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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Self-righteous Blowhards Mock Muslim Rage

By Michael Hoffman 

The American ambassador to Libya, 52-year-old Christopher Stevens, has been killed in the city of Benghazi, due to outrage over the American Zionist movie, "Innocence of Muslims" which depicts the Islamic prophet Mohammed as a cowardly sex maniac with 61 wives. (Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith is believed to have had at least thirty-three wives and as many as forty-eight: cf. Dr. Todd Compton, In Sacred Loneliness: The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith).

A California real estate developer, Sam Bacile, who described himself as "an Israeli Jew," says he wrote and directed the "Innocence of Muslims" movie. According to the Associated Press, "The two-hour movie cost $5 million to make and was financed with the help of more than 100 Jewish donors."

In the wake of the tragic death of Ambassador Stevens, get ready for all the self-righteous, blowhard editorials in the U.S. media by those who feel smugly superior to outraged Muslims, and who forget that Mohammed is as sacred to them as alleged Auschwitz gas chambers are to westerners.

Blaspheming the holy gas chambers invites a prison sentence in several countries in Europe. Historian David Irving, chemist Germar Rudolf, publisher Ernst Zundel and several others have served prison sentences. Fines are levied in Canada and Australia. Gas chamber blasphemers have been beaten; at least one was killed. Bookstores have been closed and even torched. Zundel's home in Canada was burned to the ground in 1995.

How then are we in the West better than the Muslims, when we protect the sacred religion of Holocaustianity with censorship, imprisonment and violence? We demand the right to doubt Mohammed while we persecute those who doubt the existence of homicidal gas chambers in Auschwitz.

The right to doubt honestly, that is, doubt that is based on a reasonable apprehension of fantasies and contradictions being present in a dogma imposed by synagogue and state, is a Socratic imperative and an immemorial right - one that existed up until the time when the Talmudic spirit replaced the New Testament spirit.

But in our infantile American playpen, no such equivalent right to doubt is conceded. Instead, we are taught to doubt the legends of the enemy, while we are made to suppress doubts about the legends we hold dear. We have invented catgories: Holocaust denier, climate change denier, 9/11 conspiracy kook, to defame and degrade those who put forth nagging, "blasphemous" questions about the most cherished pieties of our consensus reality.

From our superior Talmudic perch, we sneer at Arabs who Israeli Shas party "spiritual leader" Rabbi Ovadia Yosef has said should be exterminated. (Members of Shas occupy high positions in Netanyahu's government). Yosef's most recent hate speech didn't even make it into the pages of the New York Times, so strong is the Zionist censorship in our "free and democratic" media.

We are drowning in a sea of hypocrisy.

Hoffman is the editor of  Revisionist History newsletter. He is at work on his latest book, "Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not."

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Eric Robinson said...

It appears that the US embassy attack will not only be used to defame Muslims but also as a catalyst for the normalization process in Libya enabling Western corporations to reap the profits they desire without being bothered:

"Senior US officials also told CNN that unmanned surveillance drones are expected to begin flying over Benghazai and other locations in eastern Libya to look for jihadi encampments and targets that may be tied to the deadly attack on American personnel."

You can also expect the media to be mum on the fact that these jihadists (no longer "rebels") are the same ones we are now supporting in Syria.

Orwellian theater at its finest.

Jason said...

You did a study a while back on Stuxnet that was spot-on. Well, NPR is reporting that "Sam Bacile" is a pseudonym. Sounds a little like "Im Becile" to me, as in the joke's on us imbeciles as we watch and listen to the war drums beat and our lives and tax dollars go down the drain.

Michael Hoffman said...

Kudos to Eric and Jason for excellent points.

To Eric: yes, indeed we manufacture our enemies. For perpetual war there must be a perpetual enemy.

To Jason: How about Sam “Bacillus"?

Peter said...

Sam Bacile repeatedly called Islam a cancer. To the dumbed down prolls , wallowing in Islamophobia, (a "facile" arguement to put it mildly).
But the dumbed down, alas, know nothing else.

Hamid said...

Eric - no one needs to do anything to 'defame' muslims. Their actions do that for them. I'm a 'glass half full ' person too, but I don't forget Nord Ost theatre, Beslan, 9/11, London etc etc etc ad nauseam.

The sooner muslims own up to having such a brittle religion and take steps to rectify it - the better off everyone will be.

The silence of their general inaction is deafening. So, sure the movie provoked a response - but blame the people who have no self-control (and sadly no insight into their condition) - who resort to mayhem, destruction and murder at any perceived 'threat' to their 'feelings'.

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Hamid

The point is that NATO and the U.S. destroyed Ghaddafy knowing that his death would open the door to jihadists in Libya, and the same thing is happening in Syria.

