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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Secret FBI File on Martin Luther King released

Previously Secret FBI File on Martin Luther King released

By Michael Hoffman • www.RevisionistHistory.org

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., that pious pillar of rectitude and shining light of probity contrasted with white Southern moral lepers, is a fixture of "Civil Rights” mythology and Hollywood cinema, and comprises a sacred tenet of the dogmatic secular religion of Multiculturalism-and-Diversity, which is believed with an absolute faith impervious to reason. It is shoved down every public school child’s throat annually in January, when Ronald Reagan’s national “King Holiday" is observed.

We knew something was terribly wrong with King when in 1977 a federal judge sealed the main trove of secret government files on him for 50 years — until the year 2027. They remain sealed to this day. Yet in the recent “document dump” of previously clandestine U.S. intelligence dossiers on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, files on King’s activities in 1964 and 1968 were released.

Among these is a 20 page FBI dossier in which the last two pages focus on King’s sexual activities, including relentless adultery, conceiving a child out of wedlock, and sex perversions, among them orgies both heterosexual and homosexual. 

Predicated on the gradual processing of humanity from human to bestial, the freeze-thaw formula for handling information the American people have the right to know immediately, is to freeze it at the time that the people remain morally upright, and then release it after a period of time in which their conditioning has been maximized and they themselves are too compromised to care. Adultery and children born out of wedlock — in an age when 30 million infants have been murdered in government-sanctioned abortion, and men who sodomize other men can have their act legally dignified as matrimony — is no longer a hot topic for most Americans — though King’s orgies with men and women in the midst of Civil Rights seminars and convocations probably still retains some shock value, even in 2017.

Other facts about King, that he was a Communist sympathizer (his Communist Party controller was Stanley Levison), and a fake PhD. (King cheated on his PhD. thesis), were known to “conservative” President Ronald Reagan prior to his signing the Martin Luther King National Holiday into law. The quondam Hollywood B-movie actor, whose White House schedule was set by San Francisco astrologer Joan Quigley, shrugged his broad shoulders when challenged by New Hampshire Governor Meldrim Thomson Jr. about the prudence of making King into a national icon. Reagan cynically replied that “image" prevails over "reality.”

But not any more, not in our time, when much of the underside of the reality about official heroes no longer appalls and is merely grist for the media thrill mill.

Martin Luther King was assassinated by his own handlers in 1968. He had become a liability as his sexual appetite increasingly entailed orchestrating group sex acts that were difficult to conceal. Meanwhile the nation was enduring escalating street violence on the part of his “nonviolent” followers. To the Cryptocracy that directed the Civil Rights revolution, King was worth more as a dead martyr than alive as a highly compromised hypocrite.

The question to ponder concerns whether the hour is now too late for anyone to seriously care enough to rescind his holiday and repudiate his movement — a movement which took away the immemorial right of employers to hire, and property owners to house, whom they choose. The calamitous loss of these rights is not a cause for celebration. Perhaps a new generation of home-schooled young people will in the future restore sanity to our laws. Until then, Martin Lucifer King remains a government and media-certified saint.

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CumExApostolatusOfficio said...

The day in January commemorating King (it's not a holy day aka a holiday) is not likely to be rescinded anytime soon. It's one of the weapons in the cryptocracy's arsenal to keep blacks on the victim plantation, wherein the "dream" has not yet been fulfilled, and to keep whites living in fear of being typecast as bigoted klan members.

Alex K said...

You have made a comment to a property owner can house anyone he wants.
But is he allowed to charge (rent) or usury for the use of the property?
Thank You

Michael Hoffman said...

There is no Biblical ban in charging for the use of property.

Alex K said...

Thank you for your answer.
What if that fee for using the property is high enough that it makes the "lender" profit?
For example maintaining a property takes funds but if what is asked in return exceeds that amount, isn't that theft?
Thank You

Michael Hoffman said...

This issue is what the medieval Church termed the “just price.” Greed is never Scriptural and whatever non-usurious accommodation or service is offered should be at a fair price and not price-gouging.

