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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hoffman interviewed about “Denial" movie: Irving vs. Lipstadt

On Swedish TV in English 

Michael Hoffman is interviewed about the new movie “Denial,” a fictionalized account of  historian David Irving's 2000 libel trial against "Holocaust denial" inquisitor Deborah Lipstadt

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Unknown said...

Michael, I saw the television interview! BRAVO!

JMoore said...

Great interview, hopefully the neo-pagans of the redicesphere will get a glimpse of Christian truth through this.

Unknown said...

Rachel Weisz as Lipstadt!? Oh no... Deb-O-Ruh is much much prettier than that! Hahahahahaha! The nerve of some people... Now that is libelous, I tell ya!
For Rachel, despite her careless use of trashy terms like 'shiksa' is not in the same universe as far as physical appearance goes.

And to put this casting mishap in perspective: the woman who starred as Betty Paige also does the role of Prof. Lipstadt.... Crikey, that's out there...