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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Progress Report on 'Occult Renaissance Church of Rome'

Progress Report on the book:
"The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome"

By Michael Hoffman

You’ve heard the old joke, “I’ve got good news and bad news," the jet pilot tells the passengers. “The bad news is, we're lost. The good news is, we're making good time."

I’ve got good news and and not so good news about my much anticipated (thank you!) book, The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome, now nearly four years in the making. The bad news: it won’t be released until Lent. The good news: I’m making excellent progress.

The book is essentially written, and while I don’t want to claim for myself the laurel of a perfectionist, I can say that I am going through it with care on its final reading before it is turned over to our expert proof-reader in Texas, and I can’t keep myself from adding details! Every day (yes, day) I obtain more. I eat and sleep the Renaissance — the Kabbalah in the Renaissance, the popes in the Renaissance (Innocent VIII, Alexander VI, Julius II, Leo X, Adrian VI, Clement VII, Paul III and on and on); then there’s Ficino, Reuchlin, Viterbo, Medici, etc. etc. The material seems to be inexhaustible and highly significant. How can I leave the datum out from over there, I ask myself — and this fact — and that one!  

How do I stop writing this history?

The extent of the conspiracies against the Church of Jesus Christ on the part of Renaissance popes and their hierarchies is often of such a depth that one almost needs wings to stay above it and not drown. I could write this book for another year with no lack of material — however, colleagues, benefactors and would-be customers have said, in the main — basta! (enough). So basta it is, as I fine-tooth comb the final sections.

At present, I’m reviewing the section on Renaissance-papal sponsorship of the Talmud and Kabbalah. “But Hoffman, the Church burned the Talmud!,” you protest. Right. But that came later, and even then it was fraught with compromise, trade-offs (in one case, burning the Talmud so as to save 2,000 copies of the Kabbalah), and unimaginable skullduggery. After the Talmudic horse had decisively departed the Augean stables of the Vatican, then and only then was there a theatrical move against the Talmud. 

Of course there were many good, solid conservative churchmen who opposed all this. One of the best of them comes to mind: Girolamo Savonarola. He was burned for his trouble, after which Neoplatonic-Hermetic-Kabbalists were appointed cardinals, and elected as popes. It didn’t start with the Enlightenment, folks. The spiritual and ideological progenitors of the Second Vatican Council lived in Italy (mostly), more than 200 years before Rousseau and Kant.

When I finish the final inspection of the manuscript — I work 5 am to 10 pm, with breaks for lunch, supper, walking a few miles, seeing my family and shoveling the roof (I live in north Idaho) — the ms. goes to the proof-reader, while I do the index. After that, it’s bound for our superb, elite printer in the east. We’d love to publish the book on Ash Wednesday, but it may be a few days or (gulp) a couple of weeks afterward, but nevertheless during Lent, the time for reflection.

I am grateful to the benefactors who have made this history possible. I never take it for granted that I have the luxury of working full time as a historian, and it seems that God has opened many doors to make this volume's completion possible, though as I look over the last sections, still astonished over the degree of the usurpation that transformed the Catholic Church into the Church of Rome, I sometimes wonder if some of the book’s readers will  prepare a fiery reception (auto-da-fé ) for yours truly.

Will I alienate, anger and lose donors, customers and friends after The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome is published? I am a very impractical person. As long as I retain the friendship of God, all will be well! 

P.S. Orders will be taken circa February 25. Please don’t enquire until then. Thank you.

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Dead Reckoning said...

We are all rooting for you. Sacred cows make the best hamburgers and its sounds like we've got quite a meal coming up.

Nicholas Landholdt said...

"Sacred cows make the best hamburgers". Good thing I wasn't drinking something when I read that classic. For sure I'm going to remember that one.

aferrismoon said...

In the 1973 film 'O Lucky Man!' a scene involves the protagonist stumbling across a patient lying in bed shivering and moaning, on pulling back the sheets he is revealed to have a pig's body.


Johnny Gonzales said...

Keep burning the midnight petroleum Michael can't wait.