Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Friday, November 01, 2013

Phantom gas chamber epistemology from the NSA

Eavesdropping on Hell: Historical Guide to Western Communications Intelligence and the Holocaust, 1939 - 1945 
Center for Cryptologic History: National Security Agency [NSA], 2011
From p. 69:

"Perhaps the most pertinent class list, HW 16, is the German police decrypts. This collection constitutes the most complete set of existing police decrypts...HW 16/10 contains the German Police Concentration Camp (GPCC) monthly reports of the inmate totals for a number of camps. These totals include arrivals, losses, and various nationalities and groups, including Jews. These reports did not carry information about those who arrived in the trains and were immediately murdered in gas chambers." (End quote)

Notice here the epistemology of Dogmatic True Belief (DTB). The top secret German Concentration Camp Police reports do not report deaths by gassing, even though they are top secret. In this case, the NSA should have written: There was no mention in these secret reports of any inmate being gassed in a gas chamber.

Instead, the NSA upholds DTB with a twisted epistemology: the phantom gas chamber victims are mentioned as a fact by NSA ("those who arrived in the trains and were immediately murdered in gas chambers”), even though there is no evidence of the operation of homicidal gas chambers in the top secret Concentration Camp Police reports under review by the NSA —  these reports being "the most complete set of existing police decrypts."

Rather than pointing out that the German police decrypts do not support the allegation of gassings, DTB requires that the phantom gassings be cited as fact, in spite of the evidence to the contrary.

(If reader-funding is forthcoming, we will have more to say in the future concerning this declassified NSA report which we have obtained).


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1 comment:

rupert chappelle said...

The German NAZIS executed/murdered people by shooting them, hanging them, carbon monoxide vans and by injection with carbolic acid and documented all of these methods.

But you cannot demonize getting shot, because then who would want to enlist and go to war and get shot?

But you cannot demonize getting hung, because our criminal justice system hanged people.

But you cannot demonize death by carbon monoxide since it was and is still a popular and rather painless way to commit suicide.

But you cannot demonize injection with carbolic acid, because you don't want to demonize medical procedures such as infections and you cannot demonize the compound used to manufacture psychiatric medicines such as Thorazine - phenothiazine/phenol/carbolic acid.

So what is left? What is the scariest way to die?

The gas chamber. See the movie "I want to live."

Yeah, that's the ticket - GAS CHAMBERS!

Demonize that because that is real scary and doesn't interfere with BUSINESS as USUAL.

Zyklon B was used to kill fleas and lice to prevent the spread of disease such as typhus. Let's blame the mass murder on FLEA BOMBS.

Yeah, people will believe that. Or else we will make them regret it.