most helpless and dehumanized in our society — unborn children."

Dear Mike, In past posts, you have indicated that you believe Russia is becoming a Christian nation, and that Putin is a Christian leader (though recently you have recognized that Putin is Macchiavelian, though I don't see how Macchiavelian statecraft can prevail from a weak position vis-a-vis the "West" (Talmudic-Zionist-Nato-Pentagon-CIA-Masonic World Order)).
Please see the link below on abortion rates by country or region, then substitute Russia for America in you quote, above. Citing recent statistics, Russia's abortion rate is more than twice as high as North America (US, Canada, Mexico). Your point is well taken on "being purged for mass murder of the most helpless...". Maybe it explains why Russia's loss of life recently of people outside the womb dwarfs the loss of life of US citizens in this regard. I tend to agree with "Maurice Pinay" about Putin. P.S.- Murderers in this country must get their guns from somewhere, unless they manufacture them themselves with 3-D printers. Could it be that they obtain them from those true red, white, and blue flag-waving gun dealers and collectors? Message to gun dealers and collectors. Your guns ain't bein' used to kill them rag-heads over there!


Michael Hoffman said...

Putin is not the dictator of Russia, contrary to US media disinformation. He has encouraged large families and is working for state aid for Russian parents of large families. Russia had 70 years of Soviet rule. Abortion was integral to it. Putin is trying to elevate the Russian people away from that legacy. He does not have the dictatorial mandate to forbid abortion at this time.
Meanwhile what is America’s excuse? We betrayed our 200 year Christian heritage to impose Soviet-like abortion on demand.
Machiavellian is a term I apply to all politicians and those on the international stage are even more deeply compromised by Nachiavellian statecraft. Don’t trust any pollitician.

The Militia Guy said...

Anonymous said: "...we already have rules here that tell us what to do about guns...rules that men put into place so that we can defend ourselves..."

Guns w/o organization are easy pickings for the Cryptocracy's para-military Police State apparatus (including NG and troops Sheeple are brainwashed to support.

The Founders said "A well regulated Militia (is) necessary to the security of a free state. Probably why the controlled opposition NRA and other gun lobby groups are silent about the "M" word.

St. Joseph, pray for Texit.
Our Lady of the Rosary, save Russia.
Viva Cristo Rey!

"Landholt for Congress" is unable to get this crucial point across to Sheeple. Will keep trying, though. "Not my will, but God's will be done."



Anonymous said...

LOL Fucking schizo-esque LUNATIC. This blog is for the mentally ill. Stick to doodling in coloring books, you complete RETARD! TRY TO STAY INSIDE THE LINES, BABY BRAINS! LOL