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Monday, January 10, 2011

Targeted Killings in Arizona

American society is coming apart at the seams and Loughner would appear to be one of the decay organisms. President Bill Clinton carpet-bombed Serbia with NATO's help and then the Columbine High School attacks happened in Colorado. For decades the US and "Israel" have been assassinating whoever has stood in their way. The Phoenix Program in Vietnam assassinated upwards of 20,000 persons. We rule by assassination and it is no surprise that "assassination chic" is back again on the American national scene. 

By Michael Hoffman |  www.revisionisthistory.org

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Coinicidence or conspiracy? That's the question independent sleuths are asking themselves in the aftermath of the Tucson shootings that killed Federal Judge John Roll and seriously wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

The alleged perpetrator, Jared Lee Loughner, has been made to fit the familiar "lone nut" profile, complete with the requisite three names (as in John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, Mark David Chapman). One of his other victims was a nine-year-old girl born on Sept. 11, 2001. Rep. Giffords attended a liberal "Reform" synagogue. Both Giffords and Roll were alleged targets of citizen displeasure over their actions relating to illegal immigration. The alleged perp supposedly wrote about government mind control.

At this point, we don't know if there is a conspiracy or not, because the U.S. media have become, with each passing year, ever more the mouthpiece of the police, the FBI and the government. We get breathless affirmation of the official story in all its particulars; anything more complex or probing is confined to the "paranoid Internet," where the likes of Jared Lee Loughner skulk and ferment.

This writer has seen no evidence of a conspiracy, or that the Cryptocracy secretly shepherded Mr. Loughner, even though Loughner's alleged attack undoubtedly pays dividends to the Cryptocracy: renewed calls for "gun control," a backlash against the campaign for control of illegal immigrants, and reanimation of the saintly aura of canonization of government officials last seen in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

The difference between a competent conspiracy researcher (the minority) and incompetent ones (the vast majority) is that a competent one resists the impulses of his or her own wishful thinking and subjectivity. Because the Tucson tragedy pays rather significant dividends to the Cryptocracy does not signal that the Cryptocracy is behind it. True, it's quite a coincidence that such a concatenation of circumstances (pro-immigration Judaic lawmaker, pro-immigration judge, 9/11 baby, and lone nut), have all come together in Arizona on the 32nd degree line (of north parallel latitude), as if to confirm Black Panther H. Rap Brown's infamous dictum that, "Violence is as American as cherry pie."

One may amend Mr. Brown's observation with the addition of the fact that assassination is also quintessentially American, although one would never know it from the lava flow of sanctimony surrounding Saturday's attack on the two Federal officials. Our nation is "horrified and sickened." John McCain opined that the perpetrator is less than human and deserves the contempt of all. Why? Because he assassinated an allegedly good man? Surely the act of assassination itself cannot trouble Senator McCain or any American, since we regularly finance assassination with our tax dollars. Hardly a week goes by in Afghanistan or Pakistan that U.S. forces do not shoot, bomb or burn an alleged Taliban leader, never mind if we gained our intelligence about the leader from one of his business or clan rivals.

"But that's war," you say.

Alright, then, what of our taxpayer-supported "stalwart ally" in the Middle East, "Israel," that has used hundreds of "targeted killings" (none dare call it assassination), to murder Palestinians and Lebanese?

"That too is war," you say.

Really? When Mossad murdered Ariel Sharon's former collaborator, Elie Hobeika, in Lebanon in 2002, Mr. Hobeika was about to testify against Sharon at a war crime trial in Belgium. When the Israelis assassinated Dr. Thabet Thabet in Palestine, they killed a voice of reason and moderation who possessed a powerful ability to organize the Palestinian people. And don't forget the piéce de résistance, which caused the whole of the America media to chuckle -- in March, 2004 Israeli Prime Minister Sharon ordered that the crippled Sheik Ahmad Yassin be blown out of his wheelchair by missiles fired from a U.S.-supplied Apache helicopter. Oh, there was laughter and mirth in America on that delightful spring day.

Most recently we have the case of the two Iranian nuclear scientists bombed on Nov. 29. One died and the other was wounded. The wife of the wounded scientist, Mrs. Fereydoon Abbasi, was also killed. “They’re bad people” said a (U.S.) federal official who assesses scientific intelligence and spoke to the New York Times (Nov. 29, 2010).

The terrorist assassination of the Iranian scientists was business-as-usual for the U.S. media and for that matter, for America itself. The attack was reported perfunctorily, with little comment and no expression of sympathy or concern. Within a week it was down the memory hole.

In America, if we are honest with ourselves, the fact is, we believe in assassination. It's just that we only want to see the 'bad people' assassinated. The good ones, the Federal judges who rule that illegal aliens should be able to sue Arizona ranchers for defending their property too vigorously, and the Congresswoman who believes that illegal aliens should be allowed to work without "harassment" from the police, should not be assassinated.

Of course, once you open Pandora's box and fund and support hundreds of assassinations by U.S. "special forces" in western Asia, and by our Israeli "allies" in Lebanon, Iran and Palestine, then the genie is out of the bottle and the principle that "bad people" can and should be killed, is spread throughout the land. Americans may condemn Jared Lee Loughner's targets, but they cannot fail to vouchsafe his methods.

Assassination, in all circumstances, is odious, whether of a Federal judge returning from his weekly Saturday Catholic Mass, or some Afghan goatherd, back from Friday prayers at the masjid. When Ariel Sharon, who ruled the Israeli state thanks to U.S. patronage and tax dollars, rubbed out Elie Hobeika, to silence him, where was the outrage and the investigative reporting? Why didn't Congress cut-off Israeli funds?