Alex K said...

Thank You Michael for clarifying.

Anonymous said...

From what little this man understands . A man can own property a corporation cannot since it is not a man . A person is not a man , but but the image to which the man speaks through .
A private idiot man is not part of the legalese society to which we have all been hoodwinked into through our ignorance .
The legalese society i believe still uses latin as its original meaning of words . The state which was created on paper by man is a 2 dimensional object. A man is a multidimensional being .

No matter what man can only borrow a piece of this current earth because of the death of his vessel . Biblically it is supposed to pass down indefinitely to his heirs

Peter said...

What hog wash!
Hoover had a "hard on" for King for years. Hoover's twisted little mind conjured these sexual fantasies swirling around King. Hoover projected his own feverish delusions onto King (devilish offspring of Hoover's own filthy little mind.
King was one thousands times the man Hoover was and Hoover knew it.
(H.L. Mencken is turning over in his grave about now.)
Smuthounds like Hoover were the real deviants. I seriously doubt these accusations of King's indiscretions.
Supposed indecency and immorality are distractions leading people away from real issues. An excerpt from a biography of H.L. Mencken seems appropriate.
*** Warren G. Harding interested Mencken because, in his opinion, he was exactly what the American people---"the cabbage eating hinds, the sweating booboises" deserved. Harding's inglorious affair with Nan Britton only proved, to Mencken, that Americans were amateurs in love--"furtive , lascivious, sin-drenched oafs." Mencken held Harding in higher esteem than Wilson. "There is no comparison between the two men", he said. "Wilson was a liar, a born crooked utterly untrustworthy man. Harding, perhaps didn't know as much as Wilson, but more of what he knew was true than was the case with Wilson. Harding kept his word with his friends, he paid his debts,he diddled this or that girl without any pose of holiness. Wilson never kept his word, never paid his debts and was far more the ass-pincher than Harding but he always did it with a Bible in his hip pocket.***
(Substitute Hoover for Wilson and King for Harding)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Hoffman has been reading the Talmud a bit too much, taking Hoover's salacious bait while exactly missing the core of the Civil Rights movement with what is universal philosophical moral truth, from Genesis, that man is made in God's image, affirmed in the Gospel and so affirmed in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights.

One needs to understand that when King was assasinated he was bringing together the Civil Rights movement with that of the Antiwar movement and Labor. Something that would have had a far greater uniting of people, against the poverty of war, racism and economic poverty, where King indeed recognized that all were linked and that economic poverty is not the true human condition.

The message is an immortal one at the heart of Christianity and true civilization. The person who best understands this is Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr as exemplified by this talk in honor of Dr. King's example entitled "The Immortal Talent of Martin Luther King Jr"


Of course LaRouche was attacked by the same FBI apparatus of the British Empire as attacked King, where in the case of LaRouche it was Robert Meuller, the 9/11 cover-up artist and now part of the present coup against the Presidency and specifically President Trump who with overtures towards peace with Russia and China, could well secure the end of British Geopolitics of monetarist by accepting the invitations
of Russia and China which are the New Silk Road/One Belt initiatives which LaRouche and his wife Helga are the strategic architects of.

One wonders what the FBI files on Jesus were?

You see when King was killed, the intended result was race baiting divisions typified by Ford Foundation operative Obama, Black Lives Matter paired the Right wing dupes, etc. Divide and conquer, though

May I lastly note that LaRouche here speaks directly of the 'Dignity of Work' for those that posit that King was about the free money delusion.

Michael Hoffman said...

To Anonymous

(Please in the future sign your name with some nickname or other moniker so we can distinguish you from some other anonymous commenter).

Yes, men and women of all races represent the Imago Dei; no question there. But did the “Civil Rights” movement actually embody that tenet of western civilization, or was it a Trojan Horse that created a welfare mentality and exacerbate the racial resentment and sense of entitlement kindled by revolutionary Leftist forces?

Prior to the victory of the "Civil Rights" movement, black people owned businesses and industries throughout the South. Many practiced Booker T. Washington's self-reliance gospel. Today Washington has been nearly completely eclipsed by M.L. King.

