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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, December 23, 2013

Sodomite supremacy and the persecution of Christians

Sodomite Supremacists are spearheading the persecution and marginalization of Christians

I was at a catechism class the other night, and the priest teaching highlighted this point about those lost in sins of sodomy or of Gomorrah: deep down, they know what they do is profoundly wrong, incredibly disordered, offensive to God, and all the rest.  I have written similarly in the past, much of the cultural onslaught in favor of the perverse is about their always present need for affirmation. That affirmation serves to quell those pangs of conscience that afflict the souls lost in these sins... But it is never enough.  That is why this homosexual advocacy will be the vehicle of the coming persecution, there is a tendency among these folks to need not just continual, fawning affirmation, but a need to utterly crush any opposition that could serve as a reminder of their sin
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Unknown said...

Wow, amazing people like you actually exist. And all this hatred and intolerance in the name of GOD! Just fucking evolve. Sick bastard.

aferrismoon said...

Samantha , how exactly is 'sodomy' an evolutionary strategy? Except , naturally, the end of humanity, or is that perhaps the real evolutionary strategy skulking in the wings.

" Just fucking evolve " and ' Sick Bastard " prove intolerant terms. Why are you allowed to be intolerant while telling others how to behave?


MaryC said...

Well done, Samantha; you've just proven Michael's point.