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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Amazon bans World War II revisionist books

By Michael Hoffman 

Today Amazon, the huge, Seattle-based online book distributor, has removed from sale “dangerous” books authored by Dr. Arthur R. Butz of Northwestern University, Carlo Mattogno of Italy, and other eminent dissident scholars who dare to ask scientific and technical questions about the operation of alleged homicidal gas chambers in Auschwitz. These heretics have trespassed on the sacred liturgy of Holocaustianity and their troubling treatises must be forbidden so as to preserve the holiness of World War II dogma.

Amazon has been selling these and similar books for years, but in the past 20 months rabbis and the Yad Vashem “Holocaust” museum have pressured Amazon to remove these and cognate titles. Moreover, Amazon’s owner, Jeff Bezos, purchased the Washington Post and fashioned it into a beachhead of Left wing orthodoxy. The process may have politicized and neutralized his formerly Libertarian instincts.

Books advocating Satanism and sodomy, and denying the Allied holocaust against German civilians, and the Israeli holocaust against the Palestinians, continue to be sold by Amazon.

The censorship is conducted under the rubric of “fighting hatred” and “combatting anti-Semitism.” But this is just special pleading. Books evincing hatred for Germans, Arabs, Iranians and white southern “deplorables” are all on offer at Amazon, as are books denying that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. So it all depends on whose ox is being gored. As many of you know, there’s one sacred cow that is more equal than others. Its name is the Golden Calf.

Michael Hoffman is the author of The Great Holocaust Trial: The Landmark Battle for the Right to Doubt the West’s Most Sacred Relic

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Our report was subsequently translated into French by an indefatigable revisionist based in Paris, who tirelessly donates time and effort to our cause. For the benefit of our French-literate readers who may wish to disseminate it, here it is:

Urgent !
Amazon s'est incliné et a obtempéré : Yad Vashem l'ayant exigé, ce géant de
la distribution ne diffuse plus les livres révisionnistes (voy. n/message du
28 février intitulé "Yad Vashem fait pression sur Amazon") ! On verra
ci-après ce que nous en dit le révisionniste américain Michael Hoffman. Mais
tout de suite un message URGENT de Maria Poumier :
<< Je vous signale qu'Amazon.fr n'a pas encore pris la même décision, mais
ça ne saurait tarder. Recommandez à vos amis d'acheter sans attendre le
"Mémoire en défense" [du Pr Faurisson] sur amazon.fr, et de le faire savoir
à leurs amis (une collection impressionnante d'avis très favorables, un vrai
festival, allez voir la page). Mais que les ennemis ne découvrent pas trop
vite la chose... >>

Voici maintenant l'article de Michael Hoffman à ce propos (traduction

Amazon interdit des livres sur la Deuxième Guerre mondiale
8 mars 2017

Nous venons d'apprendre que Amazon, le géant de la distribution en ligne
basé à Seattle, a retiré de la vente des ouvrages du Dr Arthur Butz, de
Carlo Mattogno et autres éminents érudits dissidents qui ont osé poser des
questions scientifiques et techniques sur le prétendu fonctionnement des
chambres à gaz homicides d'Auschwitz. Ces hérétiques ont transgressé la
sainte liturgie de l'Holocaustianisme et leurs livres doivent être interdits
pour préserver la sainteté du dogme de la Deuxième Guerre mondiale.
Voilà des années qu'Amazon vend ces livres et d'autres ouvrages
similaires mais, ces 20 derniers mois, les rabbins et le Musée de
"l'Holocauste" de Yad Vashem ont fait pression sur Amazon pour que celui-ci
supprime ces titres et autres titres apparentés. En outre, le propriétaire
d'Amazon, Jeff Bezos, a acheté le "Washington Post" et en a fait une tête de
pont de l'orthodoxie gauchiste, ce qui a probablement politisé et neutralisé
ses anciens instincts libertaires.

   Les livres préconisant le satanisme et la sodomie, ainsi que ceux qui
nient l'holocauste pratiqué par les Alliés contre les civils allemands ou
pratiqué par les Israéliens contre les Palestiniens, eux, sont toujours en
vente chez Amazon.

   La censure est menée sous l'intitulé "lutte contre la haine" et "lutte
contre l'antisémitisme". Mais ce n'est là qu'un argument spécieux : les
livres qui traduisent la haine contre les Allemands, contre les Arabes,
contre les Iraniens et contre les "Déplorables" blancs du Sud [expression
d'Hillary Clinton] sont tous en promotion chez Amazon, tout comme les livres
qui nient que Jésus-Christ est ressuscité d'entre les morts. Par conséquent
tout dépend du b¦uf qu'on veut encorner. Comme beaucoup d'entre vous le
savent, il existe une vache sacrée qui est plus égale que d'autres. Son nom
est le Veau d'Or. 