Bottom line: The Civil Rights Act of 1964, inspired by King though enacted by white senators and representatives, robbed the immemorial right of every American of every color to choose to employ and house whomever they pleased on their own property -that's not a human rights advancement. It's a tyrannical abridgment.

L said...

Unfortunately Mr. Hoffman has taken Mr. Hoover's Talmudic bait with this rather shallow attack upon Martin Luther King JR. One wonders what the FBI files on Jesus are....!

As a point of charity towards Mr. Hofffman, others and all of us, I think that the following address by Lyndon LaRouche entitled "The Immortal Talent of Martin Luther King Jr." is essential.


Note that the same apparatus attacking King was employed against LaRouche, where topical to today's crisis it was 9/11 cover-up artist to be Robert Meuller who was employed in the 'railroading' of LaRouche and where we presently have Meuller employed in the Coup against the Presidency, because Donald Trump represents a leader capable of recognizing the invitations of Russia and China to America to join the New Silk Road/One Road one Belt initiatives that are based upon the strategic architecture or Helga and Lyndon LaRouche against the British monetarist One World Order.

King was murdered because he was not a warmongering racebaiting welfare queen uncle Tom typified by Ford Foundation CIA operative Obama.

No as LaRouche makes clear King understood work, the importance of true work for people and not the gimme games of people reduced to the status of animals.

Thus the address affirms what is at the core of universal civilization that man is not an animal, but made in the image of God, that King accessed such truths that we find in the Gospel and in the Declaration of Independence & Constitution against the slave empires towards true

Maat said...

Well yes if we stand upon the principle of Imago Dei as the starting point then we can call into question whether or not legislation such as the Civil Rights Act did indeed further such in practice as well as principle.

To your question though one must consider if there is a left posited then what of the right, to which the rights of segregation, or on the contrary forced integration, the balance being that indeed people have treated others like animals, including themselves.

To the presentation of LaRoche's, which again is essential viewing, is missing the introduction by Amelia Boynton Robinson, the woman recognized as the godmother of the Voting Rights Act, the person who invited King to come to Selma, beaten on the Edmund Pettis Bridge that day would be later shunned by many for her involvement with LaRouche because she was not afraid to recognize vocally that his ideas were at the true core of the Civil Rights movement for it was with LaRouche that classical universal civilization as that mission of Agape, that love of humanity was continuing across many brigdes blocked by the police states...of mind & broken spirits.

Amelia's intro


So it is by disenfranchisement that we

Leon said...

Mr. Hoffman,

You raise some interesting points as it relates to the humanity or dubious nature of civil rights icon, Dr. Martin Luther King. The historical context and character of many luminaries is rightfully dubious. Let's examine King James or JFK for example....need I really say more?

As you should know all too well, there is duality to the contrary of what history has recorded as precedent or a milestone for the movements that have changed, improved or raised the social consciousness of white supremacy in all it's manifestations.

Dr. Martin Luther King was a human being. Inasmuch as this may shock you or your subscribers. If these accusations are true, does this legitimize martyrdom? No! What it does emphasize and exalt is an unfinished legacy in the record of doing what was right in the power of now. On the other hand, if any objective is to marginalize the efficacy of King's legacy. Then perhaps the disclosure of a dossier of that caliber is necessary.

To your point, an anonymous response indicated Hoover had his own agenda particularly as it relates to freedom fighters in the evil vortex created by Co-IntelPro. I do not recall where an FBI dossier was a scriptural reference for conduct. Blogs like yours are full of criticism that attempt to bring truth to light. I get it.

The Bible is full of people memorialized as saints, but were caught up in reprehensible scandals. Unfortunately, this is the true nature of humanity, a cyclical drama of tragedy mixed with deeds that somehow alter the course of history; sometimes for the better and sometimes not.

In the case of Dr. Martin Luther King the dream has been "deferred" as Langston Hughes would say. Because in the midst of real change, his work was and will be unfinished.