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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Friday, July 20, 2012

Predictive programming: Batman movie shooting synchronicity

I have expanded my original report on the Dark Knight Rises movie theatre shootings which originally appeared in this blog.

 The enlarged report may now be found in our hard copy Revisionist History Newsletter (see below).

I am maintaining this blog entry to preserve the many interesting comments (see below) which we received on this subject. We hope you enjoyed the ten days of free access to our initial reporting. —Michael Hoffman

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The Quadrennial Return of the 'Lesser of Two Evils’ Meme For the umpteenth time in recent memory, our hidden rulers have given us no choice in the upcoming presidential election. Michael Hoffman analyzes the implications of this lesser of two evils rerun in the 2012 election in terms of Mitt Romney and his criminal politics. We propose an effective alternative to this scam!

Romney’s Masonic Mormonism: Big players at high levels of the Mormon Church are backing Romney's presidency. What is Mormonism? What are its historic links to Freemasonry? Is Temple Mormonism a secret society? Is Mormonism part of the dictatorship of secret societies that rule America? Mormon Temple rituals are secret: we'll penetrate the curtain and reveal them to you, along with the secret history of the "God makers" - the Mormon church in America.

Predictive programming and ritual stagecraft - The Batman movie shooting synchronicities: Hoffman examines the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre shootings: the hidden cryptocracy connections and ritualistic symbolism of yet another spectacular massacre in the American heartland, which the media are blaming on a "lone nut."

Also: A Forgotten Sept. 11 Massacre • Israeli law-maker Michael Ben- Ari tears pages out of the New Testament and calls it "garbage" (Romney and Obama are silent). • The 007 Olympics • Gangster Mickey Cohen, and more

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aferrismoon said...

W[h]ats On ? Batman!

There seems to be an element of viral marketing with many media outlets calling it the Batman Killings or massacre.

In days previous a fair few blogs 'predicted' that something would happen with this movie.

And it duly did


Arnold Elishewitz said...

My comment is not exactly germane to the post, but generally on the subject of predictive programming and mind control.

On June 15th, 33 year old Nik Wallenda tight-rope walked across Niagara Falls. Two days later in Greece, a clownish right-wing prop, the GOLDEN DAWN, took away votes from the party that, whatever their faults and defects, could have crashed the European Tower of Babel. Nik Wallenda is now in DEBT for expenses related to the walk. Was the Cryptocracy signaling that it was doing a tight-rope walk on the Euro debt "crisis" in Greece? Is Wallenda the "savior" who took Europe's debt "sins" upon himself?

Also, a certain candidate is running for President. So Mike, will you comment on, or give research leads, on the twilight language symbolism of the name Willard, and Joseph Smith's "White Horse Prophecy"? Does Smith's "prophecy" relate to human alchemy, from white to red to black to METH, as a caricature of Revelation 6:1-8?

Ann said...

Michael, what do you think is the significance of this civil magic or ritual imprinting/blood sacrifice in this case? Do you think there is a connection here to next week's Olympic games in London? What significance to where the theatre shooting happened - in Aurora?

Interesting information, as always. Especially that Batman cartoon. "They've got Holmes. Where's Watson?" True.

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Ann

The shooting was in Aurora which denotes dawn.

Then there is the Aurora borealis (northern lights), the electrical phenomenon found near a magnetic pole.

In Aspen, Colorado a movie theatre named for the Egyptian goddess of all witchcraft, Isis, is taking extra security precautions today.

Q&A said...

High-profile, gruesome 'cereal' slayings, and related delivery of the macabre criminal evidence via post to the ruling governments headquarters, schools, and were found in parks even after the killer (ex-pornographic star) was apprehended.

These had taken centre stage in the land True North, drowning out activist media, the mainstream press and independent blogs. The echo chamber effect happening due to its 'Se7en'-like grotesqueness and shocking videodrome-friendly nature of the suspect, who of course posted amateur videos and foreshadowed his crime on social media and YouTube.

Every media mention of the killer involves a smiling faced photograph. Contrast this with those shown of the 'Arab menace'.

Prior to this occurence, trending news items were anti-government actions in the province of the suspect, and accusations of corruptions in the defense department and certain police agencies.

