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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Erich Priebke: the final interview

Read the interview here:

Too bad that in the course of the interview Mr. Priebke was not asked about his Catholicism. Was he a Roman Catholic during the war, or did he convert later in life? How did he manage to affiliate with the late French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre's breakaway "SSPX” priests’ group? (An Italian language interview with the district superior of the SSPX in Italy is online here).

The Vatican administration of "liberal, tolerant" Pope Francis banned Priebke's funeral with the tyranny of which two-faced liberals are particularly capable. This is perhaps one of the highest laurels that can be bestowed upon a freethinking dissident, that even after his death his cadaver itself is banned!

One of the reasons we ask the religious question is because the late German WWII veteran and revisionist scholar Hans Schmidt asserted that one reason Pope Pius XII did not believe in execution gas chambers in Auschwitz was due to intelligence he received from Catholic priests who had heard the sacramental confessions of German-Catholic Auschwitz personnel -- they had not confessed having participated in homicidal "gassings."

Dr. Faurisson has written a booklet (Pius XII's Revisionism) pointing out how, even after the war, this pope never once alluded in public to Auschwitz gas chamber extermination.


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Just Comments said...

Priebke followed orders as did the bomber crews of the RAF and USAF who killed thousands upon thousands of civilians. Priebke is a war criminal while the crews get lauded for bravery and have memorials are erected in their honour.

Indeed, it would seem that without our Talmudic inspired double standards we would have no standards at all.

dfk said...

Here´s the whole intewrview, this guy was not a war criminal: