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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, December 27, 2010

German is beaten for daring to question a “Holocaust survivor”

A “Holocaust survivor" approves of a beating administered in a library to a heretical German who dared to ask a question of the saint


By Noah Klieger

Noah Klieger recounts unexpected event during Holocaust lecture in Germany

Ynet News Dec. 27, 2010


I returned from a lecture tour in Germany; 20 lectures in 11 days in nine different cities. In recent years the frequency of the invitations I receive grows, and during my lectures I dedicate much time to the despicable, sadistic behavior of most Germans during the Holocaust – the hundreds of thousands of murders of European Jewry and the tens of millions who were overjoyed by the mass extermination of the hated Jews.

I usually speak before audiences whose grandparents were those Germans. In the case of school children it may even be the great grandparents. Through my personal story I detail the crimes and basic inhumanity, and the audiences arrive in large numbers and always applaud me at length.

My last meeting in Berlin, on the eve of my return to Israel, was organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation at the German capital’s public library. It was a cold evening, -16 degrees Celsius, with snow piling up in the streets and the few cars outside having trouble making their way through it. The organizers expected a small audience, if at all, and I too didn’t expect much.

Yet reality was different. The 90-seat venue filled up within minutes, and dozens of chairs had to be brought in. Here too, the audience sat and attentively listened to my words, and again it applauded at length. As always, I proceeded to take questions. I responded to two women, and then a man stood up, in his 40s or 50s.

“You claim,” he said, and I immediately stopped him: “I’m not claiming. I’m telling facts.” The man continued to ask whether I saw gas chambers with my own eyes, yet before I had time to tell him about the reality I saw in Auschwitz and Birkenau, with the gas chambers and crematoria, several of those in attendance stood up and started yelling “raus, raus. “Out” in German. The man did not comply of course, and then several men charged at him and forcefully dragged him out while beating him up.

Readers at the library who wondered what the commotion was all about were told the man was a Holocaust denier, and everyone was happy to see him thrown out.

This is the first time I’ve seen something like this happen in the dozens or hundreds of times I appeared in Germany thus far. The response of the audience to the provocation taught me that there are indeed “other Germans.”

It is true that even today quite a few Germans are latent anti-Semites. Many are not willing to believe that their fathers or grandfathers indeed murdered Jews, and they cannot speak out only because of the law that bans Holocaust denial and religious incitement.

At the same time, more and more people in Germany are starting to understand in recent years what the Germans of yore did to the Jewish people, and to the whole world. (End quote)

Afterword by Hoffman

Notice the author's megalomania: "“You claim,” he said, and I immediately stopped him: “I’m not claiming. I’m telling facts.”

This is the first law when approaching the "Holy People," everything they say is truth, not “claims."

This is why the book 'The Great Holocaust Trial,' reprinted this month, is important: when these "infallible survivors" were on a witness stand in the Toronto trial of Ernst Zundel, subject to cross-examination by Zundel's defense attorney Doug Christie, their "facts" dissolved into thin air. The butcher's bill for that revisionist victory came years later, when Zundel suffered seven years' imprisonment in Canadian and German dungeons.

Klieger writes, "...during my lectures I dedicate much time to the despicable, sadistic behavior of most Germans during the Holocaust..."

Here we see how the religion of Holocaustianity has as its most perverse component the racist defamation of the "despicable, sadistic" German people. It is illegal in Germany to refer to the Judaic nation in these terms but vile anti-German hatred is licensed as a form of human rights education under the rubric of "Holocaustianity."

Klieger further states that, "tens of millions (of Germans)...were overjoyed by the mass extermination of the hated Jews."

How did you ascertain this figure, Mr. Klieger? What proof do you have that the German people were aware of alleged gas chamber extermination, much less were ‘overjoyed’ by it? Of course I realize that merely posing these questions to your Royal Highness could result in this writer receiving a (justifiable) beating, but I will run that risk.

The rest of the 'report' by Mr. Klieger is run-of-the-mill Talmudic arrogance, violence and terrorism: a German heretic asks a skeptical question at a speech in a library given by a Judaic 'Holocaust" saint. The heretic is beaten and thrown out of the library. The loving, tolerant, humanist Noah Klieger comments, "and everyone was happy to see him thrown out."

As we approach the complete triumph of Judaic supremacy in the West, the Talmudic mentality will no longer need to cloak itself and we will be treated to more of this open gloating over the violent suppression of opponents, which is so at variance with the cinematic and academic mythos concerning Judiasm's relationship with heretics and heresy, i.e. as the forever hunted ones. But when Judaics themselves unleash the dogs and become the hunters there is no Steven Spielberg or New York Times to record it for posterity. It is up to us to do so.

Michael Hoffman is the author of "The Great Holocaust Trial: The Landmark Battle for the Right to Doubt the West's Most Sacred Relic" (Independent History and Research, 2010)



Dead Reckoning said...

Just a note on your release of Ezra Pound's suppressed work - I'd never read anything by Pound but I must say the essay collecton "Jefferson and/or Mussolini" is magnificent. Pound can write in a style and with a command of history and irony that I could only dream of imitating. He can pack more into a 10 page essay than most could in a book - it's common sense and he calls everything by its right name.

Most interesting - his comments on history repeating itself but never repeating itself exactly and that each epoch, generation, time, etc. still has to 'call the shot' on something oher than the historical record.

michael said...

"As we approach the complete triumph of Judaic supremacy in the West,"
so you admit that your idiocy is completely vanquished and nobody sane takes you seriously?

Martin73 said...


... nobody sane "in the West" (!) Do you know some people in that category?

@Michael Hoffman: Did I make a mistake in posting my first comment on December 29th. Did you not receive it? Or was it suppressed for some reason?

I am not complaining in case that's the fact. But I should like to know if and (in brief) why. Please contact me via e-mail and (perhaps) delete this question from today' comment.


ASE-Baltimore said...

Did this man press charges? Did the police respond? Were there any witnesses who came forth to verify the assault on him? Were any arrests made?

MaxMurx said...

He surely isn't stupid. In Germany (Thüringen) one person was accused and convicted for denial having (correctly) reported that a certain plate in a famous camp on Polish territory was changed, some famous numbers being "adjusted" downwards. One of the points of Irvings conviction was accurately having reported that the gas chamber claim of Dachau was let go down by (German) historians. German courts refuse to discuss any detail but even jail the lawyers trying to start a debate on being able to proof the claim of the accused. They say that "truth is "offenkundig" (obvious) and any debate is denial. THey overlook that:
- the last topic being legally "offenkundig" was witchcraft
- that there is no common definition of "Holc.". The Germans, also punishing postings on websites don't care that a French blog poster using the local definition of HC in accordance with the French justice can be acriminal in the neighbor state.
- Looking at different definitions quickly reveals that there is none. In HC-history.net nearly all jewish who deceased during WW II are "HC victims being murdered by Germans", including partisans (then called "bandits" or "franc tireurs", "partisan" is a postwar term).
-the German jewish society openely now includes descendants and those who lived in any country under German or axis occupation or "had to hide during WW II time.", which also applies to any simple law breaker anywhere. ("The eighth Million", "die achte Million" in the Journal of the German jewish society.
-If those who want to oppose those tendency only slightly hesitate, based on fear of persecution, that creates in the long term an upwards spiral of victim numbers, whch is another interesting aspect.
- On the legal paradoxon the "European Community" will fail. Maintaining only one undermines any trust in the system of justice, fearing hidden other paradoxons. Another one, more extreme, is Turkey vs. France.
In Turkey you will be jailed for saying they commited genocide among the Armenians, in France they frame you for saying they didn't.