The suspect was very quickly 'revealed' by the mainstream press, seemingly independent internet researchers and others.

All three names were given as in standard protocol for these suspicious occult-like actions.

Prior to the slaying, the same press appear to have been obsessed with memes including 'zombie apocalypse', cannibalism, and another similar incident 1-2 years ago involving another grotesque crime of human degradation on a charter bus.

Your correspondent is a reader of Hoffman's 'Secret Societies and Psycholgical Warfare' paperback edition, where he was introduced to the concepts of the 'cereal slayer', one conveniently trotted out at certain ritualistic times of the year in various old-world calendars, with heavy government and possible law-enforcement shadow 'handling' of the event and its actors.

Could Mr. Hoffman, the leading Western authority after J.S. Downward, on the mysteries of synchroncity in high-profile slayings, please consider blogging from his revisionist and Christian point of view, on what skeptics and researchers should consider, in the accelerating, 'all-seeing', limited-hangout and foreshadowing nature of the Cryptocracy's videodrome in 2012?

Mike said...

Hi Michael, in regards to the 'trial by media' where the media declares the lone suspect acted as a 'lone' nut' and essentially closes the case before it has even begun, as you noted, while listening to one of the early press briefings, I picked up on a question asked to the Auoroa Police Chief by one reporter, which was the final question (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2toZkIXh9VY - at the 20:35 marker) ... "We had a witness tell us that he saw a suspicious person in the front aisle that was lingering near the exit where the shooter came in, and I'm wondering if you've put ... you said you believe he acted alone, so is that something you think may have played a part in allowing him to get in?"

May have been something or nothing but its obviously too early for the media to tell.

Richard said...

Michael -

A few things are incorrect here. As a one time avid comic book collector, I reviewed a copy of the 1986 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns only to find the panels (part of a page) referenced do not appear. The excerpt actually occurs in the next issue also from 1986 entitled: Batman: Dark Knight Triumphant.

You also make various suggestions about the name "Bruce Wayne," but must recognize that Batman and his alias Bruce Wayne were born in May 1939 in Detective Comics No. 27 - a long time earlier than "Wayne County" and some of the other references.

Finally Michael Caine is not "Arthur" but rather "Alfred."

Best regards
Richard W.

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Richard

Thank you for these corrections.

In my understanding of "Twilight language" it would not matter that Bruce Wayne was named prior to the other Wayne connections which I have cited. I do not suggest that the genesis of Wayne has a particular date or time but that "Wayne" in the late 20th and early 21st centuries fits a pattern of twilight language connections, which may or may not have been processing the Group Mind in May, 1939.

Stacy said...

Here's some cryptocracy symbolism for you...

Before the showing of The Dark Knight Rises is the trailer for the new James Bond 007 film "Skyfall." Please watch it here, and note that at the :40 mark is a shot of a building in Shanghai with the word "Aurora" in red lights (Red Dawn) at the top.

The British detective was Sherlock Holmes.

The British spy was James Bond.

The Aurora shooter is James Holmes.

Skyfall trailer here:

Photo of Aurora Plaza in Shanhai here:

Aycrom said...

Hi, Michael
I have ben following your words on mind control and psycho warfare for years. Have you ever heard or watched the movie Telefon, with Charles Bronson? It deals with the issue of russian mind control, sleeper agents. I watched on you tube some talks from Yuri Bezmenov (probably deceased now), circa 1982, and he confirmed the information about sleepers Soviet agents stationed in US, living a normal life for 10, 20 or 30 years, to be activated at anytime for some mission. Is it possible that in order to complete the dialetic process of implosion of America that more and more of these triggered killers will spread terror in US?


Matt H said...

The previous Batman movie was also associated with a ritual sacrifice as Heath Ledger died soon after playing the demonic Joker character. Ledger was filming his last film, Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, when he died. In Gilliam's film Ledger's character is found hanging from the same bridge where God's Banker Roberto Calvi was found hanging in a ritualistic murder in 1982, namely Blackfriars Bridge on the edge of the financial district of London. Gilliam references this in his audio commentary.
Ledger's Joker character was also seen depicting "The Hanged Man" near the end of the previous Batman film, The Dark Knight (TDK).