We create the monster and then spend trillions of dollars and buckets of blood to fight it.

Is this due to spectacular incompetence on our part, or is it intentional?

Electrolux said...

I feel that " The Powers That Be" need our collective hate on a massive scale to launch a World War. They need our participation. Only a tight little group of Sociopaths Elites in every country want large scale destruction. We the majority must collectively , in every country, say no to Destruction. This time we must choose Empathy and Compassion en masse.

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Electrolux

While I am no fan of Obama the abortionist and drone assassin, the process you describe (collective hate) is precisely what Romney is promoting.

Yesterday, at luncheon, I watched a video clip of his utterances praising Americans to the skies in a perverse paean to self-worship. This “USA! USA! USA!” jingoism regards foreign resistance to our incursions on other people’s soil as unpardonable effrontery.

Whatever happened to peace as a national objective, and taking care of the folks at home, first? With Romney as president you know we will go to war with Iran. That’s another trillion dollars and ocean of blood.

Do Republicans, whipped into a frenzy by Fox News, care? Fox promotes the old GW Bush malarkey about “they (our supposed enemies) hate freedom; they hate us because we are free.” No, actually, they despise us because our troops and CIA agents are meddling on their soil; because we unconditionally support Israeli war crimes and oppression; and because we inflict our sodomite consumer Coca-Cola kulchur on them and call it “freedom."

All this is lost on the neocon imperialists and prophets of empire who admit our treasury is bankrupt but nonetheless we must pony up taxpayer billions to back an Israeli nuclear weapons monopoly in the Middle East.

Insanity thy name is America!

Jason said...

"Bacillus" makes sense. It's exactly what Uncle "Sam" has become worldwide.

This also demonstrates the power of film and propaganda. Look at how easily passions are inflamed to the point of murder, which could lead to an exponentially larger and explosive situation. My question is, what was the reason this previously unknown film was shown on a news broadcast in the first place? Was it an experiment? A hint at how easily this region can be tipped into war?

Eric Robinson said...

Hamid, while I agree that radicalized Islam only helps to perpetuate their situation, can anyone really blame them?

We have been openly undermining their existence for 40 years (or since the founding of Israel in 1948 if you really want to be specific). They are not ignorant of who the culprits are, and are justified in directing their frustration towards the US government. That however does not absolve them from killing innocent people. I have seen a number of Muslims speak out against the radicals who were unable to control themselves following the Israeli propaganda video's release.

As far as the terrorist attacks you mentioned, you need look no further than Operation Northwoods, presented to Kennedy in 1962 (he did not approve it), as an indicator that the US government had long ago embraced the Orwellian concepts of false flags to promote their global agenda.


Electrolux, I agree that we are in a holding pattern until more domestic support is generated. Here's one of many revealing quotes in the 'Which Path to Persia?' report by the Brookings Institute in 2009 (they thank the Smith Richardson Foundation and the Crown Family Foundation for their financial assistance - two pro-Israel foundations):

"For purposes of this analytic exercise, we assume that a U.S. invasion of Iran is not triggered by an overt, incontrovertible, and unforgivable act of aggression—something on the order of an Iranian-backed 9/11, in which the planes bore Iranian markings and Tehran boasted about its sponsorship. First, this seems exceptionally unlikely given Iran’s history of avoiding such acts, at least since the end of the Iran-Iraq War. Second, were that ever to happen, the circumstances of an invasion would become almost easy—the United States would suddenly have enormous domestic and (perhaps grudging) international support for undertaking an invasion. Indeed, the entire question of “options” would become irrelevant at that point: what American president could refrain from an invasion after the Iranians had just killed several thousand American civilians in an attack in the United States itself? "


And to Mr. Hoffman's point, while no one with an understanding of our situation should be promoting either Obama or Romney (both are despicable), at least with Obama we may still have time to persuade others to leave Iran alone. Romney is too eager to please his Israeli masters to wait for the "hard evidence" required for an invasion. Also, Americans begged for a socialist country for many years, which is where we are now, too many people have been breastfed by the multimammary beast that is the US Federal Government for too long. I don't really see any way to wean the lost ones back to self-sufficiency in the timeframe that capitalist predators like Romney propose for cutting social services (to fund war). Socialism or Social Cataclysm.. those are your choices unless we get some real leadership and an extended period of time to tend to our wounds. What a mess.

Dutch Boy said...

A Libyan guard at the consulate was quoted as saying that there were no demonstrations at the consulate but that a large group of heavily-armed men stormed the compound at night (i.e., the attack was pre-planned by a terrorist group and not occasioned by the anti-Islamic movie trailer).