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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Legalization of sodomite marriage in Idaho

Against the democratic will of the people of Idaho, sodomite marriage is now legal

Making Law by Judicial Decision is a Rabbinic phenomenon

By Michael Hoffman • www.revisionisthistory.org
Supreme Court Allows Same-Sex Marriage in Idaho
By Adam Liptak • NY Times • October 10, 2014 • 6:32 PM ET
"In two terse sentences, the court lifted a temporary stay issued two days earlier by Justice Anthony M. Kennedy and denied Idaho officials’ request to block the Ninth Circuit’s decision striking down the ban."
Due to the usurping tyranny of the Federal courts and against the democratic will of the majority of the people of Idaho, sodomites in Idaho will now be allowed to confer on the sex they conduct in the sewer of the human body, the sacred name of marriage.

Two factors in this regard which are almost never reported, not even by "family values Conservatives":

1. In Talmudic Judaism the law is made not by any people’s legislature, but by judicial decision. Judges make the law in Orthodox Judaism and in the United States of America.  Coinicidence? We don't live under Muslim Sharia law (though a huge hysteria was mounted in the "Bible Belt" at the fantastic prospect of the introduction of this law), but our lives under Talmudic law is no figment of the imagination.

2. Responsibility for sex without children (sodomy) falls at least in part upon the shoulders of heterosexual married couples, namely "Christian" couples who, though physically healthy and able to conceive children, use artificial contraception to maintain a childless marriage. Surely this mockery of marriage leads sodomites to think, “If they can call sterility-by-choice ‘marriage,' then we can too."

It is not popular to place part of the blame for the brazen "marriage" of sodomites who should be ashamed rather than boasting of their “rights,” on the shoulders of contracepting "Christian" husbands and wives, but like Jeremiah of old, I do not shrink from indicting “Conservatives" who point a finger at others while absolving themselves of guilt. Artificially sterile "Christian” marriages have undoubtedly been an inspiration to sodomites, who proceed to seek to confer upon their own sterile sexual arrangements, matrimonial honor and respect. Corruptio optimi est pessima ("the abuse of the best things is the worst").

"Christian" couples who conspire to have a childless marriage or a marriage consisting of one or two offspring, are worse than sodomites. In fact they are worse than devils. To paraphrase the Rev. Nicholas Claget in his book, The Abuse of God's Grace: "The devils will confront carnal Christians as follows: You have out-sinned us. We were never guilty of such an affront to the Grace of God and the merits of Christ as you are. The Son of God assumed not our nature, undertook not our redemption, interceded not with his Father for us. He took your nature, died for you. Your abuse of his Grace is superlative guilt, of a deeper dye than our transgression."

Since sodomite marriage has become judically licensed in the United States, we are seeing the next trend —  fashionable approbation for other sins against nature which judges will legislate:  legalizing incest between brothers and sisters, and the decriminalizing of pedophilia. Combined with inhuman sado-masochistic violence embedded in the multi-billion dollar video game industry, and we have the realization of man-into-beast alchemy.

For a further elucidiation of these matters, cf. this writer's 54 minute speech on audio CD, "Sodomite Supremacy in America."To understand the medieval Church's startling (to the modern mind) equation of sodomy and usury, cf. our study on Dante Alighieri and The Inferno," in Revisionist History newsletter No. 67.

Our world is engulfed in a war of ideas, a war between good and evil. On the Day of Judgment, when you are called to give an account of what you did in this war —  how you waged it, and on whose side —  what will you say?

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Michael Hoffman is the author of Judaism's Strange Gods, and Judaism Discovered, and the publisher of Prof. Alexander McCaul’s The Talmud Tested — three powerful, book-length truth weapons which, if widely distributed, would seriously undercut or even overthrow the crypto-rabbis of American Judeo-Churchianity.


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stans said...

The "conservative" state of Missouri is doing it's best to keep up.There is just no end to our "leaders" selling us out. http://news.stlpublicradio.org/post/mayor-slay-marries-four-same-sex-couples-city-hall By the way,your R.H.#74 was outstanding.Thank you.