   Michael Hoffman est l'auteur de The Great Holocaust Trial: The Landmark
Battle for the Right to Doubt the West’s¹ Most Sacred Relic (Le Grand Procès
de l'Holocauste/ La bataille historique pour le droit de douter de la
relique la plus sacrée de l'Occident) (*).
   P.S.: Pour une raison quelconque, certains des ouvrages du Pr Robert
Faurisson ­ celui qui, comme Thomas, doute ­ sont encore en vente chez
Amazon. Peut-être les inquisiteurs n'ont-ils pas (encore) trouvé le temps de
les enlever.

(*) La base de la base ! Le livre existe en français : Le Grand Procès de
l'Holocauste/ L’extraordinaire aventure d¹Ernst Zündel, chez Akribeia, 20
euros + port, www.akribeia.fr ou <plantin-akri@laposte.net>


Al Ellis said...

March 9th 2017- Amazon still sells "The Great Holocaust Trial". If Amazon interdicts it, or any of Michael Hoffman's other titles, I will stop buying from them.

robert pickle said...

Amazon also banned Texe Marrs new book "Holy Serpent of the Jews"


Dachsie said...

Recently, Amazon.com has followed the banning of Nobody Died At Sandy Hook with the banning of the second Moon Rock Book, MoonRockBooks.com, And I suppose we didn’t go to the Moon, either?, solely due to the fact that it offers an alternative view of the historical event known as the “Holocaust.”

The WaPo / Amazon Bezos boys must be working overtime in the banning department.

Johnny Gonzales said...

The thought police of Amazon bellows once again.

Edward Budny said...


apsterian said...

Censorship Function Of MONOPOLY/Cartel Power, Empire, Dictatorship

Note specifically, the sort of activity we have here for Amazon censorship, is exertion of MONOPOLY AND MONOPOLISM which is direct result of the MASTER monopoly, at the top of it all, economically, the central bank (see Mises.org for expo on central-banking), which has EXCLUSIVE privilege of issuance of credit and currency (not real "money"), literally LEGALIZED COUNTERFEITING by which fascists print-up and nowadays digitalize practically all the currency they need to establishment of empire and dictatorship.

So when u have a monopoly/cartel like the central bank feeding funds and currency to whom they please, u have the steady build-up of an all-powerful monopolized empire and dictatorship, able to own and control EVERYTHING and everyone, by means of bribery and extortion, anyone not co-operating easily "removed" and/or neutralized, owning/controlling all the judges, politicians, lawyers, cops, soldiers, etc. Note power to legally counterfeit the currency is closest thing to god-like power on earth, controlling all other organized crime and practically any activity whatever. Their next step is to outlaw cash.

Thus the central bank soon enough and necessarily owns and controls every aspect of the economy, as we see, the mass-corp. Jews-media, "Big Pharma," literally poisoning everyone by means of toxic vaccines and poison prescription drugs. Other monopolies, like Jew-owned and -controlled Mon-satan (Monsanto) corp. forces poison GMO foods on people.

Thus central bank is key and crucial monopoly for the totally satanic society and CULTURE OF DEATH, mass-murdering the people in accord w. United Nations (UN) Agenda-21 and -30 addendum, population reduction, all this by slow-kill methods, not even noticed by the distracted, dumbed-down population.

And once the central bank is established, since 1913 now, there is NO HOPE but for the topmost powers to eventually falling-out, the people having been long-since rendered impotent by all the various means, but esp. by means of capture of the "mass-consciousness" ("Jews-media") and all established religion, including Christian worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) founded upon necessary basis of objective (God-given) reality, against Jew subjectivism/satanism (JOHN 8:44), subjectivism the basis of lies and "midrash" (interpretation, as of Torah).

And there's no solution; the forest fire must merely burn itself out, as by means of eventual currency collapse and hyper-inflation (coming soon, according to analysts), humanity surviving best it can, IF it can survive, Lord have mercy.

But meantime, the people can try and fight for their lives, as by means of advocacy of reason, freedom, and real money, commodity-based, the best being gold/silver, the break-up of the centralized empire, states-rights, nullification, secession, removal of the income-tax and IRS (internal revenue), minimum wages, progressive taxation, etc.