Another point of interest for me is the fact that there's a Cain (Michael Caine) and a Christian Baal/Bale involved in this Batman series. Bale also played the murderous lead role in American Psycho, pre-9/11. More recently Bale also played the saviour John Connor (J.C.) in Terminator Salvation.

Anonymous said...

Holmes as a youngster, speaking at an engagement about his field of study, Temporal Illusions:


John Jacobson, Holmes' mentor:


"Under normal circumstances a patient experiences an event in order of A and then B, a good psychophysicist can have a patient experience B then A."

Animal Magentism/Masonic Apoplexy?


Matt H said...

There is another Sherlock Holmes connection here that occurred to me after finishing my previous comment. I remembered seeing an episode of the BBC's recent TV version of Sherlock Holmes, which included a mention of a case involving comic books and incidents within them coming true. This website confirms it - http://www.bleedingcool.com/2012/01/03/comic-book-episode-of-moffat-gatiss-sherlock-never-got-see/
I think this is in the episode entitled "A Scandal in Belgravia" - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00m5wm9

In the BBC series Sherlock Holmes is played by Benedict Cumberbatch, who also happens to have appeared with Gary Oldman in the recent movie Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

In the BBC series, Sherlock Holmes (as well as James Bond in various movies) reveals that he is uncaring and psychopathic, and that this actually helps him to do his job.

There was also a storyline in the NBC series Heroes which involved comic book stories depicting the future.

Johnny A. said...

Meanwhile, a mysterious "Goat-Man" is sighted in Utah within days of this event:


The landSCAPE harbors a GOATman.

And the Show of Mockery goes on.

Thank you, Mr. Hoffman, for helping us to see what to look for in the events surrounding these terrible rituals.

Kabba list said...

Bolshevik revolution, Aurora, Port Arthur, CO, 3.15, All hands point East.

Nigel said...

Just as the fast food restaurant is there to sell you soda pop, so the movie house is there to brainwash Christians to conform to a Jewish/Satanic/homosexual agenda.

Liberty Bell said...

Crowley has a passage with a Harlequin/Clown (hence, "Joker") reference side-by-side with Columbine reference, connecting both to the zero tarot card, "The Fool." Cf.: http://curveofbell.blogspot.com/2012/07/a-fools-journey.html ~ Matthew Bell

aferrismoon said...

This post connects some of the imagery of the latest Sherlock Holmes film ' A Game of Shadows ' with James Holmes appearing from out of the shadows.



Jason said...

Note that an Aurora high school is called "Gateway High" and their mascot is the "Olympians."

john said...

You missed a segment before the Aurora sign when the main interrogating Bond says skyfall that a scene is shown for a brief second of a man in silhouette holding a gun with a man in front of him slouched on a chair.


mike said...

Surprise! Surprise! A letter to a "Psychiatrist" surfaces...detailing all "his plans" to kill people...if only he had been able to get "help" sooner! Did anyone bother to check the medicine cabinet? And, who's watching the watchers?

August said...

"RISE" is the tagline in large block letters on one set of posters for The Dark Knight Rises. "RISE" was one of the bloody graffiti left by the Manson Family at the LaBianca murder scene.

"'Rise! Rise! Rise!' Charlie would scream during the playing of [The Beatles song] 'Revolution 9' (which Manson associated with Revelation, chapter 9)" Ed Sanders, The Family

Cohen Kiddink said...

There's another Batman-Sherlock Holmes connection here - http://www.everything2.com/title/Detective+Comics+%2523572 - in a DC comic called "The Doomsday Book" in which Batman and Holmes work together to fight a descendant of Moriarty.

Another "coincidence" is that the man who created the Joker was called Jerry Robinson, and Batman's sidekick was called Robin, whose real name was Dick Grayson. And what's the name of the Arapahoe County Sheriff investigating the Holmes/Joker shooting? Grayson Robinson


I think there may also be some significance in at least two of director Christopher Nolan's previous films. One is called Momento, which deals with the effects of the loss of memory. This may relate to truth being "frozen by the Cryptocracy in the immediate aftermath of certain types of murders, and then slowly thawed over a lengthy period of time." Momento also features the actors who played Trinity and Cypher in The Matrix.

