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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Romney’s Masonic Mormonism: Lesser of Two Evils?

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The Quadrennial Return of the 'Lesser of Two Evils’ Meme For the umpteenth time in recent memory, our hidden rulers have given us no choice in the upcoming presidential election. Michael Hoffman analyzes the implications of this lesser of two evils rerun in the 2012 election in terms of Mitt Romney and his criminal politics. We propose an effective alternative to this scam!

Romney’s Masonic Mormonism: Big players at high levels of the Mormon Church are backing Romney's presidency. What is Mormonism? What are its historic links to Freemasonry? Is Temple Mormonism a secret society? Is Mormonism part of the dictatorship of secret societies that rule America? Mormon Temple rituals are secret: we'll penetrate the curtain and reveal them to you, along with the secret history of the "God makers" - the Mormon church in America.

Predictive programming and ritual stagecraft - The Batman movie shooting synchronicities: Hoffman examines the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre shootings: the hidden cryptocracy connections and ritualistic symbolism of yet another spectacular massacre in the American heartland, which the media are blaming on a "lone nut."

Also: A Forgotten Sept. 11 Massacre • Israeli law-maker Michael Ben- Ari tears pages out of the New Testament and calls it "garbage" (Romney and Obama are silent). • The 007 Olympics • Gangster Mickey Cohen, and more

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Doug Forbes said...

10 Facts You Should Know About Mormon History and Belief before Shooting Your Mouth Off
1. Mormons believe in a trinity of three divine persons; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost who are one in purpose.
2. 1832 - A runaway slave named Elija Able is baptized and ordained to the priesthood. He serves multiple missions to Canada where he would be safe from the Fugitive Slave Laws. He was probably the first black Mormon.
3. 1833 – While about half of all Mormons were residing in Missouri, a slave state, Joseph Smith received a revelation that became section 101 of the Doctrine and Covenants. Verse 79 says "Therefore it is not right that one man should be in bondage to another."
4. 1838 - Mormons were expelled from Missouri under threat of extermination (Executive Order 44). A petition of complaints against them made no mention of polygamy but complains that Mormons invited "free negroes and mulattoes" to join them in Missouri.
5. 1844 - Joseph Smith runs for president with a plan to free all slaves by 1850. He is murdered the same year.
6. 1852 - Utah enacts the most liberal divorce laws in the United States and possibly the world. Any woman who insists on a divorce gets one. Meanwhile, Brigham Young imposes a lineage restriction on the Aaronic and Melchezidec priesthoods; withholding them from presumed descendants of Ham.
7. 1869 - The Utah territorial legislature which was dominated by Mormons voted to give women the vote. At the time, only Wyoming had female suffrage.
8. 1887 - The federal government takes the vote away from Utah women (Edmunds-Tucker Act) .
9. 1978 - Governor Bond of Missouri officially rescinds Executive Order 44 (which had not been enforced for over a century) and formally apologizes for it. The same year Spencer W Kimball and the quorum of the twelve decided to end all lineage requirements for holding the Aaronic and Melkezidec priesthoods.
10. Mormons believe that Jesus is co-eternal and co-equal with God the Father and also believe that Jesus was begotten by the Father before the creation of all worlds.

Doug Forbes said...

5 Facts You Should Know About DNA and the Book of Mormon Before Shooting Your Mouth Off.
1. Since 1996 it has been widely known among scientists that when using observed Y-chromosome mutation rates of 2.1/1000 (Weber & Wong) most American Indians appear to have a common ancestor who lived around 150 BC (Underhill 1996). That is well within Book of Mormon times. Thus, regardless of the age of the M3 mutation, this ancestor provides a connection point that makes it possible for the majority of American Indians to be descended in part from members of a small group of pre-Columbian settlers from the Old World.
2. The main Y-chromosome lineage group of Native Americans (NA) is Q which may be the most widespread lineage in the Old World. Q is found from Norway to Korea and from India to Siberia. The “effective” Y mutation rate of .7/1000 (Zhivotovsky) used to place Native Americans in America 10K years ago doesn’t work for multiple Old World groups. Using the “effective rate”, the Yakut expansion began 3,800 years ago which is at odds with linguistic and historical data. Observed mutation rates of 2.8/1000 (Kayser) gives a date of 800 years ago that matches linguistic and historical data. Using the “effective rate” for dating the entrance of Q into India yields an impossible date range of between 34K and 75K years ago. Q is only 15K-20K years old. Using observed mutation rates of 2.8/1000 (Kayser) yields reasonable dates of between 8.5K and 18.5K years ago.
3. The main Y lineage group of American Indians, Q, is found in Egyptians (1%), Lebanese (2%), Saudis (2.5%), Iraqi Jews (5%), and Yemenite Jews (15%) (Shen 2004).
4. The Q1a3b lineage group of Yemenite Jews can easily be mistaken for Native American (NA) Q1a3a by testing for the M242, M346, and M3 mutations but failing to test for the M323 mutation. Until testing is done for M323 among Native Americans, the possibility remains that there is a direct link between American Indians and Yemenite Jews.
5. The Q1a3 Y lineages that now exist in Siberia only go back 6,000 years at most. Thus there is no direct paternal link between Native Americans and Siberians belonging to the Q1a3 lineage group and subclades thereof. A direct link would be found if living Siberians had a Q1a3 lineage that went back 10K years or more to an ancestor living in Siberia who was also a paternal ancestor of American Indians of the Q1a3 lineage. As it now stands, scientists must presume that the Q1a3 Siberian lineage from which Q1a3 Native Americans descend went extinct in Siberia. Thus lineage extinction, which is nearly impossible to prove, is now essential to mainstream scientific theory.

Moronic said...

So what Doug are such points supposed to negate the relationship between Masonry and Mormonism? Even wikipedia confirms the historical relevance of this relationship in their article "Mormonism and Freemasonry."