Loughner's act of wicked assassination in Tucson becomes a justifiable act of targeted killing when the victim is an Iranian or Palestinian 'bad guy.'

We should mourn for all the victims and pity a nation so bipolar that it applauds Federally-authorized assassinations while patting itself on the back for the tears and prayers it offers to those on the receiving end of unauthorized ones.

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Anonymous said...

Apparently one victim and one victim only was targeted. The murder of that intended victim was apparently botched thus leaving six murders in one day. Six cold blooded murders in Tuscson in one day -- well, the numbers sound about par for the course.

Some quick math. The City of Tucson has a population of about 544,000 while the U.S. population is about 310,000,000. On average about 3,400 reported surgical abortions/murders are carried out daily in the U.S. by professional hit men (and women), most with a MD after their names. At that rate if Tucson is representative, more or less, of the number of these abortions taking place then Tucson clocks in at about 5.96 -- rounded off to 6 -- murders per day, virtually each one targeted and paid for ahead of time. (Metropolitan Tucson with a population a little more than double that of the city proper would come in at about 12 murders per day.)

Don't expect to see comments like this in the MSM. Their demonic NWO agenda takes precedence.


youbetyourwrasse said...

I found it interesting that the Tucson Safeway was on "Oracle Road" and the UK Independent called the event "oracular."

DM, Arizona.

G. James Webster said...

Why does Giffords have a link to the shooter's website on her website?

starviego said...

Great essay. You've hit the nail on the head.

TheDamnIrish said...
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Anonymous said...

the Media is characterizing the shooter, Jared Loughner, as a .. Left-wing critic of "centrist" (i.e., Conservative) Democrats (Congresswoman Giffords was part of the self-described Bloo Dawg org). this script dovetails nicely with outgoing Press Secretary Robert Gibbs' tirade against .. Left-wing critics of President Obama: "anybody who compares the President's policies with those of George W. Bush has obviously ingested a contaminated batch of moon rocks. They wouldn't be satisfied if Dennis Kucinich were President." (for the record, i *would*).

William Burroughs got a lot of mileage exploring the assassin mythos. here's a gem from 1970:

'.. overpowered by consular guards and turned over to the police the assassin admitted to being a member of the dreaded "Fly Tox Movement" an ext...remist sect who held hashish in horror getting their kicks largely from vitamin deficiency a preparation like that you can get on his line sweet and clear "Can you hear me Homer? Of course you can. I'm telling you what you have to do Homer. We will protect you Homer. Flying saucers will be waiting after you have done our bidding."'

Guns? well, down the road a piece, there was the shooting of 32 at Virginia Tech by Mark David Cho back in '07. guns bad, right? well, *maybe*. less than two years later *another* Tech student, Haiyang Zhu, sawed off the head of a young woman with a kitchen knife (at an on campus eatery, no less, while dozens watched, trying to figure out if it was "real").

.. in any case, the story becomes increasingly ridiculous as it unfolds. the celebrated mugshot now making the rounds? looks as though th' Shooter intended a Travis Bickle mohawk, but got carried away (Uncle Fester, anyone?). as for the note allegedly found in his pocket, what can i say? ("I AM AN OBVIOUSLY INSANE PERSON WHO ACTED ALONE. IF YOU HAD COME TO SEE MY BAND, THIS WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED") .. but, really, his internet postings are not dissimilar to the obsessive scribblings of Sirhan Sirhan leading up to the RFK shooting. my *instinct* tells me that these people are notoriously unreliable as assassins, their only talent being to draw attention to themselves. if credible threats are any indication, the intended target may well have been Judge Roll (with the Marksman walking quietly away amidst the melee ..).

Patrick said...

Thought this quote epitomizes the contrived but collectively reflexive projection/displacement(of "targeted" blame)that sadly carries the political day:

"No, our philosophical executioner is a rationally indoctrinated murderer, the product of an age of REASON AT ITS DEAD END. He is a monument to the school which makes a religion of politics. He is, like Stalin himself, a mockery of the communist philosophy of economic determinism, that super-rational theory which NEGATES THE ROLE OF THE HERO in history. He is a scientist of the kind to whom ALL life is matter. In this philosophical executioner modern man, the bearer of a 4000 year old spiritual heritage [Babylon] has produced the pioneer of a line of soulless monsters, the harbingers of a coming race."

- Isaac Don Levine
(The Mind of an Assassin)

I think of Dr. Thabet Thabet as that truly (not religiously)RATIONAL HERO

mark said...

how many people were wounded??

where are the photos..videos..everyone today does one thing,if anything...use the cell phone camera

where are all the clips???

who was that so called guy with the gun.....who helped grab the shooter...i saw a short clip..he seemed to you strange words...and his eyes ...he seemed....contrived. why no injured talking,they said it took 25minutes for emergncy to arrive at the scene??????i i have a lot of unanswered questions,
maybe more going on than meets the eye

Greg said...

Hoffman gets it right again. First, as to the "meaning" of the event, or lack thereof. Second, as to our American penchant for dismissing or glossing over our own dark deeds. If honesty were the best policy Hoffman would be an Editor at the Times.

pclaudel said...

"If honesty were the best policy Hoffman would be an Editor at the Times."

I'm not so sure, Greg. He has rather too much self-respect to be a member of that deceitful, degenerate herd!