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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bishop Williamson Contra Mundum

By Michael Hoffman

On Oct. 19 we reported that the Conference of European Rabbis and the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith had ordered Pope Benedict XVI to drop negotiations with the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) until such time as they reeducate or silence their Bishop Richard N. Williamson.

In his Eleison Comments column last week, Williamson repeated 1965 years of Catholic teaching about the responsibility for the death of Jesus Christ. He reasoned ably, citing the fact that Pontius Pilate would have never ordered Christ’s crucifixion had it not been for the demands of the majority of the Jews of Palestine.

Collective Guilt is Talmudic

We would not have published Bishop Williamson’s column had he not referred to “noble exceptions” among the Jews who did not have a hand in Christ’s death. In our own writing we have always emphasized that the notion of collective racial guilt, such as the Allied World War II doctrine that every German man, woman and child was collectively guilty of Nazi crimes and deserved death, is a reflection of a rabbinic mentality. The same collective guilt attitude is at work in the Israeli state where all Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank are seen as bearing responsibility for the crimes of Hamas and deserving of death; or for example, all prisoners released by the Israelis in return for Gilad Shalit are terrorists and criminals; none of them innocent of the charges made against them. All of this is Talmudic.

Therefore, when people stoop to draw parallels between today’s Judaics and those who demanded their Messiah’s execution 2000 years ago, declaring these 21st century Judaics collectively guilty, we err grievously on the side of the Talmudic mentality and become, in a spiritual sense, rabbis ourselves.

It must be understood that rabbinic agents are in our midst. Here is a counter-intelligence secret: the rabbis wish to sow in all movements that contest Judaism and the Talmud a collective disparagement toward all Judaics without exception, leaving them nowhere to turn among gentiles and Christians for safe haven or liberation. Consequently, they step backward into the waiting arms of their rabbinic oppressors.

Contemporary Judaics only share in the responsibility for Christ’s death spiritually and ideologically if they are adherents of Judaism or a hyper-chauvinist Zionism with a strong ethnic, tribal component. A poor schmuck who was born a “Jew” (more likely a Khazar but I will not stress the point here), is not at fault for the circumstance of his birth. In the 1920s many German-Judaics wanted freedom from the rabbis. They were admirers of Bach and Beethoven, German science and literature. They had served patriotically in the Great War. They sought to progress beyond the ghetto. They desired to share in the freedom of Western Civilization. Instead, they were collectively rebuffed and told that they possessed ineradicable genetic tendencies toward subversion and degeneracy. This is the rabbinic doctrine about gentiles and it was projected, through an occult mirror, by the German nationalist leadership of the 1920, 30s and 40s onto Judaics.

Noble Exceptions Among “the Jews"

Bishop Williamson’s column eschewed that self-destructive rut by citing "noble exceptions" among the Judaics, and fingering, not their supposed attachment to the “old covenant” (the uninformed mistake Judaism for Karaitism), but to the Talmud, which nullifies from the Mishnah onward, the Old Testament. Without these two precise distinctions which the bishop made, we could not have circulated his column.

Hence, the writing at issue was free of racism, indicted the correct source of rabbinic perversion (Talmud) and otherwise repeated foundational truths that the spiritual heirs of the Pharisees in our midst today can no more bear to read than their ideological ancestors could bear to hear from the lips of Jesus Himself. 

This is a very old war of ideas. Because the allies of the rabbis have massive clout with the media of the West it was decided,  in the early 60s, that the papacy would seek accommodation ("aggiornamento”) with the modern world, and bend the entire mission of the Church away from proclaiming the radical truth of the Gospel toward avoiding giving offense to those who can’t endure its truth. 

Due to that momentous alteration, we now find ourselves on the stage of an absurdist theatre where Benedict XVI is ordered by the spiritual sons of the Pharisees to punish the bishop and his priestly SSPX fraternity for daring to say in public what St. MatthewSt. Paul and the Fathers of the early church taught and proclaimed concerning who was responsible for the crucifixion of Christ.

This is an extraordinary state of affairs in that it puts all authentic Christians under an obligation: to be considered good goyim free of the antisemitism libel, we must agree to refrain from shouting that the emperor has no clothes. Or we can choose to dare to speak truth to power in the face of the rabbinic chutzpah which presumes to censor the speech of the Church of Jesus Christ by ordering us to affirm a lie.