Secondly, Nolan directed Inception, which deals with manipulation by implantation of ideas into people's minds combined with the belief that it was their own idea. It also deals with time, layers of reality and the devestating effects of confusing reality with illusion.

Typeface said...

Some observations to add to those already posted:

Katie Holmes appeared in the first of the latest Batman trilogy, replaced by another actress in the sequel.

Once again all roads lead back to Crowley and the Beatles. There is an edition of the Batman comic with the theme of a famous, Beatles-esque rock band replacing one of its members with a doppelganger. (Or did they?). Also, the Joker is referenced in "I Am the Walrus" lyrics and depicted in a George Harrison video, Crackerjack Palace (?) set in a mental institution (it seems). Not forgetting "Fool on the Hill".

Also, the Dark Knight Rises features terrorism at a major sporting event ("let the games begin!") and I notice the tagline on the posters promoting the new Judge Dredd movie tell us to "Dredd September".

Thanks for allowing these discussions on your blog. It can be frustrating to see what's going on and feel that few others are aware of it all.

gc said...

HEY I just watched the recent batman 'movie' this afternoon matinee showing in an empty theater and I was bored, except for the moment right after the football stadium explosion... there was a number right under the announcer's booth, wait for it...wait for it...322!
i take notice of such things, do you? cheers!

gc said...

the number "322" was sighted right after the football explosions, in the newest batman movie, Hmmmm!

JMR said...

Apparently James Holmes' father was about to testify to congress about theLiebor scandal.http://www.dailypaul.com/246334/robert-holmes-father-of-james-holmes-the-aurora-batman-shooter-weird

John Smith said...

Dispatch Audio of Theater Shooting Indicates Multiple Suspects

JoeShepherd said...

-Bats have been in the news frequently in the past year because of this white nose syndrome. They are made to sound like helpless victims, quite different than the usual symbol of evil.

- I find it interesting that from day one many politicians have decided to not say the name of the alleged shooter because it would somehow give honor to him. I have not seen this before with other spree killings.

- Within a day we get the story about 3 men shielding women from the bullets with their own bodies. The whole hero story seemed rather quick and contrived, like the story we got after the 9/11 attacks with the people fighting back against hijackers.

Anonymous said...

The plot thickens as we view these 2 different photos supposedly of the same man Holmes. What a difference! Looks like a blatant case of imposters. Really amazing!
See http://www.catholicintl.com/index.php/latest-news/974-will-the-real-james-holmes-please-stand-up

James Phillips

Seth said...

In reply to Matt H's comment re the plotline of an episode of Sherlock Holmes on BBC TV centering on events depicted in comics coming true I've read that 9/11 was predicted in comics prior to 2001 too! It's like art imitating life imitating art. I also remember after Heath Ledger died on 1/22 that there were rumours going around that a mad fan might show up at a screening of The Dark Knight and terrorize the patrons, which made more than a few of us to be quite wary of going to view the film on the "big screen." Incredibly it happened with the third installment! Perhaps there's a "curse" connected with "Batman" now?

Daurade said...

In this article you mention the Bat Towers in Florida and Texas. What is suspicious about them?

Jason said...

Hoffman has some info about the bat towers in his pamphlet on masonic assassination. Also, I may be mistaken here, but I think there's a reference from Downard about either the towers' architect or the location of these towers in "Carnivals of Life and Death." In short, these things were designed and built by a certain freemason, although their purpose is couched in the deception of them being for mosquito control. Jim Brandon also references them in "Weird America."

Daurade said...

Thanks Jason, I'll look into these. I've actually been to the tower on Sugarloaf Key after reading about it in a Hunter Thompson essay. And I'm also from Tampa, which surrounds the city of Temple .... currently rebuilding their bat tower after several years. It had been destroyed by fire.

Typeface said...

In Tim Burton's first Batman production, the movie theatre is called Monarch, a name associated with mind control and MK Ultra conspiracy.

A place which is also usually associated with this theme is Montauk which is featured in the mind-control, amnesiac-themed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It "stars" Jim Carrey who played the Riddler in one of the pre-Nolan Batman films.