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Monday, July 09, 2012

Judaizing of Catholicism Proceeds Apace

Informed by the Secret Gnosis of the Renaissance

By Michael Hoffman  www.revisionisthistory.org
Copyright © 2012

As if we needed any more dreary evidence of the extent to which the Roman Catholic Church under the modern popes has publicly allied with the Talmudists of the Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2:9), here is more (below), this time focused on Amy-Jill Levine's annotated New Testament, which advances the Ratzinger/Wojtyla theology that Jesus Christ reasoned like a Pharisee and would have been horrified by St. John Chrysostom, St. Vincent Ferrer or Johann Andreas Eisenmenger. 

Note that I have qualified with italics the words "modern" and "publicly" in the preceding sentence. In this writer's estimation, one of the reasons why the "traditional" Catholic movement has been outclassed and out-fought by its enemy is that many traditional Catholics believe the myth that the Judaizing of the Church began with the Second Vatican Council and the popes thereof. 

What began with the Vatican II document Nostra Aetate was the public accommodation and blending of the Roman Catholic Church with Pharisaic Judaism. The sub-rosa hybrid process itself has a long history, beginning in the Renaissance era with Judaizing popes such as Leo X, Sixtus V and Clement VIII. One surmises that this secret truth forms the processing of Vatican initiates who are very likely told in private that traditional Catholicism is hopelessly compromised and double-minded, in that it claims to oppose Pharisaic Judaism and yet ignorantly pledges allegiance to all popes previous to Vatican II, when in fact some of these pontiffs were as much in league with the Talmudic/Kabbalistic order as John Paul II or Benedict XVI. This is partly why we see that when "traditional" Catholics like Bishop Bernard Fellay seek to reintegrate into the Vatican fold, the one area in which the pope will not budge is Judaism, since he knows what "traditional" Catholics don't -- that for the past 500 years a clandestine alliance has been forged between the hierarchy of the Church and the Orthodox rabbinate.

I have written an introductory history of these matters in  Revisionist History Newsletter, in issues such as no. 58:"Tracking The Occult Infiltration of The Roman Catholic Church From The Renaissance To The Present;" issue no. 52: "Judaizing Protestantism' and Neo-Platonic Catholicism in Legend and Reality;" no. 47: On Holocaustianity - "The New Catholic 'Shoah' Theology: Alibi for the Revolutionary Overthrow of the Gospel of Jesus Christ;" and most recently, tracing elements of Judaism's Kol Nidrei rite of oath-breaking in Catholicism: issue no. 62: "Proto-Rabbinic Tactics of Deceit and their Adoption by Churchmen during the Renaissance."

Until Catholics confront the full reality of the panoply of papal compromise and alliance with Talmudic Judaism, they will be fighting a Vatican that cannot take them seriously philosophically, and accords to itself the task of gradually initiating Catholics in the secret traditions of Catholicism from the Renaissance onward  the traditions of the Pharisees — which Jesus Christ, the Apostles, and the Fathers of the Early Church vigorously challenged and exposed with every fibre of their being.

Imagine what an inside joke it must be in Rome when the “traditional" Catholics come calling and boldly declare that, when it comes to Judaism, they want the Church returned to the way it was before Vatican II. “Boys,” the cardinals and clerics are thinking, “what you wish for is now, and has been, for five long centuries. The only difference is, we went public with it in 1965."

To win in chess one needs to stay three or four steps ahead of one’s opponent. In the game at hand, the Vatican Cryptocracy is three or four light years ahead of “traditional” Catholics.

Catholic-Jewish Dialogues Explore Economics, Education, Religious Freedom And Jewish Take On New Testament

July 6, 2012 (via Maurice Pinay)

WASHINGTON—Gatherings of two different Catholic-Jewish dialogues explored topics including economics, education, religious freedom and even a Jewish commentary on the New Testament.

The semi-annual consultation of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops/National Council of Synagogues (USCCB/NCS) discussed the publication of Amy Jill Levine and Mark Zvi Brettler's book, The Jewish Annotated New Testament (Oxford, 2012) at their May 22 meeting in New York City. Bishop Denis Madden, auxiliary of Baltimore, and Rabbi David Straus of the Main Line Reform Temple in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania co-chaired the meeting.

"The publication of Levine's and Brettler's comprehensive work on the New Testament represents an important milestone in Catholic-Jewish relations," said Bishop Denis Madden, chairman of the USCCB Committee on Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs. "Never before has a group of Jewish scholars made so learned and technical a reading of the New Testament. Clearly, this new effort reflects the progress we have made since the Second Vatican Council in mutual respect for each other's sacred Scriptures."

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, president of USCCB, joined the meeting to extend his greetings and welcome to all the participants. He made brief remarks on the central importance of Catholic-Jewish dialogue and, in particular, of the work done between the USCCB and National Council of Synagogues. He thanked all of the members present for their continued dedication.

