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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Why does Abe Foxman hate Judaic-Americans?



aferrismoon said...

A BBC article on the wonders and popularity of the Talmud.



Michael Hoffman said...

The BBC article has a promising start in indicating that the Talmud predominates over the Bible, but then it succumbs to the rabbinic propaganda that the Talmud is just a “conversation." The question that is not asked is, if that is the case, how does a “conversation” end up dictating every aspect of the life of an observant Judaic? What is the exegetical engine that transforms an alleged “conversation” into halacha? The BBC doesn’t ask.

Notice that no contrary or dissenting authority is consulted to allude to the Talmud’s racism toward goyim, the self-worship it inculcates, its mockery and defiance of God; its blasphemies against Christians.

The BBC reporter merely accepts the liberal/conservative Judaic narrative as all that needs to be said; such a perspective is very protective of Talmudic religion; few religions enjoy such media protection.