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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Johannes Lerle imprisoned in Germany for doubting Six Million dogma

The imprisonment  of Johannes Lerle in a German dungeon is not an an issue for Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the US State Department or the liberal and conservative mainstream American media. He is quite simply a non-person.

 Holocaustianity is a civic religion, the last truly believed religion in the otherwise agnostic West. Lerle, as one of its heretics, may have any penalty, suffering or torment assessed against him and true believers in Holocaustianity will applaud. We think we have progressed from the Middle Ages. We pride ourselves on our “Enlightenment” values. It is all fraud and hypocrisy.  We are as primitive as ever. The imprisonment of Lerle is proof of that.



GodSend said...

Germany is nothing more than a SLAVE STATE of Zionist Israel.
Holocaustianity is the official State religion.
Frau F(M)erkel delivered 6 nuclear-capable subs to Israel at bargain-basement prices, so that they can be "delivered" to European capitals (and American cities) when THEY invoke the "Samson Option".
How much "Wiedergutmachen" blackmail can the Germans and the world stand?

J Peregrine said...

If I remember rightly, it was an unofficial Israeli source that claimed their submarines were capable of firing nuclear missiles. While I do not approve of anyone supplying arms to the Jewish State, there is some uncertainty as to whether Israel's Dolphin Class submarines would be armed with cruise missiles, c.f.:

... According to 'Jane's Fighting Ships', Israel has 3 submarines, all built in Germany, but none of these are big enough to carry a nuclear ballistic missile. They have a beam of 20 feet and a draught of just under 20 feet. The US 'Ohio' class of ballistic missile subs has a beam of 42 feet and a draught of 36 feet, large enough (just) to enable it to carry 24 Trident II missiles. The UK 'Vanguard' class is slightly smaller at 42 ft x 33 ft, which allows carriage of 16 missiles. In the missile storage areas on these subs, the launch tubes take up nearly the full height of the hull. The original Polaris subs of both UK and USA were smaller than the Ohios and Vanguards, but still massively larger than the Israeli subs of today, with beams of 33 ft and draughts of 30-33 ft. The Israeli vessels are simply too small to carry a ballistic missile, even the indigenous Jericho missile.

"They could carry torpedo tube-launched Tomahawk missiles, which are nuclear-capable, but each Tomahawk means one less torpedo or Harpoon anti-ship missile can be carried. Since the prime task of Israeli subs is to prevent an amphibious landing or raid on Israeli territory or to support commando raids by their own Special Forces, I think this is unlikely. Besides, Israel has never been supplied with Tomahawks. We would know about it if it was. All US-Israeli arms deals are done in the open,[*] as was the case with the recent delivery to Israel of bunker-buster aircraft bombs. Israel's nuclear capability lies in it's army and air force. The Jericho missiles based in the Negev provide a ground-based element, while the air force's F-15s and F-16s are all capable of carrying nuclear bombs...
--Steve Lister, post on German World Alliance Discussion Yahoo Group, Mon Jul 24, 2006


"Those submarines that Germany is supplying to Israel are NOT capable of delivering nuclear weapons. They carry only torpedoes and Harpoon anti-ship missiles. Harpoons have no land attack capability, and they have never been fitted with nuclear warheads, even by the USA (they're in service with just about every western navy, excluding France). The only nuclear-capable missile fired from a submarine's torpedo tubes is the Tomahawk land-attack missile - and only the US and Royal Navies have those.

"I don't doubt Israel has the capability to launch a nuclear attack on Iran - but it won't come from those German-built submarines."
--Steve Lister, post on German World Alliance Discussion Yahoo Group, Sep. 1, 2012


*I can neither confirm, nor deny, what my source asserts in this instance --Jeff.

GodSend said...

There is no question that Israel has the capability to launch cruise missiles armed with nuclear warheads from ANY of its 6 German-supplied submarines. These warheads are probably mini-nukes, similar to the ones used by Israel during their attack on the WTC on 911. (see James Fetzer articles for convincing details). So, Israel not only has NUKES of various sizes (secretly and illegally developed in Dimona), it has demonstrated its intention to use them. The "Samson Option" is not a bluff! Actually, there is good reason to believe that several of Israel's NUKES are already forward-deployed to their announced targets.