Professor Amy Jill Levine of Vanderbilt University gave a brief overview of her work, co-edited with Professor Marc Brettler of Brandeis University, while Jesuit Father John Donahue, professor of New Testament at Loyola University, Baltimore, offered a Catholic response. Dialogue members then discussed various aspects of biblical studies, as well as how the publication of The Jewish Annotated New Testament marked a deepening of understanding in Catholic-Jewish relations. Levine stressed that it is vital for Jews to study the New Testament to gain respect for their Christian neighbors, even as Christians must do the same with the Hebrew Scriptures.

Rabbi Gil Rosenthal, executive director of the National Council of Synagogues, remarked: "This important volume is testimony not only to the enormous competence of its editors and authors, but to the spirit of dialogue that can allow Jews to read and appreciate the Jewish context of Christian scriptures."

Reports on other dialogue issues, such as continued progress in the implementation of practical aspects of the Vatican-Israeli accord, and updates on the reconciliation of the Society of St. Pius X with the Vatican filled the second half of the meeting. Plans for a two-day October dialogue were considered, centered around the topic of the role of religion in the public square.

On May 25, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops/Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America/Rabbinical Council of America (USCCB/OU/RCA) met for their semi-annual consultation to discuss global economics, religious education, religious freedom and the state of Israel. Bishop William Murphy of Rockville Centre, New York, and Rabbi David Berger, Ph.D., of Yeshiva University co-chaired the meeting.

The meeting began with a discussion of a religious perspective on financial reform and a vision for a just economic order. The group review of the full text of the Bilateral Commission Meeting of the Delegations for the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the Holy See's Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews, which took place March 27-29, at the Vatican. Both traditions underscored the need for the moral leadership of religious groups to shed light on ethical considerations in economic systems, their failures and possible reforms.

James Cultrara, director of education for the New York Catholic Conference, and Michael Cohen, New York State political director for the Orthodox Union, updated the group on the funding of religious schools in the state of New York, a topic of shared concerns for both communities. "There is a tuition crisis in both of our communities," Cohen told the group. "The escalating cost of tuition, in some communities it has doubled within six or seven years. We need to find the solution that works."

Thomas Renker, legal counsel for the Diocese of Rockville Centre, updated the group on developments in the federal HHS contraception mandate and the response of the Catholic community. The group discussed the situation at some length with several noting the inherent threat to religious freedom for all faith traditions which the situation presents.

Rabbi Tzvi H. Weinreb, executive vice president emeritus of the Orthodox Union, gave a brief presentation on current cultural and domestic policy issues in Israel. Bishop Murphy gave a brief report on the new Catholic Catechism for Youth titled "YouCAT." Of specific interest to the group were sections dealing with Jewish people. Some concerns had previously been voiced surrounding the formulation of some parts of the text, initiating a revision.

Additional Jewish participants in the USCCB/OU/ RCA consultation included: Maury Litwack, director of political affairs, OU; Betty Ehrenberg, executive director of the World Jewish Congress North America; Nathan Diament, director of public affairs, OU; Rabbi Basil Herring, executive vice president, RCA; Rabbi Aaron Glatt, Young Israel of Woodmere; and Mr. Avi Schick, an attorney with experience in both government work and interfaith relations.Additional Catholic included: Msgr. Donald Beckman, ecumenical officer of the Diocese of Rockville Centre; Father Robert Robbins, pastor of the United Nations Parish Church of the Holy Family and New York archdiocesan director for ecumenical and interreligious affairs; Msgr. Robert Stern, Catholic Near East Welfare Association; Father John Crossin, executive director, USCCB Secretariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs (SEIA); Kirsten Evans, program and research specialist, USCCB SEIA.

Jewish participants at the USCCB/NCS consultation included Rabbi Lewis Eron, Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Rabbi Joel Meyers, executive vice-president emeritus of the (Conservative) Rabbinical Assembly; Rabbi Jonathan Waxman, Temple Beth Sholom, Smitonthtown, New York; Rabbi David Straus, Central Conference of American Rabbis; Rabbi Gilbert Rosenthal, National Council of Synagogues; Rabbi Daniel F. Polish of La Grangeville, New York; Ruth Langer, Ph.D., of Boston College; Rabbi David Sandmel, Ph.D. of The Catholic Theological Union, Chicago; Rabbi Alvin Berkin of The Tree of Life Congregation, Pittsburgh; Rabbi Jeffrey A. Wohlberg of Adas Israel, Washington; Rabbi Jerome Davidson of Temple Beth-El, Great Neck, New York; Judith Hertz of the International Council of Presidents of the World Conferences of Religions for Peace and Betty Ehrenberg, executive director of the North American Division of the World Jewish Congress. Catholic participants at the consultation included Bishop Basil H. Losten, former bishop of Stamford for Ukrainians; Brother of the Christians Schools David Carroll, former associate director at Catholic Near East Welfare Association; Msgr. Robert Stern, former director of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association; Father Dennis McManus, USCCB consultant for Jewish Affairs and Jesuit Father Drew Christiansen, editor of America Magazine. (End quote).

Michael Hoffman needs your help: he is nearly 70% of the way through his new book on the theological history of the rise of the Money Power in Christendom. Funds to sustain further writing and research, and the actual publication of the book once it is completed, are very much needed. If you feel led to assist, please click on this link. Thank you.



Joan Solms said...