Decades ago the Church of Rome did just that with the document Nostra Aetate (“In Our Time”), contradicting the New Testament and agreeing with the rabbis that the ancient Jews were not responsible for the execution of Israel’s Messiah.

Auschwitz Over Calvary

Every once in a while, even in our degenerate days, a churchman of Williamson’s mettle arises and proclaims the truth irrespective of the pressure, and pays a terrible price for it, in earthly terms anyway. The propaganda system being what it is, he can’t be allowed to do so purely; the waters must be muddied and the truth-teller defamed. Mixed into reports of Bishop Williamson proclaiming the Biblical truth about the deicide were media allusions to his “conviction” in a German court for “denying the Holocaust.”

By this label we are made to think, Ah, he’s a convicted criminal; a shady character, a felon. There is always considerable shame attached to those who contest the Talmudic imperium. The Son of God was stripped nearly naked and made to appear as a felon deserving of death. No true follower of His can expect anything less.

In Germany defense attorneys can be jailed for offering too vigorous a defense of their World War II revisionist clients, and judges sanctioned for failing to convict a revisionist defendant. The western media doesn't report this because it would impugn the verdict issued by the German-Zionist kangaroo court (forgive my candor but this is a precise description of the “justice” dispensed by that judiciary).

Bishop Williamson never “denied the Holocaust.” He did undertake a very human and Biblical act -- he doubted a Judaic fable (Titus 1:14), that six million Judaic persons died and many of them perished in "gas chambers" in Auschwitz.

Odd, is it not, that anyone in Germany may doubt the Resurrection of Christ and the Virgin Birth or even the every existence of Jesus, with complete freedom and no fear of prosecution? Yet to doubt the homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz is a crime punishable by five years’ imprisonment. Pope John Paul II called Auschwitz the new Golgotha and this writer has for decades argued that Auschwitz has replaced Calvary as the central and defining pole star in the western ontology of sacred suffering. Would it not be safe to say that the evidence for this revolutionary reversal can be found in the criminal penalties attached to so-called “holocaust denial” and the freedom by which "Resurrection denial” and even denial that Jesus ever existed, are promoted throughout the media, academia and the Internet?

Oh, but it is not very prudent or politic for Williamson to take on both the deicide and the gas chambers. Not at this time. He is a hand grenade! Uranium! He destroys the hermeneutic of continuity, the negotiations of the Vatican diplomatic corps, the delicate, behind-the-scenes arrangements.

And to this we say, hallelujuah! Fresh air at last. The truth at last, at whatever cost to reputation or bank account. If we had a dozen Richard Williamsons in high places we would convert Judaics and cause the rabbinic liars and masonic ADLers to back into their shuls and confine their prevarications to  the precincts of their eruv.

Modernist Catholicism Constitutes Jew Hate

But the reverse prevails for the present time and Jew-haters infest the Vatican.

Say what? Yes, Jew haters: this pope, the last three, and those who persecute Bishop Williamson, Jew haters all. Jesus Christ loved His people and that is why he retailed to them difficult truths. The demonic spirit of the modern age declares that if we love the “Jew” we will encourage him in his sins and mendacity. What is asked of loved ones: introspection, examination of conscience and self-reflection, is denied to the Judaics out of deference to their engorged egos. This is hatred.

We bow to them and thereby encourage their pride and chutzpah, intransigence, racism, and religion of lies. We sentence their women to the pathological and destructive "family purity” (sic) laws of Chazal, the halachos of niddah, with all the suffering and oppression of women which that insanity entails. We sentence their men to absolute obedience to the rabbis and thousands of rules that daily micro-manage their lives, along with the burden of institutionalized contempt for goyim and Christians.

Pope Benedict XVI requires nothing of “Jews” in the Name of Christ. No repudiation of rabbinic racism or violence. No apology for Kol Nidrei or Birkat HaMinim, just more appeasement of their megalomania. Here is the operation of occult Jew hate, so long concealed since the Renaissance and now in the open. There is more love for Judaic people in one line of a radical call to repentance and conversion from Bishop Williamson than in all the lucubrations of the Nostra Aetate Church of Rome.

Rabbinic and Zionist bigots and their Vatican enablers will go wild in the days and weeks ahead, as they always do in the face of a truth that scalds their souls. They will do their best to gibbet Bishop Williamson from the highest pole of their unending vengeance.