I noticed in the list of issues to be discussed, social issues and the Right to Life were missing.
Score one for the Jewish delegation
It seems to me the Jewish representatives should have been asked that question before any further dialogue took place.
Score two for the Jewish delegation.
Joan Solms

Anonymous said...

So far you haven't shown even the bare outlines of a conspiracy.
Topics discussed, as far as you have mentioned seem legitimate, although I find it a bit of a stretch that catholics entertain jewish study of the new testament from a jewish religious perspective, I have to reserve judgment till I see what they have to say...on both sides, but the other topics as far as you mentioned seemed as I said quite legitimate.

Your article was filled with polemic but scant on detail

Michael Hoffman said...

To Anonymous

We typically don’t publish “anonymous” comments in part because it can be difficult to reply to them without confusion since, if there are two “anonymous” commenters we have to respond to Anonymous 1 and Anonymous 2. We have made an exception in your case. In the future try to sign your post with a distinguishing nickname or something similar.

Now to your comment: it is true that a certain amount of current events literacy and historical knowledge is necessary in order to parse the abysmal significance of this “ecumenical” meeting.

Amy Jill Levine for example is a thought cop in academia whose annotated New Testament is a farrago of Pharisaic falsification and distortion. If you had clicked on the link to her name in my column you would have seen a sample of her egregious Talmudizing.

Another instructive example is from the preceding statement:

"The group review of the full text of the Bilateral Commission Meeting of the Delegations for the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the Holy See's Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews, which took place March 27-29, at the Vatican. Both traditions underscored the need for the moral leadership of religious groups to shed light on ethical considerations in economic systems, their failures and possible reforms.”

The “chief rabbinate of Israel” is heavily implicated in the massacres and atrocities against Palestinian civilians, mostly recently during Operation Cast Lead. That the “Holy See” is silent about this awful fact makes them complicit in the bloodshed.

You would have to have an extreme form of naiveté not to spot the treachery and subversion in a Catholic conference that treats Zionist entities such as the World Jewish Congress, which is bent on fomenting war on Iran and oppression and dispossession of Palestinians, as equal partners in the pursuit of “justice.”

This conference is public relations offensive for the Zionists, and a means for the Catholic Church to buy some respite from attacks and rancor emanating from the Zionist-influenced western media.

Reactor said...

for the past 500 years a clandestine alliance has been forged between the hierarchy of the Church and the Orthodox rabbinate.

Why would the Church agree to forge such an alliance? What would it have to gain?

charlie said...

The next pope will be the prophet of the antichrist so everything we say here is a mute point regarding the jews, they have already taken over. the true church will go underground at that time till Christ's return which is on the horizon. therein lies our faith and perseverence
as for me the jews took over nearly completely at vatican II, wherein the catholic church ceased to exist as an institution.
their prophet on the throne of Peter, as stated by LEO X111 in his exorcism prayer (must read) is the last phase whereby not only is the catholic church nonexisent as an institution but the church of satan will move in to fill the vaccum, dragging all other denominations into its fold.
what we can do is wake up as many people as possible to this reality

charlie said...

Reactor, they had nothing to gain, but the church was infiltrated and contained many traitors.

I do not subscribe to the theory that the popes were traitors but rather that the conspiracy waged against them and the church was beyond them, humanly speaking, just as it was and is in secular society, beyond most. Its not all cut and dried like people want it to be.

The game was lost when they subscribed to Vatican 11. They have NEVER revoked their allegiance to it DESPITE its catastrophic consequences and most will follow the antichrists prophet when he is elected.
Game over.

Jason said...

Mr. Hoffman,
Your introduction here appears to posit that there is no hope for current, non-Judaically influenced Traditional (and even non-Traditional) Roman Catholics. For, if the opposition is light years ahead in the chess game, then it's truly hopeless, for how can normal men and women catch up to such a lead?

If I am correct there (and I'm not claiming to be, just attempting to give my analysis), then is not the only solution Schism from the RC Church? This of course, is as impossible as moving at the speed of light for the Traditional Roman Catholic who is not a sedevacantist; i.e. already in Schism. I see no such hope of a massive movement out of the RC Church. Do you? If the widely known cover up of pedophilia did not do it, how could a Judaized theology, marginally known to even exist, have any greater effect? On the contrary, it appears that, at least outside of Europe and the United States, that the RC Church is growing.

So, since there is likely not going to be a mass movement away from the RC Church, then there is nothing to prevent the Traditionally-minded Roman Catholic lay person from despair except prayer, Sacraments and the Grace of God. And where will they get such Sacraments and spiritual guidance if not from their parish priest? Is that what you have in mind or do you have an alternate solution?

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Jason

Why would true followers of Jesus Christ be sentenced to delusion?

If these Catholics you refer to are indeed of Christ’s sheep, what prevents them from pursuing the research leads I have offered concerning Renaissance subversion and infiltration?

Once they have done so, they could determine how God wants them to use the information in reforming the Church. What a magnum opus that would be.

There is no cause for despair among those who are dedicated to the pursuit of the truth wherever it leads. Jesus Christ is Truth.

Those who betray this mission while engaging in sorts of outward signs of piety will bring destruction and despair upon themselves.