Where stand you in this great battle?

Hoffman is the author of Judaism’s Strange Godsforthcoming at the end of November from Independent History and Research.





Pablo the Mexican said...

"...Where stand you in this great battle?..."

I am a Cristero.

With my blood and with my soul I will defend the cross.

Where do you think I stand?

Viva Cristo Rey!


Dolorosa said...

I certainly don't stand with anyone who has rejected God made man Jesus Christ as the one true Messiah. Bishop Williamson is simply following what the Catholic Church has always taught and I support him for doing so.

benares said...

...(more likely a Khazar but I will not stress the point here), .....

Maybe "Khazar" too has become an exclusive word. Upto twenty years ago there were some who claimed that India's very large Gujjar (pronounced Guzzar) community was of Khazar origin, arriving in that country in the 5th and 6th Centuries.
But one hears this no longer.

Anonymous said...

I too am a practicing Catholic that understands that Pharisaism in all its forms is "Jew hate" and that evangelizing truth to Pharisees (and the neo-Pharisees of the Novus Ordo) is genuine love of neighbor.

Dead Reckoning said...

Bishp. Williamson has got a sense for the dramatic for sure -

He has thrown the gauntlet down and forced the issue as to which side of the fence the Vatican sits on with respect to Talmudic Judaic teaching.

We all owe him a great debt of gratitude, if for no other reason, he is forcing the Vatican to do one of two things -

1. Admit Biblical truth and reaffirm 1960 years of Biblical teaching - or

2. Cast its lot in openly with the heirs of the teaching of them that killed Christ -

Get your popcorn ready boys - Williamson and the Rabbis have framed the issue in a way that even the sleaziest lawyer on Earth could not 'fudge' the answer.

Pablo the Mexican said...

His Eminence Bishop Williamson is not showboating.

Plainly and simply, he has spoken the Truth, as the Dispenser of Divine Graces has directed him.

This entire situation can be diffused by an apology to Bishop Williamson from SSPX Headquarters.

He should be placed in charge of the U.S. District (which would infuriate the Holy Roller Whitened Sepulchres of the SSPX there) that he may re-catechize the Americans, both Novus Ordo, and Whitened Sepulchres.

“ I entrust this whole matter in the hands of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, “Mother of the Priest par excellence, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and through Him, of all priests in whom she forms her Son”.


The Viking said...


Summa Theologica III Question 47, article 5
Article 5. Whether Christ's persecutors knew who He was?
It is written (1 Corinthians 2:8): "If they had known it, they would never have crucified the Lord of glory." And (Acts 3:17), Peter, addressing the Jews, says: "I know that you did it through ignorance, as did also your rulers." Likewise the Lord hanging upon the cross said: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do" (Luke 23:34).
Among the Jews some were elders, and others of lesser degree. Now according to the author of De Qq. Nov. et Vet. Test., qu. lxvi, the elders, who were called "rulers, knew," as did also the devils, "that He was the Christ promised in the Law: for they saw all the signs in Him which the prophets said would come to pass: but they did not know the mystery of His Godhead." Consequently the Apostle says: "If they had known it, they would never have crucified the Lord of glory." It must, however, be understood that their ignorance did not excuse them from crime, because it was, as it were, affected ignorance. For they saw manifest signs of His Godhead; yet they perverted them out of hatred and envy of Christ; neither would they believe His words, whereby He avowed that He was the Son of God. Hence He Himself says of them (John 15:22): "If I had not come, and spoken to them, they would not have sin; but now they have no excuse for their sin." And afterwards He adds (John 15:24): "If I had not done among them the works that no other man hath done, they would not have sin." And so the expression employed by Job (21:14) can be accepted on their behalf: "(Who) said to God: depart from us, we desire not the knowledge of Thy ways."
But those of lesser degree--namely, the common folk--who had not grasped the mysteries of the Scriptures, did not fully comprehend that He was the Christ or the Son of God. For although some of them believed in Him, yet the multitude did not; and if they doubted sometimes whether He was the Christ, on account of the manifold signs and force of His teaching, as is stated John 7:31-41, nevertheless they were deceived afterwards by their rulers, so that they did not believe Him to be the Son of God or the Christ. Hence Peter said to them: "I know that you did it through ignorance, as did also your rulers"--namely, because they were seduced by the rulers.